Top 10 Best Hairstyles for Men

Top 10 Best Hairstyles for Men

In today’s world every girl wants to look perfect and beautiful and for this she wants have a perfect hairstyle which makes her look more attractive and charming. We have presented a list of top ten beautiful hairstyles of the world which looks beautiful and amazing on different girls. I am sure this list will helps you in choosing the best hairstyle to make you a perfect diva.


10    – Unique Braids:

Unique braids is counted in the list of top ten best hairstyles for women. This hairstyle named as Unique Braids is placed on the tenth position. Unique braids can be further classified into many other patterns like there are a variety of braids which can be made according to the look and occasion. The different types of braids which are very famous and always evergreen are French tail and fish tail. They can be made anytime, they always look beautiful. These braids are very clean and can even go with a professional look. French braids can be implemented in many ways. You can either implement it on whole of your hair or you can apply it on the top hairs and then you can tie a ponytail. Another very famous braids is African multiple braid which can give you an African look. Fish tail is a very unique option which looks very classy.


9 – Low Slung Buns:


low slung bun is another very good option form women. This hairstyle named Low slung bun is placed on the ninth position. The hairstyle gives an elegant look and can be considered perfect for society gatherings and other classic parties. Hairstyle is very easy to carry and it hardly takes 15 min to adjust your hairs in this hairstyle. The hairstyle is typically for long hair. To make this hairstyle divide your hair in two part- the front flicks and the remaining hair. Twist remaining hair to the full length and coil them around. Make the coil part stiff with the help of bobby pins. Now take the front flick and wrap the bun with it neatly with help of bobby pins. And now you are ready for a classic party.


8 – Light To Dark Ombre Hair Trend:

Light to Dark ombre hair trend is another very trendy hairstyle which is best suited for women. This hairstyle is placed on the eight position. The hair is not just trendy but is also very fashionable. It is not very easy to get this hairstyle, many of the celebrities failed to get this hairstyle. In this hairstyle the roots of the hair are kept in its natural color and the tip of the hair are bleached with light shade. The purpose of this type of shading in the hairs is to give them a light look. The style is very sexy and if implemented perfectly can give a stunning appearance. You need to have a good length so as to properly implement this hairstyle.


7 – The Bob:

The bob is another hairstyle which is very much in today. This hairstyle named bob is placed on the seventh position. The bob is basically the name which is given to the cut. The hairstyle is very trendy and handy. It is very easy to maintain this hairstyle. In this hairstyle the hair of the women are cut short to the particular length. The hair are made short and then are blown in. The hairstyle can be implemented with many other hairstyles to make a fusion. For example you can make the front hair extra short so as the get a cute look. The style goes on almost every outfit and is evergreen.


6 – Messy Bun:
messy bun is another very good option which is placed on the sixth position on this list. The bun is very easy to made and it hardly take 15 min to get your hair moulded in this hairstyle. The bun is a very unique hairstyle and it can be made more unique by combining it with few other hair styles like braids. Different variety of braids can be made with this hairstyle to give it a funky look. The look is very elegant and can go with both the casual wears and party wears. The style is mostly implemented in summers. The hairstyle is very simple and it does not have much requirement. It just need some bobby pins to mould your hair in that hairstyle. The hairstyle is very much into fashion. Moreover the hairstyle is not very loud, it is very simple and sober.


5 – Wavy Styles:


Wavy style is very cool hairstyle and it hardly takes any time to adjust our hair in this hairstyle. The hairstyle is very common and can be mould for any occasion. It goes for both the professional and casual look. The hairstyle is very trendy and evergreen. You can put it on anytime you want. This hairstyle is basically for those who have wavy hair. The hairstyle can even be made if the person does not have wavy hair. The hairs can be made wavy  be hair instruments. The style not just make you look good but also helps in enhancing the volume of your hair. Additionally the hairstyle can  be put on with any length of hair. It is very easy to carry on with this hairstyle.


4 – Layered:

layered hairstyle is another very famous and trendy hairstyle for women. Layered hairstyle is placed on the fourth position. The hairstyle is basically for the people who have long hair but can also be implemented with short hair. If the person is not likely to make buns then this hairstyle can be the best option. To get the hairstyle a haircut is required to make layers in our hair.  The hair has an elegant look and can go with any kind of appearances. This hairstyle is enough trendy to go in a party and is enough neat to go in a professional meeting. The main element of this hairstyle is its haircut. The hairs are cut is a particular manner to give it a layered look.

3 – The High Bun:

The high bun is another very nice and decent hair style which can be perfect for both the casual and professional look. The hairstyle aroused basically in the year 1960 but is still in trend. The hairstyle will look much good with long hair but the people with short hair can also put this hair style. The hairstyle is very easy to mould. It can just be put in three steps. If you don’t have much volume, then you can use a curling rod to make up more volume. The volume can be made by twisting the hair on the curling rod. When an optimum volume comes up, then you can start with you styling.  Taking all of your hair make a high ponytail. After you are done with your ponytail, wrap you ponytail around and arrange it neatly with the help of bobby pins.


2 – Straight Plus Long:


Straight plus long is another very in hairstyle. This is also one of the hairstyle which can go with any occasion. It looks fancy anytime and every time. This hairstyle named straight plus long is placed on the second position of this list. The major limitation of this hairstyle is that it can only be implemented with long hair.  It does not take anything to make this hairstyle . if you have medium length hair and long length hair, then this hairstyle will look tremendous. If your hairs are straight and long then you are not required to do anything but if your hairs are not straight then you need to straighten them. You can easily straighten your hair by using a straightening rod. It is very easy to use a straightening rod and it even do not take much time to use a straightening rod. This hair style is very simple and elegant.


1 – Twists On Your Hair:


Twist is considered to be the best hairstyle for women. This hairstyle named as twist on hair is placed on the first position on this list. The hairstyle is very trendy and fashionable. The hairstyle can be implemented by making twists in the hair. The main advantage of this hairstyle is that it will make you hair look beautiful and more in volume. This hairstyle also helps in growing your hairs longer and healthier. The best twist hairstyles which does not damage your hairs  are Two stranded twist, Box Braid, and Regular Conrows.

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