Top 10 Luxury Fashion Brands

We always love brands, whether they are affordable or not. We always find ourselves adoring one piece of clothing, or one watch in the newspaper, tell our spouses that we’d love that watch adorn on  our hand, and how lovely that would look. We make them, and they break us. We all want to live in luxury.  But then the question arises, why do we need luxury brands?


Because, PEOPLE WANT TO PROVE THEIR METAL. Today’s generation does not consider itself less than any celebrity. They have coffee at Starbucks, girl just apply makeup from Mac, for boys if they are shoes they have to be from Woodland. They believe in a simple philosophy, if we have money, why not flaunt it. Why not wear a Rado watch to college? Why not wear a Gucci dress to the New Year’s bash? Why not go strutting in shoes from Aldo? Why not? There we go. Standards matter, and our Image matters.

A same handkerchief you can get for Rs.15 and a somewhat same handkerchief if you’ll buy from Emporio, which is going to cost you a salary of probably a week, will be used for the same purpose.  But then, if you’ll take that out in front of four people standing, you’ll surely make a make. A feeling of pride, self satisfaction, a feeling of superiority will take over you. And bang on, you’ll be the star.

So what if cant buy them, we can always adore them!

So we bring you a list of the top most luxury brands which you will kill to carry.

10. Hugo Boss


Probably a must have in a man’s wardrobe. Hugo Boss is one Brand every one adores, and in comparison to other brands it is also quite affordable. Though, it’s still a luxury. Hugo Boss is an all man brand that is extremely super in making shoes, colognes, lush suitings, under its coloured labels namely Boss Black, BOSS Green, Boss Orange, and Hugo.

All you got to do carry a Boss fragrance, and nobody in the world can stop you from resembling to Ryan Reynolds! The handsomest brand ambassador of Hugo Boss.

9. Dolce and Gabbana


Ranking 9th in the list the fantasy brand is Dolce and Gabbana. Mainly known for its leather products, are well efficient in designing awesome shoes and hand bags for both men and women. They also have a clothesline  named “D&G” , very unique and trendy. You can also find elegant scarves, classy ties, out of the world perfumes under the D&G banner. The best thing is about Dolce and Gabbana is that it is a family brand, that is it is for all men and women and children out there. The most beautiful Scarlett Johannson is the Brand Ambassador of this brand.



It cannot happen in this world that you haven’t heard of this brand. Unbeatable. The favourite brand of almost every Hollywood actress, (Special favourite of Angelina Jolie), it is one brand which is an amalgam of both simplicity and utter sophistication. One cannot miss out their fragrance range either, that is, totally a class apart.

Michael Pitt of Broadwalk Empire fame is the brand ambassador of Prada.

7. Calvin Klein


It is one of the most adored brand, cK excels in everything you can think of. They sell accessories, clothes, watches, bags, party wears, deodorants, perfumes, home decor  cutlery, dinner sets, footwear, lingerie… the list goes on; One more favorite brand of the Hollywood people. cK watches are famous all over the world. Exceptional designs, superb craftsmanship, beautiful timepieces, they are. You sure got to have one of these even if you don’t have anything else. Beautiful Zoe Saldana is the brand ambassador.

6. Victoria’s Secrets


Victoria’s secret is of the leading women’s fashion brands. It primarily used to trade in lingerie like sleep wear, swim wear and beach wear but now they have a collection of beautiful bags, shoes, and beauty products too.

Victoria’s Secrets’ models are called their angels. Miranda Kerr is one of them.

5. Chanel


Coco Chanel started up Chanel in year 1909. This is probably the most HIP brand showcasing haute couture that is marvellous in watches, handbags, clothes, beauty and lifestyle products, most amazing ones being the fragrances.

Chanel is a french company and Karl Lagerfeld is the head creative director of Chanel after Coco passed away. Chanel has Blake Lively as its brand ambassador.

4. Versace


Versace became famous because of its Italian background. It deals in luxury goods, perfumes, accessories and marvellous range of clothing lines for people of all kinds. Most sought after brand, it has done its homework and reached one level where other brands just dream of reaching. Milano. Bipasha Basu is the brand ambassador of Versace watches.

It has its personalised boutiques and stores all over the more, but the premier ones being in New York, Italy and Milano.

3. Gucci

Gucci, I bet you’ve heard that name before. If not in reality then you surely must have heard it some song featuring Honey Singh. Ha-ha.

Jokes apart, talking of Gucci, it is one brand that has kept intact its Italian Grandeur Heritage, along with mixing it with modern styles every now and then. It surely rules the heart of all the fashion peeps out in the world because it has always has new things to offer, ruling hearts worldwide. The most loved items of Gucci are its bags, Stupendous.

Brand ambassadors? Blake Lively, Rachel Evenwood and Robert Pattinson, and India its Tanisha Mohan.

2. Christian Dior


The most celebrated and prestigious couture house n Paris, Christian Dior rules them all. Beautiful collections for everything you can think of: clothes, watches, handbags, fragrances, cosmetics for both men and women. There’s even a song by the brand’s name, the singer got too inspired by it that he actually sung a song on it. EPIC. Dior’s makeup sells like anything. Its brand ambassador is Natalie Portman.

1.  Emporio Armani


The top brand in the most loved brand’s list, it is the hot favourite of every Hollywood celebrity, every Bollywood celebrity, every socialite, every rich kid too. The sell everything. Their trademark is clothes for men and women that counts skirts, trousers, suits, jackets, knitwear, lingerie, undergarments, bags, belts,  fragrances, watches and more and many more. Emporio keeps changing its brand ambassadors, it was Beckham, it was Ronaldo, it was Megan Fox as well, and now its Rihanna. In India its endorsed by Kareena Kapoor Khan.

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