Top 10 Ways to Propose a Girl

Top 10 Ways to Propose a Girl

When the time has arrived to exhibit your emotions and love for her and to finally ask the question you should be very genuine, original and imaginative to make an impact on her. Don’t be anxious or worried just try to be honest and unique. This particular instant is out of ordinary and special so you should try to make it as pleasing and exquisite as you can. Each and every girl waits for this moment in her life so you should be able to fulfil all her wishes. And one thing is very important; you should make the proposal during the right time. So below here is some wonderful ways to impress and propose to the girl you loves.

10) On the knees:

You must have seen a lot in the movies, actor dropping on the knees to propose to her love. This method is quite dramatic but still loving and passionate. It is an old hat idea however it can certainly make an impact on her. Take her somewhere in private and leaning on the knees holding a beautiful flower in the one hand and say softly that you love her. This will surely amaze her and you will be able to flaunt your love for her. Giving a beautiful gift at the same time can also pick up the temper for friendship and love.
9) Invite her for the dinner:
Taking the girl out for the dinner and proposing her is quite a usual happening. But you can always go for something more fascinating and attention grabbing. Prepare all her favourite dishes by yourself and beautify the room with flowers of her choice. Make use of candles and playing loving songs also to add up to the loveliness. All such things will place the frame of mind for affection. As she arrives faint the light and softly explain everything to her and propose to her.
8) Making an attempt to sing:
In general each girl out there likes it when a man proposes her by singing a beautiful and romantic song for her. The guy should be creative while choosing the song or it will be superlative if the song is composed by him only. If the song is composed by the man then it will appeal more to the girl and will make the entire atmosphere very romantic, loving and passionate around both of you. By the closing stage of the song propose to the one you love. You can be more inventive by hopping a little along with singing to fascinate and charm her even more.
7) Valentine’s Day-the perfect day:
Each and every girl fantasizes of getting proposed in very a special manner and they waits for this day to come. The important thing that you should keep in mind is that you should be imaginative and honest to make an impression on her. To make this day extraordinary for her, you can propose her on the Valentine’s Day. 14th February is recognised as the period of love and likeness so it can become ideal day for you guys. Find some beautiful and romantic gifts for her. Bunch of roses is a very popular gift on that day.

6) Be creative with the boxes:
The moment when you propose the girl is very precious is remembered by both of you so one should try to make it very glorious and impressive. You can be very creative while putting out your feelings. Find some boxes of distinct dimensions according to your wish. Place the smaller box under the larger one and repeat it till you place all the boxes in each another and the smallest one underneath. Make sure that the smallest box encloses the letter or a memo to propose her. Make that letter as romantic as you can.

5) Prepare a banner:
If you want to propose to her out the ordinary methods and desires for making her feel exceptional then you can surely try this one. This manner involves a banner. Note down all your feelings on to the banner and in addition include the proposal message. Show your creativity on the banner using different colours and all your imagination. Remember one thing about not employing the girl’s actual name instead drawn on the name you call her with love. Demonstrate that poster in front of her home or her place of work.

4) Lend a hand from the pet:
If the girl you love is very fond of pet and knows very well how to take care of them then gifting the pet she loves is going to be the finest gift. Now to pop the matter to that girl you can take the help of pet such as a puppy or a cat. Gift her pet along with the note tied to its band. The note should contain your feelings written by you. This will surely make her day but make sure that the girl is concerned and can take care of the pet.
3) Taking the help of the tee:
You can try a ground breaking plan to impress and propose the girl you love. For this method you need to do two things. Firstly, dig up a simple and a clear tee of yours without any design or pattern and secondly get a very romantic message containing the proposal by taking the help or composing yourself. Print that whole message on the tee. Put on that tee under a coat and bump into her and when no one is around take out your coat and disclose the feelings for her. In this manner you can show how creative you are and at the same time how much you love her.
2) Revive the first meeting:
Ask out the girl to meet you at spot where you guys came across initially. Do all sort of things that you did at that first meeting. Try to make her remember and relive the old and the wonderful instants that you have spent together. And suddenly out of nowhere just pop out the question to her. Make her feel comfortable and this will absolutely affect her and she will be impressed. Just be yourself as she will definitely going to love that.
1) Set up the whole day:
Showing your feelings and proposing her a very elite and exclusive moment for both the sides, but this moment doesn’t last that long, so why not making it quite longer so you can both relish it for more time. Arrange the whole day for her, impress her by doing all sort of her favourite activities. Try to make this an impressive and imposing occasion for her. Take her out some beautiful place for lunch, then movie or going to beach and then candle light dinner and in the end proposing to her. try to be very creative and impressive.

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