Top 10 Tips To Get Rid Of Bags Under Your Eyes

Top 10 Tips To Get Rid Of Bags Under Your Eyes

Eye bags and dark eye circles are certainly very unaesthetic, and while some people spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on dangerous cosmetic procedures to have them filled or removed, others simply rely on cost-effective and natural methods that have the same action. If you feel your eyes droopy and tired, you should know that you do not need to live with this feeling, especially since you can get rid of the bothersome eye bags within minutes. Here are 10 useful tips on how to remove them naturally and without experiencing any side effects:

10. Use Cucumbers For The Eyes

It is a known fact that cucumber slices can have a great impact on your eyes: by applying only two slices on your eyes in the morning, they will look fresh and lifted. This natural treatment is particularly useful if you suffer from the under eye puffiness, which is extremely common and is usually triggered by water retention. Let the slices act for about half an hour and then simply remove them and repeat the procedure the next day. The coolness and the natural compounds found in the cucumber will surely reduce the puffy aspect of your eyes and make them look better and more radiant.

9. Cool Green Tea Bags

Green tea is known to be full of beneficial antioxidants that will help your body fight off free radicals, but few people know that green tea bags can actually be great for your under eye bags as well. However, it is important to let them cool down first before applying them on your eye lids or under your eyes, depending where the puffiness and the bags are located. Just like it happens with the cucumbers, let the cool green tea bags act for half an hour and then wash your face with cold water. Your eyes and face will feel better and they will look instantly rejuvenated.

8. Adopt A Healthier Lifestyle

It is essential to address the source of the under eye bags rather than the effect, this is why it is extremely important to get enough sleep. Besides this, do not neglect what is known as the beauty sleep – in the end, there is a reason why people commonly refer to it as the beauty sleep. If you get enough sleep, your eyes will look better and you will feel more energetic – on average, people need anywhere between 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night.

However, a healthy lifestyle is not only about the sleep, as you need to avoid alcohol and tobacco as well, as both of them have an impact on the bags under your eyes.

7. Use Special Eye Creams

The cosmetic industry bursts with creams, lotions and serums for eye care, so why not use them in your advantage? There are many different causes of under eye bags, and there is a cream that targets every cause. You can opt for creams with collagen extract, retinol or vitamins – generally speaking, vitamin creams are the most efficient as they will replenish your skin with the essential nutrients it needs.

6. Potato Slices Are At Least As Efficient As Cucumber Slices

The potato slice treatment may not be as popular as the cucumber slice treatment, but this surely does not make it any less effective than the latter. Having said that, all you have to do is to slice a cool and raw potato and then simply place the slices on or under your eyes, for approximately twenty minutes. The results will be visible after only several sessions!

5. Watch Your Sleep Hygiene

Having a good sleep hygiene is very important not only for getting enough rest, but also for preventing snoring and for preventing the formation of the under eye bags, as it is better (and a lot cheaper) to prevent the bags than to treat them. This is why it is important to avoid sleeping on your belly, as this will stimulate the formation of bags. Rather than that, try sleeping on your back.

4. Eye Massage Can Work Like Magic

There are different types of massage, and eye massage is one of the most important ones for the health of your eyes and sight. Just like all the other types of massage, this one is also aimed at boosting the lymphatic drainage, thus removing any bags or puffiness that may be affecting your eyes. Eye massage is very easy and you do not need any formal training for it, as there are several simple yet effective techniques that everybody can use in the privacy of their home.

3. Consider Non-Surgical Alternatives To Eye Surgery

Removing the under eye bags does not necessarily have to be expensive or dangerous, and although eye surgery is certainly a great permanent solution to these annoying bags, not everybody may afford to get it. This is why you can use various alternatives, such as fat transfer to your under eye area or injections with cosmetic fillers, both of which are affordable and deliver immediate and long-lasting results.

2. Make-Up

Although this is not necessarily a treatment option, some eye cream followed by an eye camouflage that perfectly matches your skin tone can surely help you conceal those dark circles or bags under your eyes. Besides this, the camouflage cream is essential for a flawless make-up, so make sure to include it in your make-up routine if you want fresh, naturally-looking eyes.

1. The Cold Spoon Technique

This is by far the most commonly used technique to remove the under eye bags and circles, and for two good reasons: everybody has a metal spoon at home, and the treatment is very affordable as well. All you need to do is to grab a clean spoon, put it in the fridge for several minutes to cool down and then gently press it against your eyes. The coolness of the spoon will significantly diminish the puffiness of your eyes within seconds, and the treatment is very safe provided that you do not push the spoon too hard, or that it is not too cold to damage your eyes.

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