How to Set Up ARM in TetherPro

How to Set Up ARM in TetherPro

Want to improve your workflow when taking images in TetherPro? It’s easy to do. Just set up the ARM (Accept, Reject, Maybe) capabilities.


1. Open TetherPro and start a project.



2. Select Yes instead of No, when you get to the Project Image Confirmation screen.



3. Look at the first option labeled”With Each Image”. Click the drop-down arrow and make your selection. This tells TetherPro what to do with the image when you click on the Accept.



4. Choose the location that you want the file to be moved to.



5. Go to the third option labeled “With Each Image Name”. Click on the drop-down arrow to make your selection.



6. Type in what you want to be added to the end of your filename, if you chose Use the Special String. This is usually done for identification.



7. Decide on the numerical format of the filename. With this example, it is four zeroes. For instance, your file would be named: 0001_Pets



8. Click Next and you will be at the Rejected dialog box. Using the same process, decide what you want done with the Rejected images. If you know you have no use for them, delete them. If you think you might have a use for them eventually, then signify their status.



9. Click Next and make your choices for the Maybe option. The same choices are given, but for each level, you have made a different selection in what to do with it.



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