Top 10 Ways to Handle Stress

Top 10 Ways to Handle Stress

Stress is a kind of negative thing which affects a person’s mental and physical state as well. Stress can pose a challenge or threat to our well being. But it is a fact that without any kind of stress our life would be boring or probably pointless. As some stress are good for you. But stress is over, that is it undermine both mental and physical health, it is bad. There are several bad causes of stress which can occur in our daily life. For example, blood pressure rises, digestive system slows down, immune system goes down, we do not sleep, heart pulse rises, and breathing becomes more rapid. Thus it is the root of many harmful diseases. It is necessary to control the stress occurring in our daily life. Here are top 10 best and perfect methods which describe how to cope and deal with harmful stress.


10. Relaxation Techniques

There are various techniques which are useful for relaxation of mind and body as well. It is necessary to do all these techniques to get a healthy mental and physical body. Meditation is the ancient technique which is used for concentrating. Concentrate on other things which do not provide you any tension and anxiety. Thus meditation has been proved to be a good method for dealing with stress. But it is necessary; when you meditate area should be clean and noise free. The second thing you can do is to get massaged. Massaging is helpful for relaxing your brain. You will feel good, light and happy.

9. Think Positively

It is important to have a positive attitude and good thinking towards everything. This will help you in reducing anger and frustration which is also a cause of stress. Divert your mind in other thing when you feel angry. And you do things like counting, sing a song, paint something etc. . Visit some cool place which gives you relief like a kids school, orphanage, playground etc. thus, there are many ways which help you to deal with stress by diverting your minds in another works which provide you happiness.

8. Be proactive

It is important to be active in every work. Try to do your things early to leave time and room for mistakes, especially if what you are doing impacts someone else. Remember some important things like taking medicines on time, switch off the lights when you leave, return the money of someone, and some other these types of things which cause you a stressful life. Doing all these things in a manner will help you save a lot of anxiety, stress and worries. If you get things started or completed ahead of schedule, you will be able to know how you have dealt with stress.

7. Support System

Family is the biggest support in a person’s life. And friends are also a good support system. Use your family and friends as your support. They are good source of comfort and strength. Kids in family are best stress relieving members. Try to play with them little bit; It will give a smile on your face. Every person needs some help somewhere and somewhere, at this time use your family and friends when you are in need. Learn to count on people around you. Thus, enjoy your tension free life with your family and friends.

6. Honesty

An honest person is always a happy person. He has no worries of mind and life. As we know, Honesty is the best policy, yes, it is. Whenever you tell truth, then you are always going to fare better than you would if you did not. If you ever did something wrong, or against someone, or something against your self-respect would surely put you in a deep anxiety and thoughts. Thus, you would not be able to eat anything properly. If you show respect towards and communicate with the people in a nice manner, they will return you the favor. Or if you are having trouble in your homework or assignment ,tell your teacher; she will help you in putting you out of the stress, thus you are saved from anxiety.

5. Listen to Music

Sound and soft music is the best and easy way to deal with stress. Whenever you are in trouble and worries are eating you up from inside, listen to some soft and cool music. When we are in good mood music brings a smile on our face and a little wiggle in our step. It works same as when we are not in good mood. When you are tired or fed up from anything ails you, just turn on your favorite music and you will feel how it brings new life into you and puts a song on your life. Also one thing more you can do is dance a little with your favorite music. You will forget your worries sooner.

4. Exercise

Yoga is the ancient form of Indian exercise. It is a good source for dealing with stress. Padmasana is good for relieving mental worries and anxiety. It will help you in feeling good if you include them in your daily routine. Morning is the best time to do Yoga. Perform Yoga twice a day. It will increase your concentration power and meditation as well. You must perform yoga for at least 30 minutes a day. It is sure that you will feel fresh, happy and active whole day. Hence, yoga is proved to be one of the best source for relieving mental disease, worries and anxiety.

3. Do the things which cheer you

Always do the things which provide you happiness and try to keep yourself away the things which make you anxious. It will be good if you listen to your mind and do not over think over small things and issues. Go visit some mall, ground, park where kids are playing in the evenings. Evening is the best time to breathe and keep your mind cool in soft and cool evening breeze. Often visit your relatives on holidays or spend maximum time with your parents.

2. Do not compete

Competing with others is an extra source of stress and jealous as well. Be yourself and do not compare yourself with other people. This can be applicable to any instance like school for positions, playground, office, home with other cousins, brothers and sisters. There are people who can provoke envy in others. You should be satisfied with what you have and what you are, it’s the truth. And we can say this kind of stress is self-inflicted. This stress will fill you from inside and you won’t be able to tell these small things to anyone because it may reflect your own personality. Hence it is important just to avoid these things before these things happen.

1. Enjoy yourself

You might have heard about some person has a horrible disease attack and can live up to just six months or years. That person will forget about six months and enjoy his life or love life. You forget about that person and think about yourself. You have 70 or 80 years of life. Every moment is precious in this long adventure of time. Make it all count in to your good life. When you will find it, you will see less stress, few physical problems and you will be more productive. Look for the good joyous in every situation. You will see your life has become light, stress free. Enjoy its every moment.

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