Top 10 Most Difficult Exams in the World

Top 10 Most Difficult Exams in the World

Exams were once a procedure used by the learned top few, to test their abilities and the mastery of the subject. But over the course of time, exams are no longer just a tool to test one’s ability; it has transformed to an essential requirement that has to be passed, to be recognized practically as anyone important (at least that’s what the system has dubbed it). Be it whether you want to push papers every day or administer medication to patients, it is not just enough to possess knowledge or a degree. One has to prove to the entire world of his capability, or he is just lost in the crowd. And what better way there is to do it, than with an exam. So, technically there is a competitive exam for almost every job in the world you can possibly think of. But the really tough ones are, for those professions which everyone desires, so let us take a look the most difficult exams in the world.


10. National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET)

Probably the toughest job in the world is being a doctor, because you have to understand the working of the human body; and here mistakes will definitely be fatal – quite literally. So, getting to be a doctor is not going to be an easy job either. After high school, any student hoping to become a doctor has to qualify in the national eligibility cum entrance test. The test is organized and conducted by the central board of secondary education in India. On qualification of this test, one becomes eligible to be enrolled in the MBBS and BDS programs; so one way or another, every doctor and dentist has to go through this exam. The exam mainly consists of questions from Physics, chemistry and Biology, with a special focus on testing, the conceptual understanding of the student.

9. Language Skills Diagnostic Test (LSDT)

If you ever thought English was the toughest subject you faced in school, then probably this exam would be your worst nightmare. The language skills diagnostic test was initially conducted to filter out the student applications, for the admission into the Gateway media writing course. More than filtering out, it was a test of abilities; but when you consider the amount of English usage one has to master, and the failure rate, this surely isn’t some walk in the park. The test enabled the examiners determine any student who was weak in his writing skills and help them improve on it, if they get inducted into the course. It is the main admission criteria for Journalism and mass communications, where exceptional grammar usage and language skills are a basic necessity.

8. National Eligibility Test (NET)

The national eligibility test or NET is conducted by the Council of scientific and industrial research CSIR and funded by the MHRD in India. If you ever dreamt of becoming a scientist or ever wondered how wearing the white coat feels like, then you will have to clear this exam. Though becoming a scientist is not the most sought out profession in the world, the exam is still pretty tough considering the fact that, you will be required to do nothing but think as a scientist. Once you clear the NET examination, you can opt from one of two choices of either becoming a Junior Research Fellow or a Lecturer, but either way you can still pursue your higher studies and valuable research.


It is the abbreviation for the joint entrance examination conducted by the various Indian Institutes of technology every year. The purpose of the examination is for the admission of higher secondary school finishing students into the various branches of Engineering in the IITs. Though the courses offered by the IITs are quite expansive compared to other universities, the number of institutes are limited. So the number of seats available every year for all course and all institutes combined, is just over 5000. And annually over 3 lakh students write the examination, so you can already guess the competitive toughness of the examination. Stats apart, the exam itself can be quite a demanding task for the students, as it is intuitive in terms of the questions asked, and held at a really critical time after the board examination.

6. Indian Police Service examination (IPS)

Commonly branched under the civil services examination, the IPS exam is one of the toughest and the most prestigious exams conducted. Organized by the Union Public service Commission of India, the exam qualifies the candidate to be inducted into the ranks of a police officer. The exam consists of three parts, each testing the ability of the candidate on various fields. The first part is the preliminary exam, which constitutes general studies and aptitude test. Though this sounds easy on paper, one must be knowledgeable of the entire Indian polity, history and civic structure, just to clear this round. The second stage is the main exam consisting of 9 papers, out of which the candidate should opt out 2 from his field of study; it also includes general studies, essay and a compulsory language paper and an English paper. The final part is the Interview, which is just the scrutiny of the best of the best.

5. CISCO Certified Internetwork Expert CCIE

The certification offered by CISCO on qualifying to be networking expert is one of the most prestigious networking certification in the industry. It certifies that the person beholding the certificate has attained the mastery of CISCO products, through deep understanding of technical networking knowledge. The test consists of various levels of assessing a candidate through technically challenging assignments, which can be a networking nightmare even for the industry’s experts. And as the testing tools are constantly updated and revised, there is no other way than to know everything to clear the exam. With its outstanding testing techniques and acclamation, it sets the standard for international networking experts.

4. Common admission Test (CAT)

The common admission test conducted by the Indian institutes of management is considered to be one of the toughest exams worldwide. It tests a candidate for his quantitative ability, data interpretation skills, verbal ability and logical reasoning; and serves as the eligibility criteria for being admitted into the business administration courses in various IIM’s spread across the country. The test is usually administered during the months of October and November in a 21 day testing window. The candidate is allowed to appear only once in the 20 day testing window and the scores obtained are valid only for 1 academic year. The toughness of the exam apart, it is one of the most competitive exams in the world where more than 5 lakh people appear annually.

3. Graduate aptitude test for engineering GATE

The test as is the gateway to success to almost every engineering graduate who graduates in India, as dubbed by its acronym. The graduate aptitude test for engineering is conducted by the various IITs and the Indian Institute of science Bangalore. The eligible candidates appearing for the test should have completed their engineering graduation or should be pursuing the final year of graduation. The test comprises of three parts – testing the mathematical knowledge, subject knowledge and general aptitude of the candidates. GATE serves as the eligibility criteria for being inducted in to the various ME/Mtech programs offered by the IITs, and also for being selected into PSU companies of the Indian Governments. So undoubtedly, this is one of the most sought out and prestigious exams for engineers.

2. BAR

Practicing law is internationally considered as one the prestigious and toughest professions. To become a lawyer one has to clear the BAR examination conducted by the various agencies in different nations. Though there is no singular pattern on which the exam is expected to be conducted, as law is different in different nations and even in different states; the exam mainly tests the ability of the candidate of his proficiency of the laws of the nation. Since the paper can be expected to contain questions regarding any particular law, it is one of the toughest exams to prepare for.

1. Chartered accountant examination of India CAEI

It is considered widely as one of the toughest examinations in the world, not just due to the amount of preparation one has to endure for this examination, but also due to the high ethical standards set by the Institute of chartered accountants of India ICAI. Anyone aspiring to become a celebrated chartered accountant, and join the ranks of ICAI must pass through this examination first. The preparation time can be anywhere from months to years, and annually more than 5 lakh people appear for the examination. Global outsourcing of Indian accountants and the attractive career that it offers; the CAEI is widely regarded as one of the top desirable examinations of the world.

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