Top 10 Skin Care Tips for Hot Summers

We often complain about the scorching heat and sweat during the summers but what we also have to realize is the fact that our skin is having its own woes and worries too. Apart from the high risk of skin cancer due to exposure to the harmful rays of the sun , our skin is also robbed of moisture and gets highly dehydrated, Apart from this tanning is another occurance that comes with the sun and unlike the West  , it is not popular amongst the Indians who only see it as a curse. The skin either loses its lustre or becomes extremely oily . Also , dirt and makeup that clog up pores can cause skin problems, breakouts, pimples, acne and aged skin.The main aim is to protect , nourish and maintain your skin from both the inside and the outside

Top 10 Skin Care Tips for Hot Summers

10)Take your daily vitamins.
It has been proven that certain vitamins and minerals can positively impact your body and help in revitalizing the appearance of your skin. Intake of a good multi-vitamin from your nutritionist/dietician according to the requirements of your body will make a great difference and help you attain healthy and glowing skin.However always keep in mind that these are only supplements and  excessive consumption of the above could lead to addiction and subsequent ill effects.

9)Protect yourself

You can wear Shades in the summer to protect your eyes from the intense heat. ,Also a wide brimmed hat  or an umbrella could cover the skin head onwards. Although summer is usually associated with tank tops and shorts , try covering your skin as much as possible.Also , avoid wearing  shoes or boots and instead use flip-flops so that  your feet and toe-nails can  breath in some fresh air.

8)Home remedies

A quick fix to sun damages and summer face routine products can be found within the vicinity of your own house ie – your kitchen.Cream and ghee that is always available in our kitchens at home work miracles on your skin. Face packs made of combinations of banana , honey , milk , almonds , avocado , cucumbers , glycerine, rose water , lemon juice or curd etc can help soothe your skin and make them more supple during this period. Make sure that you thoroughly wash your face after applying these products and avoid going outside immediately after they are done.

7)control makeup

Everyone complains about how sweat ruins makeup and makes you look hideous after some time in the sun. To avoid such situations , make sure that you  wear mineral-based makeup. Mineral based makeup is recommended because they  do an extremely good job of protecting your skin compared  to other heavy forms of cosmetics. Even if you don’t wear them all year round because of other preferences , you are bound to consider using them during these periods because of the instantaneous and visible results . Unless absolutely required , go for an all natural look when you’re outdoor because nothing is more beautiful than a bare sun kissed face.


The stratum corneum (top layer of your skin) would act a highly strong barrier against the surrounding  environment if taken care of well. If its water content falls below 10% it becomes dry, less flexible, sore and increasingly prone to infection , breakdown and damage.To help prevent the damages related to water loss, apply a high-quality moisturizer at several points of a day. Moisturizers nourish the skin with water and apply a layer of oil that seals in the water  and slows down the natural cycle of water loss. Also if  possible, choose moisturizers that contain antioxidants.

5)Cleansing skin and toning

the summer that tends to heat up your body also cause the glands  to produce more oil which can in turn result in breakouts.To get rid of these pimples, replace your existing cleanser with an oil-free exfoliating cleanser that will the keep pores free and clear your skin of dirt and bacteria by prevent it from being clogged up.Go for a more clarifying cleanser that absorbs oil easily. Avoid using cleansers with sodium laurel sulfatet . This SLS is the ingredient that is also  found in dish washing soaps and laundry detergent. They can be incredibly harsh  to your skin, so beware of products consisting of the same.Toning is very necessary for your skin especially after you scrub it during summer . If preferred ,  you can also use a flower based skin tonic (such as rose, lavender etc). You can also use rose water as a natural  skin toner in order to refresh skin. . You can mix astringent toner with rose water and refrigerate it incase of oily skin .  Toning your face once in a while will   completely clear the skin of external particles.It refreshes your skin and gives it a very sheer and clean look.

4) Exfoliating 

During the summer , sweat and dirt causes rapid creation of dead  cells that rest on the surface of your skin and makes it look dull, rough and dry. By exfoliating with a natural or ready made scrub ,  you are getting rid of  these dead cells, thus giving you a more radiant and healthier skin. The process of Exfoliating also allows your skin cells to regenerate more quickly which keeps the natural process of aging at bay. Excessive heat can suck out all the moisture and dehydrate the skin, so it is  important to keep it moisturized throughout the summer, even if your skin feels a little oily.However remember that excessive face treatments could break the outer most layer that protects your skin, thus resulting in excessive dryness and irritation, therefore, know where you have to draw your boundaries when it comes to cleaning up of the face.

3)avoid sun between  10 am and 3 pm

The sun’s rays are the harshest and most dangerous from 10 the morning to 3 the afternoon.You’re basically asking for skin damage when you get out during these hours.Even if the day looks overcast and gloomy , remember that the worst sun rays are the ones that penetrate through the layer of.There is a method in order to calculate the UV exposure that is present at a particular point of time.This is referred to as the  shadow rule wherein a shadow that is longer than yourself  means that the UV exposure is lower and vice versa.

2)Drink plenty of water and eat healthy

Water is considered to be’ the elixir of life’ and this is realized by all during summers. One must not require to be told that he should be drinking water and usually drinks enough to cure the dehydration , dryness and lethargy created by the summers.However , some people may not recognize its grave importance during this period.During the  summer , water tends to evaporate from your skin in the form of  sweat due to the intense heat. By drinking plenty of water you can avoid getting your  body parched and hydrate the body while toxins are being eliminated.This is one of the most crucial tips to keeping your skin healthy during the summers and can do wonders. On the other hand ,  liquids like tea, coffee and fizzy drinks cannot be used as a substitute for water. When it comes to eating , you must Remember to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables since your body reacts positively  to intake of  roughage in the summer. Apricots , peaches , cherries and watermelons are some great fruits that you can binge on during this season.You should also eat plenty of green, leafy vegetables in summer as they are chockfull of vitamins and minerals.also , coolants like buttermilk, cold juices etc will also leave you refreshed during this season which otherwise invokes laziness and lethargy.


It’s important to slap on some sunscreen irrespective of it being summer or not however  it is most crucial during this season.When  the sunlight is harsh, this shield will protect your skin from being scorched.Make sure that you use a sunscreen with a high-SPF (over 30 SPF).You could choose one that is  waterproof so that you you don’t look like a mess when you sweat and for water related activities such as swimming.Apply this sunscreen at least 20 minutes before you step outside and do not forget to reapply it every few hours to keep your skin protected since its effect could wear off.Also keep in mind to  use a sunblock which is water based  & not cream based to avoid a dull and oily look.Ensure that it is applied on all parts of the body that are exposed without just focusing on your face

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