Top 10 Most Popular Web Sites in the World

Most of you probably think Google is the most popular web site in the world. And this has been true for a long time. But recently, this has changed. Here’s the latest ranking of the most popular web sites in the world as of today:

1. – finally, the Facebook is at the #1 position. Until recently, this was not the case.

2. – this site has been #1 forever. This is no longer true.

3. – the most popular video site by far. Owned by Google.

4. – this site is more than just a search engine, its a complete portal.

5. – Chinese likes to use their own search engine over Google’s Chinese version.

6. – Internet encyclopedia. Its a non-profit organization holding huge amount of volunteered information.

7. – World’s biggest shopping site.

8. – China’s biggest internet service portal.

9. (Windows Live) – The search engine from Microsoft.

10. – China’s most popular online shopping destination.

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