10 things to do When you are Unable to Sleep at Night

So, you slept a good sound sleep in the afternoon. Finally, rid of the weariness but what to do now? The clock is clearly showing that it’s the time you are supposed to snore. But you are unable to sleep as you are not tired enough or had a good sleep earlier in the afternoon or at sunset. Sometimes it’s really irritating when everybody around is sleeping calmly and you are unable to close your eyes. No use of regretting the afternoon’s sleep for sure. There is nothing you can do other than changing your sides. Standing in the balcony and counting the stars is not a very good idea. So, what should be done?


Well, there are things you can do to amuse yourself when you know that there is no way out. You know you have to stay awake as there is no sign of sleep in your eyes. Do something then. If you can’t decide what should be done at a night with no sleep. We are giving you the top ten ideas you can adopt while not sleepy. Here we go, pick out your favourite:

10. “My room’s messy!”

That’s something you do rarely. Right? Clean up your room which you do once in a full moon. Look around. Messy it is. Isn’t it?. Do you even remember when you cleaned it up last time? Well, it doesn’t matter. Now that you are not sleepy you can clean it up. Your mom will be surprised in the morning if some spirit cleaned your room at night. She won’t really believe that you cleaned the room. So, clean up your room, you can also find many things which were missing since last many days. “You never know what you have, intil you clean your room”. Maybe it’s funny, but almost true. Do you agree?

9. “I am not sleeping, why is everyone snoring?”

You are not sleepy and everyone around is in sound sleep. You can’t tolerate that. Do something notorious then. Don’t let them sleep. Wake them up and say that you need company because you are not sleepy. If they do not agree follow some other notorious ways, play loud music, jump around and what about water? Well, try that if you want a big fight at the midnight. That’s anyway interesting than waking up alone for sure. What say?

8. “Am I feeling hungry?”

Try to get the reason why you are not sleepy. It is possible that you are worried about something or thinking about something. If you had a fight with someone, call that person and resolve the fight so that you can sleep. Or maybe you are hungry? Why think so deep? It is possible that you didn’t have your dinner properly that’s why you are unable to sleep. So, open the refrigerator and look for something to eat.

7. “I forgot to do that!”

You can utilize your time as well rather than doing this and that. Think about what works are pending or check out your diary and see how many ‘things to do’ are still unmarked. Complete your unfinished work. If, you a school/college going student, you can complete your pending assignments and projects. This is the perfect utilization of your time. Rather than sacrificing your sleep later, utilize this time when you are not sleepy.

6. “Maybe gaming!”

You are a game lover? Ah! Then, if you are not sleepy, there’s no problem at all. Most of the time while you are playing games, you never realize when the time flies away. So, just switch on your play station or laptop and get set go. You need no efforts if you have your favorite game on your phone. You can just lie down and keep on breaking the records until you feel sleepy.

5. “My playlist…”

Music is an answer to many questions. It’s with you when you feel blue, when you party there is music. So, when you are unable to sleep just play your favorite playlist. Calm and soothing music can also lull you to sleep. So, just plug in your headphones, close your eyes and you are in the other world.

4. “It’s been long I painted a picture.”

Whenever you have nothing to do, or have spare time, pursue your hobby. In today’s fast track lives, one doesn’t even find time for their hobbies. So, if you get some time instead of sleep, utilize that time. Do what you like to do. Paint if you love to paint or anything which pleases you. In this case, if you enjoy, drumming or some other loud musical instrument, it’s a trouble for your housemates and neighbors. But who cares? You are not sleepy what can you do about it? Play it loud. Though, we do not guarantee that your parents won’t throw you out if you do this kind of activity at midnight (giggles).

3. “Where’s my phone/laptop?”

You are not able to sleep and at the same time you are too lazy to get up and do something to kill your time. You know what to do then. Your phone is your only support at that time. Most probably, you have all the social networking sites installed in your phone, so, check out who else is insomniac and chat with them. Or check out the profile of the boy/girl you are having crush on. It’s an interesting thing to do. Isn’t it? And if your phone can’t do a lot, push yourself and get the laptop to bed and you can do the same things on it, or even more.

2. “I must find out the latest release”

Another thing you can do while you are unable to sleep is one of your favorite jobs. Watch a movie. If you are a movie lover, sleep or no sleep, it’s not a trouble at all! Just check out your collection, if you have something you have been planning to watch since a long time, or you can go for your favorite movie once again. Movie takes up quite a lot of time. One movie will be enough to watch when you are unable to sleep, then you can say hello to your bed.

1. “I must check out my collection of books”

Remember the times? Specially exams! Whenever you tried to read a book, your mom found you snoring behind the book. But now it’s not exams and you enjoy reading books. Check out your collection and pick a book you have been wishing to read since a long time but it’s in your library since you bought because of lack of time. There can be two outcomes of reading a book, it it’s interesting you will enjoy reading it, other you can find out in the morning only, that it was so boring that it lulled you to sleep.

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