Top 10 Best Hairstyles for Men

Top 10 Best Hairstyles for Men

Fashion is not just about your clothes, it is also about how you carry yourselves. Your hair is one among the major things which can help in enhancing your smartness and attitude. One should adopt a style which suits him the best. The style should not be just best suited but it should also be trendy. So here we have the list of top ten best hairstyles for men.


10. The Slick Comb Over (Conservative) Haircut –


Another very famous hairstyle which can be pasted in the list of best hairstyles for men is slick comb over. This is last but not the least hairstyle and is placed on the tenth position. The hairstyle is best suited for a look of gentlemen. Some of the known personalities have also followed this hairstyle. The best example in those personalities are Don Draper and Pete Campbell. However, the style is very classy but it does not suits every type of face cut. It matches up with some specific type of face cuts. You need to have a length which is good enough to slick behind. The comb is used to slick the top hair behind and then a styling gel is used to make them stable.

9. The Side Crop with a Peak Hairstyle


Another very famous and appropriate hairstyle for men which is placed in this list is Side crop with a peak. This is considered to be very fancy hairstyle and is placed on the ninth position. The hairstyle achieved by cutting your hair in a special manner. The hairstyle seems to be very elegant. The side hairs are to be cut very short to achieve this hair style.  the side hairs are cut extremely short and the hair at the top are kept long. If this haircut is done in a proper manner then it is not difficult to achieve this hairstyle.

8. The Bed Head


Another hair style which is counted in the list of top best hairstyles for men is the bed head. This hair style named bed head is placed on the eight position. The hair style is very stylish and will suit each type of face cut. It is very easy to adopt this hair style but the catch is that, this hair style has some requirements. For this particular hairstyle, one needs to have long hair. The use of styling gel is must. If a person has long hair then he can easily mould up his hair in this style. to mould your hair in this hair style you simple need to dissolve the hair gel in an optimum amount of water and then apply this gel around your hair. Move your hands a particular way to adjust your hair. Once you succeed in styling and adjusting just leave it. You hair will remain intact in that manner itself. The styling gel will help in holding your hair together in particular fashion.

7. Bringing back the Retro Look


Another style which is placed in the list of best hair styles for men is Retro look. The hair style named Retro look is placed on the seventh position. The hair style is not just stylish but is also very heavy. The top portion of the hairs are stacked with the help of seizers to achieve this hair style. After the top portion is stacked, the hairs are slicked back. The hair style is very clean and trendy. Retro look is best suited for professional look, though it will even get on with a casual look. You can even add up your style with sideburns. They will give a different and unique look to your hair.

6. The Short & Spikey Mohawk –


Another hair style which is considered to be very famous and is placed on the sixth position is the short and spikey Mohawk. The style became famous when it was adopted by David Beckham. The style became trendy in the year 2012. The style is such that it suits every men. The style can also be adjusted according to the occasion. If the occasion is very cool and casual then you can have a cool looking hair style and if the occasion is formal then you can easily adjust your hair to a formal look.

5. The Buzz Cut


Another very famous hair style is the buzz cut. This hair style named buzz cut is placed on the fifth position. This style is also very classic. The hair style is very neat and clean. The style is specially adopted by professionals. The hair style is very easy to handle. People hardly need anytime to arrange their hair in buzz cut. The hair cut is very popular specially for the season of summer. The buzz cut haircut is further classified in several other styles like butch cut, ivy league, flattop and crew cut. The hair style is very well defined. This is also known as military cut.  Additionally this type of hair cut hardly needs any maintenance

4. Chin Length and Layered


This hair style named chin length and layered is another very popular hair style  and is placed on the fourth position in this list. This hair style has been adopted by many of the stars like Ashton Kutcher and David Spade. This is very different and unique. The hair style is very flexible and can e handled in many ways. In this hair style the hairs are cut to the length of the chin and then they are layered. The layering of the hair is done to make them more manageable. This hair cut will gave a variety of options to style your hair. To make it more fancy you can just add up some curls and waves in the hair.

3. Short and Simple


Short and simple is another very famous hair style for men. This hair style is placed on the third position on this list. The style is not just simple but is also classic. The hair is considered to be one among the most popular haircuts. The hair style can further be classified in many other different patterns. The style is very much adopted in summers. In this hair style a hair cut is preferred. The hair are trimmed and are made very short in his hair cut. Additionally the style is very easy to handle and it does take much time to put it on the hair.

2. Short waves & curls


Another very famous hair style for men is Short waves and curls. This hair style named short waves and curls is placed on the second position. The hair style has recently become so popular. The style is basically for curly hair. The curls are broken up at certain inches so as to produce waves. It is very easy to adopt this hair style for the people who have natural curl. The people who have natural curls are required to take a hair cut for this style. The shape of the head is taken care of while cutting. For the one who do not have curls, can also take this style. They are required to first curl their hair in all the directions and then set the hair using a hair product. The style is very simple, relaxed and easy to carry. Additionally the main advantage of this hair style is that, it adds volume to the hairs. So if a person doesn’t have a good volume of hair and he wishes to have it then he can adopt this hair style

1)       The Quiff


The quiff is considered to be the best hairstyle for men. This hairstyle pattern is placed on the first position on this list. The hairstyle is the fusion of three basic hairstyles which are – the pompadour hairstyle that was famous in 1950, the mohawk style and the flattop style. the word Quiff is derived from a French word named COIFFE. The lateral meaning of this word is style. The hair style was the attachment of Teddy boy movement of British. It is not that difficult to adopt this particular hair style. What you just need to do is that get the hair cut which can match up with the particular hair style and then you can arrange you hair according to the style. It hardly takes 15 min to arrange that hairstyle. Perfect Quiff may need something equipments like a hair dryer, hair brushes and a hair straightener. The Quiff can be easily made by applying wet styling product on your shampooed and dried hair. To spread the product evenly in your hair use a comb. And then style accordingly using a hair dryer and straightener.

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