Top 10 Benefits of Fasting

Top 10 Benefits of Fasting

Why do we need to fast while there are so many delicious and yummy dishes, so colorful and attractive to look at? Well, as good they all look, there are certain foods which can be harmful to our body as well. We might have seen many people stay without eating anything when there are any problems with stomach and that is mainly because of not overloading your stomach, or to give time for it to come back to its normal strength. Our body needs food to stay healthy and for energy to work. But once in a while its always good to give a break for all the organs which is associated with food and digestion. All religions have this practice of fasting in order to respect their Gods, which also has a scientific reasons. Fasting for some duration, has many benefits to our body as well as to our minds. Fasting do not mean skip eating completely and stay in an empty stomach. It can also be staying with light intake of fluids and other light substance. Some of those benefits by fasting are,


10. Reduces weight

As much as girls concentrating on reaching the size 0, which is unhealthy and probably anorexic there are many both men and women who want to loose weight because of being over weight than the normal requirement to their age and height. Overweight can always cause many disease which can be life threatening. Hence reducing weight can be the only solution to free many ailments such as diabetes, heart attacks, piles, sugar, etc. Hence reducing your diet and cutting down food once in a while depending the calories, LDL and other levels in your body can help reduce weight. However the number of hours need to be carefully monitored while fasting, as if not it can turn to other kind of illness.

9. Resets Digestive system

God has created our body as wonderful as it can be that there is a system for everything and each one does a different set of work to maintain a mechanism in our body. When we intake some food in our body the digestive system starts it work by cutting down the food and transforming them into energy producing, fat producing and wastes. This is a process which happens when we stop eating. Hence a frequent intake of food without much gap can be tiresome to the system also for working continuously. Hence fasting helps the digestive system to rest work more better once you are back to normal eating.

8. Decreases addiction

Addiction is one destructive thing seen in humans and one can become as dying as healthy she or he lived. Sometimes people get addicting to things in such a way that it gets hard to get ride of a habit which they might have developed for their comforts. Like any other addictions such as drugs, alcohol, smoking, the feeling of eating more and more also can become a addiction and what worse is that it also can be cause of many diseases which can put you at a high risk of death such as diabetes, obesity etc. Ghrelin is a hormone which helps you to send message to your brain as when you want to eat something and when you do not. When this hormone increase due to certain factors, one finds it difficult to control over eating as this hormone sends a message to eat every time causing health problems. So fasting by skipping a meal will help reducing this hormone which can be helpful in normalizing the level of the Ghrelin hormone and making yourself free from over eating and problems of other diseases.

7. Improvement in skin condition

One of the most attractive organ in our body is our skin. Be it white or black, being healthy is more important. There are certain skin conditions which effects most in different ways and which also can be inter related to other conditions in the body. Fasting and staying fresh particular fruit juices helps to clear the skin and some skin conditions such as eczema, acne and some other condition. For some fasting will not work. Hence its always better to take an advice from your doctor before you start to fast.

6. Increase in vitality

Scared to fast, that we will start loosing all the food and energy in our body and will not be able to do any activity?, well researchers say fasting increases your energy later on and makes you more active, of course in the time of fasting hours it could be a journey of hell, but it yields good results. As we already learned that fasting helps in burning the unwanted fat in the body, while giving you calories to work. The fresh fruit and vegetable juices consumed during these times are stored in the fiber and enters into the body directly. It gives all the fresh enzymes, nutrients, minerals, proteins, etc allowing the digestive system to rest and work little and make it easier to work better with new refinement energy. Its just like how we work better after some rest, our organs also needs some rest.

5. Reduces triglyceride levels

Triglyceride is one of the lipid type in our blood which is considered to be bad causing is health issues such as heart diseases and heart attacks. The LDL and triglyceride are the one which increase with a great level when we eat and food containing with more fat. When these crosses its limit it gets dangerous. Fasting helps to reduce the level of triglyceride as well as the LDL and helps in keeping good health. Our diet should include the normal and healthy food. But if we come back to the regular eating habits, these lipids also will increase back. Hence after reducing the bad lipids in the body by fasting it is also important to follow proper diet.

4. Improvement in aging

Our body produces Human Growth Hormone which is essential in the growth and development of the body. Fasting for more than 12-24 hours has an effect of increasing the HGH in our body which helps in the development and grooming. These hormones are produced by the pituitary glands which is a strong reason to burn fat and build muscle and reduces the stress in the body. While fasting these hormones are produced more and helps in building and this helps aging and allows our skin to have its glow and retain its beauty.

3. Fasting acts as healing agent

During the time of fasting, our bodies metabolism undergoes a process of burning the dead cells, damaged tissues, fatty deposits, tumor and abscesses and are sent as wastes out of our body. This cleans our body and produces more healthy cells in our body. The fasting dissolves the internal mucus produced by various things in the body which reduces the immunity. Hence fasting helps in increasing the immune system in the body and acts as a healing agent for many diseases.

2. Restore normal body function

Do you know why we call the morning food as the breakfast?. It is because we break the short fast which we do from night to morning. Hence night is a best time when our body starts doing its job of metabolism and breaking down the food. When we fast the toxins produced in our body starts eliminating and it needs time to collect all the toxins accumulated for years long. Many of the people do not follow the fasting procedure and doing it in a wrong way causes wrong result. Before starting the long fasting on need to undergo on a serious diet of juices and healthy food of fruits and vegetables for more than two weeks, only than one can fast.

1. Good to Stay Fit and hence Followed by Athletes

Many athletes found fasting as a very important thing to develop their body and muscles. Most players are advised into a fit training schedules to improve their body conditions and re tone into a fit one to play. During the training process, they are on a diet and fasting to enhance the fitness, as mentioned earlier by increasing the HGH and burning the fat in their body. During their game days they are advised to eat a healthy diet with fruits and vegetables to enhance their proteins and other energy levels.

Note: Fasting acts differently on different people and the result is not the same to all. People with any kind of medical conditions and those who are under any medications are not advised to fast unless your medical adviser advises you to fast.

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