Top 10 Reasons why Women are Better than Men

Top 10 Reasons why Women are Better than Men

The world since it started has been divided into two groups namely men and women. The ancient battle between the two genders is still keeping up its bitterness. when on one hand the number of love marriages is on the rise and everywhere the love birds are a common sight it is sadly true that still the war to prove which of the two sexes is better. Who among the men or women deserves the higher position in society. The liberalization of the society has brought both the men and the women on the race line where they both are competing to reach the finish line of excellence before the other. In this world which has always been male dominated women have found this more important to make the world notify and acknowledge them. They have struggled a lot to reach this state where they share equal rights and opportunities as men. Be it the professional world or the family life a women does a hundred job a say most of which go unnoticed by the men especially when the women is just a house wife. It is necessary to understand the worth of a women. The following are the 10 ways in which a women is better than men.



10. Beautiful.

It goes without saying that God has made women very beautiful. Many authors and poets have throughout their lives written to try and express the charm that the women has. Many painters in the world who are there and who passed have tried to capture the living beauty on the canvas. Example is probably the world’s most famous painting The Mona Lisa painted by Da Vinci whose enigmatic smile has left the world speechless. The world is still mesmerized by the beautiful lady. The scientific research says that with the process of evolution the women are still undergoing a change and turning yet prettier while the men is not affected and is still moving on as the same. Thus with each generation the women is getting pretty and prettier.


9. Sacrificing.
Although most of the times it goes unnoticed it should not be taken as a rare thing that a women has sacrificed for some one in her family. Be it your mother or your daughter; or be it your sister she has somewhere in her life sacrificed for your. Many times we see that after marriage the women quits her entire career for her husband’s sake and it is not even given a worth acknowledgement. As a sister a girl sacrifices a lot be it her toys or her opportunities. A women undoubtedly sacrifices the most as a mother and i am sure you all will agree to this. She lives for her family which a man can never do. When it comes to be the selfless one no men can outdo a woman.


8. Forgiving.

Think about it as a child how many times have you hurt your parents? Can you event count the number of times you have hurt them? The number is too huge to be counted and I am sure you have received sufficient punishment for it too. Your father many at times may have stopped talking to you but your mother can never do that. She will always be the first to forgive you. As a wife she will take hundreds of things from her husband may be assaults too but she always ends up forgiving him. Be it your girl friend no matter how much you make her wait or put restrictions on her she will never stay angry for long. That is how women are they are very forgiving something which the men have always misused.


7. Healthier.

It is not uncommon to see a women avoiding street food or not consuming too much of sweets in parties. although this is often associated with the women being more figure conscious it is not entirely true. Women have been found to be a lot more aware about her health and her family. She will always cook food in the most hygienic fashion. She will wake up early in the morning to make lunch for her kids and husband so that they don’t have to eat outside. As working ladies they will never be indulged with over eating and frequent sessions of fast food. They will be seen a lot with salads than with sauces. This has made women more healthy than men. The men will be seen over eating and drinking and smoking. That is the reason men are more prone to cardiac diseases.



Women have always been associated with being hygienic  They love to stay in a place that is clean and tidy. The house is not in a mess and not smelling of dirt and dust. The kitchen is clean. Working women always have their working desk clean and tidy. They will regularly wash their faces and hands and comb their hair to always look clean and presentable. Unlike men who just love to stay in shambles. They never wash their feet and the moment their feet come out of the shoes it s hell for others. Researchers have found that office tables working women are 20 times cleaner and bacteria free than men. This shows the lack of cleanliness which men do not mind at all.


5. Planners.

Women are definitely better planners than men. Be it preparing for the coming exams or a party they know to time themselves very well. Often the women have been found very enthusiastic about giving surprise parties and gifts. They can arrange things very well in the order of their importance. That is the reason they always come out successful. It has been found that whenever a man has planned something the chances are only 50% for him to pull it through. Be it the valentine’e day or parent’s marriage anniversary plan women can do it the best. No wonder women are so common in event management business professionals.


4. Savers.

In contrast to the eternal saying that women love to spend I can say that women are wonderful savers. Be it the pocket money or salary they have a full budget at hand to let them know how much they will spend. Women always avoid unnecessary parties to avoid over spending. They budget themselves beautifully to be able to run the house with her husband’s salary. They just have one motto to be able to save money no matter how little. researchers have shown that when it came to investments and saving women had higher percentages then men because of their determination to save.


3. Manners.

This goes without saying that women are born with extra manners than men. Be it the table manners while eating or public manners while talking women surely know to portray as the sophisticated one Men on the other hand are loud and manner less  They tend to abuse freely in public and eat in the worst possible way in a party. They burp aloud and spit anywhere. It indeed is a gross sight for anyone. Women definitely behave better in public. They keep up their image a s the mannered one. I can say for sure the men can never compete with a women on this grounds.


2. Performers.

Yes you heard me right women are better at jobs than men. Yes men are physically strong no doubt but that is all there is to it. Men often are very casual with their work most of the times because of over confidence. Women tend to panic no doubt be it day before the interview or any other important event. Bur it is due to this that they prepare very well and come out as better performers. They have higher success rates with interviews and promotion meetings.


1. Multitasking.

This is something very evident that women are able to over power their stress very well. They have been found to be able to focus on multiple jobs and finish them all successfully. They can chat with their friend online or give important instructions over the phone while finishing the paper work in hand. They can prepare for the speech delivery and arrange the venue and still put up makeup perfectly and look stunning inspite of being stressed and nervous. Even at home she manages her chores so well focusing on the laundry , dishes and chopping vegetables simultaneously while keeping up with her favorite soap on TV. Women are truly better than men in tackling several tasks with ease.

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