Top 10 Tastiest Food Dishes in the World

Top 10 Tastiest Food Dishes in the World

There are many tasty dishes that are found all over the globe. People have different tastes, so to make a list of top 10 best food dishes was not very easy. Here we have the list of the dishes you must taste.


10. Chicken muamba, Gabon

Chicken muamba is Angolan food. It is very spicy and yummy to taste. This dish originated in Gabon. To make this dish you will require lots of peanut butter bezon the dish is cooked in no oil but peanut butter. The dish contains the delicious flavor of palm tree from Africa. To make the dish you will require chicken cut into pieces( around 3 pounds), red chilli powder, garlic, salt and pepper, okra that are sliced into round pieces, crushed tomatoes, chopped onions, red palm oil, pumpkin sliced before making this dish don’t forget to marinate the chicken in salt, red chili powder, garlic and black pepper.

9. Ice cream, United States

Your mouth must be watering after reading this name. Who doesn’t like eating ice- cream? Ice- cream is enjoyed by all age groups. Even if you have a full stomach there will always be some space to eat the yummy ice cream. Unite d states id very famous for its delicious ice- cream filled with marshmallows, chocolate sauce and nuts. On a warm day nothing else can make you feel good then a treat of ice-cream. If you will go to an American ice- cream parlor and order their best ice- cream they will provide you with a long spoon too so that you can enjoy the stuff melted at the end of your ice- cream glass.

8. Tom yum goong, Thailand

This mouth watering Thai food is all made up of prawns. Tom Yum goong is a soup made in Thailand. If you ever had a visit here you must be aware about this dish. Goong is said to be prawns in Thailand. It has a very different soup that has a little sour and spicy soup. The soup is filled with basic Thai ingredients that are lemon grass, tamarind paste, and galangal root. The other ingredients added in the dishes are fish sauce, chili pepper, stew mushroom, coconut milk, cream, shrimp, tomatoes, and lime leaves. Tom Yum Goong paste is made through crushing all the herbs and making the paste and frying it in the oil.

7. Penang asam laksa, Malaysia

This Malaysian soupy noodle is very yummy and delicious to taste. The dish is not only very popular in Malaysia but also in the countries that serve Malaysian food. The soup has a sour taste and is made up of fishes. Asam means tamarind in Malaysia which gives the dish its sour taste. The asam laksa contains shredded fishes. The veggies added in the dish are cucumber, red chilies, lettuce, pineapple, onion, laksa mint and ginger buds. The other ingredients are rice noodles, sugar, salt, Pepper, prawn paste, lemon grass, chili paste and belacan. This dish is mainly eaten in summer. The spices will surely let your eyes and nose running after eating the dish.

6. Hamburger, Germany                                   

Hamburger is a ground meat sandwich is kept inside round sliced bread. The other things that can be added to the hamburger are onions, tomatoes, bacon, cheese, cabbage and tomatoe sauce. You will be surprised to know that to eat this tasty hamburger of a single chain i.e. McDonald people are spending more than 20 billion US dollar every year. Hamburger comes from the city of Germany Hamburg. This type of sandwich has originated in United Stated in the year 1890. This combination of vegetables meat and bread is now loved throughout the globe. People throughout the world have eaten hamburgers in such a large quantity that it is not even possible to count the number.

5. Peking duck, China

Made in Beijing, china it is a very famous dish made from ducks. The dish has its origin dated to the imperial era. Peking dish is the national dish in China. Though the dish is a little pricey but the prize for the dish is worth the taste and work required to make it. Ducks are slaughtered, seasoned and roasted in a oven. This dish is served with sweet bean sauce, scallion, and pancakes. The dish contains more of the ducks skin than its meat. The maltose syrup coated on its skin is just too yummy to resist. Perkin ducks have their origin in Nanjing.

4. Sushi, Japan

Japan is very much famous for its dishes that have rice as the main ingredient. Sushi is one such rice dish. It has vinegar and vegetables in it. Sushi may also contain sea food as well as fish that are not fried. Japanese are known for their perfection and when you will taste this dish you will understand why they are called the perfectionist. There are many different types of sushi served in Japan. The different types are due to the different way of cooking and different toppings added to them. The basic method of cooking a sushi remains the same.

3. Chocolate, Mexico

You will be surprised to know that chocolates were drunk an not eaten in the earlier times. Chocolates are made by cocoa beans. No romantic date and festivals are complete without chocolates. They are eaten all over the world. Chocolates are now available in different shapes and different flavors. Cocoa was drunk late back to 1400 B.C. the different types of chocolates are formed by changing the proportion of cocoa beans and cocoa butter. Milk chocolates are made by adding milk powder to the sweetened chocolate. Delicious dark chocolates contain fat, sugar and cocoa mixture. People may not be aware about this chocolate fact that they are good for your skin and circulatory system specially the dark chocolates.

2. Neapolitan pizza, Italy                                   

Pizza has originated in Greece. Italy is famous for its different types of pizzas. Pizzas have placed Italy in the list of the top countries famous for their food. Though many types of pizzas are made throughout the world they can’t be compared with the mouth watering Neapolitan pizza. These pizzas are generally made from tomatoes and Mozzarella. The dough for the pizza base is made from wheat flour of type 0 or 00, water; brewer’s yea tans some amount of salt. The trade association for this pizza has made rules that only three kinds of tomatoes variety can be used in this pizza and the pizza has to be cooked in only wooden oven.

1. Massaman curry, Thailand

The best curry you would have ever tasted in your life is Massaman curry. This is the king of all curries and the best dish available throughout the world. The dish has different types of flavors that are spicy, sweet and coconut in flavor.  This curry has a Muslim origin and is a Thai dish. Thailand is very famous for its different dishes and among all of them Massaman curry is the most famous curry.

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