Top 10 Simple Tips To Make More Friends

 Top 10 Simple Tips To Make More Friends

We all need friends. Friends are always there when you need them, they do not judge you and they are always by your side – however, attracting quality friends that will stay like that in the long run can turn out to be a real challenge, especially if you are not the most sociable person out there. Here are 10 useful tips that will surely help you attract friends:

10. Show Genuine Interest In Meeting New People

The first and most important rule is to have no expectations when meeting new people, and to be genuinely willing to get new friends. Do not expect anything from your potential friend, simply let it flow and show love and respect toward everybody you meet, although you may not always get the same in return. This is the recipe for success – always be good and kind-hearted, and you will attract like-minded people who are on the same wavelength as you are.

9. Appreciate The Friends You Already Have

It often happens that we neglect our existing friends in our pursuit for new ones, and this is one of the most dangerous mistakes one can make. If you have neglected your friends lately, then perhaps it is time to reconsider and to pay more attention to them – reach out to your existing acquaintances and try to become familiar with their friends, as it is likely that they are the same as your friends and you will get along just fine. Also, never deny an invitation to go out, as repeated denials can destroy a friendship!

8. Don’t Try To Impress

Sometimes we tend to impress and to wear different masks just to make ourselves liked, but you can never make new and genuine friends if you are not yourself. If you play a role, your new friends will expect you to stay like that in the long haul, but remember that one cannot wear a mask forever. Be who you are: if you are talkative, stay like that. If you are an introvert, stay like that – do not change just for the sake of the person you have recently befriended!

7. Make Sure Your Friends Can Count On You

Being reliable and trustworthy is extremely important – as a matter of fact, these are the two most important qualities a good friend must have. A friendship involves two people who are willing to make sacrifices and compromises in order to help each other. Be kind and helpful with your friends, and they will surely be the same whenever you need them!

6. Do Not Grow Distant From Your Friends

If you do not keep in touch with your friends, you are very likely to grow distant from each other as the years pass. Friendships are sometimes difficult to maintain in the long haul, as this involves a bit of effort from both parts. The good news is that all you need to do to keep your friendship “active” is to simply give your friend a phone call or to invite them out for a coffee every once in a while. However, this depends a lot on the type of friendship you have: generally speaking, best friends meet at least once a week, while acquaintances or not-so-close friends meet once every couple of weeks or so.

5. Go To Places Where You Can Meet People

You cannot meet new people unless you are being sociable – however, keep in mind that friends do not occur over the night. You can volunteer or enroll in one of the many local clubs or organizations, you can take a new class, you can socialize with your work colleagues or you can simply try to connect with your old friends from childhood via Facebook or Twitter – you would be amazed to see how many things you can do with social media nowadays!

4. Stop Judging!

Nobody is perfect, and it often happens that people who do not have any friends are the most judgemental ones around. It is important to be open-minded and to accept people just the way they are, with flaws and with qualities.

3. Be A Good Listener

Sometimes, friends just call each other to sit and talk, without discussing anything in particular. When that happens, it is very important to learn how to listen. Listening to your friend discuss his problems or worries may be difficult or even boring at times, but it is part of being a friend!

2. Know Your Friend

You cannot befriend somebody unless you have some things in common, this is why it is important to find out more about their hobbies, their future goals, their morals, principles and values, their dreams and motivations and so on. Who knows, maybe your friend can give you the ambition boost you need to fulfill your goals as well!

1. Learn How To Be A Good Friend!

The most important tip is to simply be a good friend and to always put yourself in the shoes of your friend. Do not set rules and do not have expectations – also, do not be needy and make some time for your friends whenever they need you. Do not show signs of being busy or stressed too often, as this will push people away!

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