Top 10 Best Professional Photography DSLR Cameras in 2013

Top 10 Best Professional Photography DSLR Cameras in 2013If you are a professional photographer in search of the finest DSLR camera that will meet your standards, then the following options may be your best bet. These top 10 best professional photography DSLR cameras in 2013 are among the finest ones you can choose from if you prefer high quality equipment for your hobby. Check out the key features that you can expected from these superior models of camera for experienced photography experts like you.

10. Nikon D300S

What any photographers look for in a good camera is one that provides a solid performance, which is also built to last for a number of years. The Nikon D3000S may just be what you need because of its superior strength and functionality. In fact, it boasts of a number of features that allow you to take high quality images at all times. You can also vouch on its superb construction as it is made of the finest materials that add to the camera’s remarkable appeal. Indeed this model of cameral is an outstanding option because it offers the perfect combination of style, reliability and extensive options to your satisfaction.

9. Nikon D800

While this model is one of Nikon’s cheapest, it is certainly one feature-rich camera that you should add to your collection. It is a perfect option for amateur photographers who look for a camera that is easy to navigate on, sturdy, and stylish, as well. You will notice that the camera’s buttons and switches are found in familiar locations, which add to your comfort and convenience in adjusting the settings or exploring the device’s capabilities. If you have been using basic or entry-level DSLR cameras, you may realize a few extra buttons in the Nikon D800 that you have never found before in older models. Nevertheless, there is no such thing as a steep learning curve in getting versed with this camera’s functions because you can always refer to the manual when you are unsure how to go about to using this product. What’s more, the buttons are strategically positioned to help you become familiar with all the different features.

8. Canon EOS 60D

Canon has always been a household brand name when it comes to top-rated photography equipment. It is just what you need to maximize your overall experience in photography lessons or regular use. Although there may be some features in this camera model that resemble some of what you can find in mid-level DSLR camera brands, there are a few upgrades in this product that beat its competitors. Among the key features of this camera include the 3-inch stunning LCD display, Live View technology for composing images using the LCD screen, and the same elegant appeal that Canon cameras never fail to feature.

7. Canon EOS 5D Mark II

If you are in the market for a much more pricey digital camera without having to deal with disappointments in looking for the perfect brand, then the Canon EOS 5D Mark II is a good option. It is the famous choice of photojournalists and photographers who have been practicing their hobby for quite a number of years. There are amazing features that the pros will appreciate, while there are also digital innovations that allow amateurs to be more confident about their works.

6. Pentax K-5

If you are in need of a good brand of professional photography digital camera, then this brand is the best one to get started. It is notable for its sturdy frame, which is constructed of magnesium alloy and stainless steel. What’s more the camera comes with a special protective covering that can help secure it from rain, snow, intense heat and wind. Since the camera is practically weather-resistant, you will experience a much easier time bringing this camera to places such as your outdoors trip and similar activities. So, with the camera’s user-friendly features and and sturdy built, this product may be a suitable option for professionals like you.

5. Canon EOS 7D

The camera, at first glance, may appear as an elite and sophisticated equipment to bring along whenever and wherever you like. However, there is more to this camera than simply a pretty face. It has the same size of frame as the typical 35mm photographic type of film, and you can find that camera’s small sensor. You can also use this camera to reduce the pixels, and this can lead to certain distortion and less-than-perfect effects in noise and pictures. Still, this product is a good buy because you can expect it to enhance the beauty of your shots.

4. Nikon D3X

This model of camera is one that will never disappoint because of its stunning imaging controls, rapid-shooting capabilities, FX CMOS sensor, and 24.5 megapixels. While these features may sound too sophisticated for amateur photographers, learning the art of shooting photos ca be quite exciting and worth your time. Furthermore, the features found in this camera are simple and easy to master, so you can boost your chances of learning the ropes easily when you use this intuitive device.

3. Sony A99

Sony’s A99 digital camera is one of the finest DSLR cameras because it is loaded with remarkable features, as well as the digital image stabilisation, LCD screen display, and wide-angle performance. You will also be surprised that even though the camera is lightweight, it dos not fall short of its excellent quality that is built to last for decades. The only slight drawback in this camera is its very short battery life, which can be a hassle for some users.

2. Nikon D7000

Looking for a lightweight camera that you can take with your during your camping or fishing trip? Even when you are planning to go outdoors, you will appreciate using this camera because of its compact and very light features. In fact, the camera only weighs 5.2 pounds, so you can simply bring it with you anytime. Moreover, the camera’s body is durable because it is made of magnesium allow both on the top and back cover. It also has a wide 3.0-inch display for playback purposes.

1. Canon EOS-1D X

Never settle for anything less and rely only on the best brand of professional DSLR camera preferred by the experts. This camera model by Canon is a brilliant option for you because it has a sturdy look and feel, weather-resistant, and has a unique integrated cleaning system. Even the controls and buttons are water-proof, so it is much easier to care for your device even when you take it with you for your outdoor activities.

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