Top 10 Greatest Scientists Of All Time

Scientists have helped shape our world, and we should all be grateful for their discoveries. As a matter of fact, the discoveries of notable scientists have revolutionized fields like physics, chemistry or medicine, and their innovative theories have helped us understand the world and the universe a lot better. Here is a top of the ten most important and influential scientists of all time:

Top 10 Greatest Scientists Of All Time

10. Marie Curie


Born in Poland, Marie Curie was undoubtedly one of the greatest chemists and physicists of all time, as she was a notable pioneer in the field of radioactivity. She was also a University professor and she is the founder of the popular Curie Institutes. She created a theory of radioactivity and she is also the one who discovered polonium and radium, two essential elements.

9. Stephen Hawking


Stephen Hawking is an English physicist, cosmologist and writer who is known for his theories in the field of general relativity, as well as for the theory on the black holes which are said to emit radiation. His work and discoveries in the theory of relativity and in quantum mechanics are greatly appreciated these days, and his views on the world and on the Universe are extremely important for modern science.

8. Michael Faraday


Michael Faraday is another reputable scientist that has become popular after his discoveries in electromagnetism – to put it simple, Faraday is the one who managed to prove for the first time the connection between two important physical phenomena: magnetism and electricity. He was an experimentalist who discovered electrolysis and his work played a crucial role in the development of modern electric appliances. This is what makes him one of the greatest scientists of all time.

7. Sir Isaac Newton


Born in the 17th century, Sir Isaac Newton was truly a talented and a gifted man who activated in many different fields, from mathematics and alchemy to physics and astronomy. He described the laws of motion and he has brought his contribution to classical mechanics. Also, Isaac Newton helped us understand the motion of celestial bodies and the natural laws that influence them. Moreover, Isaac Newton has also studied the speed of sound.

6. Niels Bohr


Niels Bohr is undoubtedly one of the most important modern physicists as he has brought his contribution to the development of the quantum theory and he has also received a Nobel Prize in Physics at the beginning of the 20th century. Best known for the Bohr model, Niels Bohr’s work revolves mainly around the structure of the atoms.

5. Galileo Galilei


Galileo Galilei was an extremely important scientist for the 16th and the 17th centuries, as he studied both astronomy and physics. His close astronomical observations have brought him the name of the “Father of Astronomy”, and he is the one who has discovered the largest satellites of Jupiter. Moreover, Galileo has also analyzed the sunspots and he has helped improving the design and function of the compass.

4. Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla

Born in Serbia, Nikola Tesla has also brought his contribution to magnetism and electricity and his work helps us better understand the modern electric power. Commonly referred to as the Father of Physics, Tesla’s discoveries were also used to improve radar design as well as in the fields of robotics and computer science.

3. Thomas Edison


Thomas Edison was certainly an extremely passionate inventor, given the fact that hundreds of his inventions were patented and we use most of them on a daily basis. He is the one who invented the electric bulb that is indispensable for us today, and his discoveries have also lead to the development of the telegraph.

2. Louis Pasteur


Louis Pasteur’s discoveries were extremely important for the medical field at that time, as his research helped doctors understand diseases a lot better. He is also the one that introduced the notion of pasteurization, and he is by far one of the most studied and respected scientists in the medical field, at the moment.

1. Albert Einstein


Famous all around the planet, Albert Einstein is perhaps the most respected modern scientist and physicist as he has developed the theory of relativity. In addition to this theory, Albert Einstein is also the one who has invented the well-known equation E=mc2. After he received the Nobel Prize in Physics, Einstein has started to do more research in additional fields, like mechanics, atoms, cosmology and such: he studied the thermal properties of light, the monatomic gas, the applications of quantum theories and such.

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