Top 10 Tips for First Date

Top 10 Tips for First Date

Ever person is different from another person and the way of handling things also differs from person to person. People remain nervous about their first date. First date is really important to everyone. People prepare a lot for their first date but they always forget some basic rules. So here we have some very basic advices to make your first date successful


10.  Talking and complementing

Compliment your partner. Everyone likes to be complimented Find your partner’s good points and don’t forget to compliment him/ her. Apart from complimenting there are things that you should remember while talking to your date? Just don’t start with telling the sad stories of your life. Tell your date about the things you like and ask her/ his hobbies and interest. You can ask some very basic questions like what adventures he/she has done or what is his/her favorite food. It’s always fun to know about other people so ask things you want to know about your date. To be impressive you must be impressed first.

9. Don’t attend phone calls and messages:

Keep your phone out of the sight when you are around with your partner on a date. You should be paying special attention to your date. If you are among the busy types who gets lots of calls then either keep you phone on silent mode or turn it off. Not only attending calls is a problem just try not to get involved in texting. It is very much essential to be here all the time when you are with your special one. Try to be courteous and spend less time on your phone.

8. Never bring up past relationships:

Never talk about your ex and stop hovering around this topic. Just avoid all the topics that will bring up your past relationship. Topic of Past relationships does come up at some point of time while you get in a new relationship but it should preclude on your first date. Why to spoil your first date by talking about something that is no more important in your life?? People talk about their past relationships and it is very common, but not for your first date. And if you are talking about your ex to your date in a sarcastic manner then don’t expect the date to work on.

7. Be yourself:

This is very important point to ponder upon. You should not show- off what you are not. Don’t try to act cool and say stupid things which can annoy your partner. Your partner will obviously find out in the long run that you are not true and it is not good for a relationship to bloom. If your date is talking about something you are totally unaware of then instead of blabbering unnecessary things it is better to keep your mouth shut and listen to him/ her carefully.

6. Drink generously:

Remember that you are on a date and it’s not very hard to survive through it. Drinking in small amounts to just get relaxed is not wrong but drinking too much will not be helpful. Just don’t forget not to get drunk. May people drink too much on their first date to stop the excitement and to relieve their nervousness and instead of making everything fine they do the opposite. Either they say irrelevant and stupid things or they don’t talk at all. Alcohol is helpful on a first date but only when it is not drunk too much.

5. Don’t forget to dress up:

As you must have heard that first impression is the last impression and many couples have their relationship based on the firstimpression. Your appearance is the most important thing that person notices so don’t be too showy. It not only includes the way you dress up or how much make-up you have caked upon your face it also includes your body language. The best asset a person has is smile so don’t forget to smile. Don’t be too nervous; remember you are on a date and not on a professional interview. Wear clothes that are not very tacky and uncomfortable. Also remember to get dressed up according to the place you are going. Remember to were washed clothes and not dirty clothes that are perfumed heavily.

4. Don’t get too late or arrive too early:

Girls are habitual of letting their man wait. Its fine if you get late for  five to ten minutes but getting late for an hour is totally unattractive. Don’t be too late on your first date. No one is fond of waiting on their first date particularly if the date is in some bar or in some restaurant. You should not come before time otherwise this shows your eagerness which again is not acceptable. If a person is on time it not only shows his punctuality but also his considerable behavior.

3. Be confident in yourself:

If you lack confidence in yourself then it can be a real turn off for your date. People do get nervous sometimes on their first date but try not to show your nervousness by stammering and fidgeting. If you are confident then you will  be able to carry yourself in a proper manner all through the date. You should be confident and talk to your date normally as you usually do. Your date is not an alien, so keep your calm and enjoy your date.

2. Don’t gaze at someone else:

It’s not good to look at someone else on a date especially when the person you are looking is not of the same gender as you are. It can be very annoying for your partner if he/ she catch you looking at someone else. Even if you want to check out a beautiful girl or a handsome man just try not getting caught. You should keep your focus on your partner as much as possible. Make your partner feel special and make him/ her feel that you have interest in him/ her.

1. Listening is important:

When you go on your first date the most important thing you must remember is to listen to your partner instead of just talking. People usually forget to listen to others. As you are on your first date you would like your partner to know everything about you and you just keep talking and don’t let the other one speak. Just remember to be focused and try to listen and understand what your partner wants to say. Not only listening is important but responding is important equivalently. Look into your partner’s eyes while he/ she is talking. Best communication is that in which both the partners talk equally.

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