Top 10 Things Which Lead People To Crime

Top 10 Things Which Lead People To Crime

Do you hate anyone so much that you think you could even murder that person? If yes, then congratulations! You earned your place in the category of completely normal people, and no you are not getting anything so don’t look at me expectantly. Poor joke alright!


A society can never be a peaceful one, if we were to have no criminals. Astonished? Allow me to explain.. Why do you fear the law? Only the fear of punishment  haunts you,  and if there were to be no criminals which means no crime which in turns means no rules being flouted and hence the fear of punishment would not scare people anymore, fro there is no disorder  yeah I know, I can confuse anyone with my constant babbling!

Well the idea of hot superheroes never to be found again upsets me  a bit too much and hence let there be crimes all the time, If we are to be saved by those incredibly irresistible heroes!

The reason why crimes have become so rampant in our present day society is because its roots can be found in the daily frustration of human wishes. for there is no end to what all we humans long for; our human kind loves whatever we see and there starts our problem. For when we want something  we want it instantaneously and if we acquire it the feeling of self actualization wraps up closely and we can bask in its glow but if by chance we can not get what we desire, frustration of not getting in our desired object does not lets us breathe easy and this is the first step of engendering the crime in human mind.

Money, property, power and women- the lethal concoction of ensuring a life of crime. This heady cocktail is what every criminal lives on. The sedative effect  of this cocktail looms large on their minds and because they can have anything they want. Their elation knows no bounds and hence they feel they are above the law and have a legitimate right to rule over the world illegally.

Criminals are born when the fear of getting punished for any gross deed is pushed back to one corner of the mind. These people mistake stupidity for courage. Mostly they do not have a family, if they did have one, they have forsaken them  An isolated man, completely on its own, driven by a criminal be bent of mind is more dangerous than the whole economic breakdown!

Crime, just like cancer is spreading fast in our society and its evil clutches have gnawed away a considerable part of our young population and every day  a sizable portion of youngsters enter this dark world; and this is the way oaf the world.

Enough with all the high sounding philosophy. What about some actual reasons?

10. Poverty

The most obvious reason which drives people to crime has to be poverty. For the want of things sure frustrate a lot.

Poverty can be described as lack of financial resources which force people to live a sub standard life. But extreme poverty can mean no food, no shelter and no clothes which have a huge impact on the psyche of people. Also in our present day world money equals respect and thus the condition for poor people is worse than you and I can imagine. When a man is robbed of respect and is treated as a thing and not a human, add to that his meager material possessions certainly creates an unhealthy competition in his mind and its effect can be as lethal as crimes for money.

hence, Marxism really needs to be emulated now which stresses on equal pay for equal work, which may not solve all the problems that could help minimize the disastrous effects of huge differences in wealth of people.

9. Insanity 

As much as mentally retarded people need sympathy, they also are needed to be taken care of. For if they are left unattended they can resort to crimes, which for them was done because they were not mentally stable, but for ‘normal’ people it will only lead to loss of life and property.

people who are mentally sick generally have an exaggerated idea of themselves or  a distorted view of others, and this can prove to be quite dangerous not only to themselves but to the others too. for they can harm themselves as well as other people.

Though crimes by certified medically retarded people are not on a wider scale but they do exist and every once in a while newspapers report of crimes committed by insane people.

8. Revenge

The most common reason of them all, Isn’t it?

Almost 90% crimes committed by the people have their root cause in revenge only. people want to avenge themselves of the unjust things which were committed against them at some point of time. And most of the times the injustice committed against them are so old that they even refuse to be a reason  And the reason that taking a revenge on someone gets reduced to a farce after so much time that even the cause fades away in to nothingness in the present time. But even this does not deter people to resort to crimes for a moment of  self satisfaction  Avenging oneself on some other might make someone feel light headed for  a moment but the eventual feeling would  be of futility because eventually that crime was not worth the loss of property, lives and honor of someone.

7. Ego

Most of us are aware that ego wrecks havoc on our relationships with people. While some people confuse self respect with ego, most others are quite aware of the fact that they have excessive egos but even then they do not try to curb it down.

Ego literally means that for an individual, he/ she is the most important person. Well, things would not have been so bad, if only this was the case. For an egoistic person he comes the first and also the last  Self centerdness is a marked characteristic and the world contains only one individual for them. If by any chance you hurt an egoistic person, then be assured that you are going to have a  hard time, and some times a bruised ego is another name for crime.

6. Quick Money

Drugs or street fighting! They both have some thing in common, namely huge amount of money involved and their illegality. They don’t say money is the root cause of all the evils just like that  It is really crazy how far people would go to earn quick money which requires less input in terms of work and good output in terms of money. hence, it is a really hot option for youngsters mainly to earn some quick bucks. But in  their quest to earn money they forget that ’haste makes waste’ which in our case implies that generally quick money can only be earned at the expense of laws, which lend all the enthusiasts punishment for their illegal activities. Hence our take – Stay away from it!

5. Anger

Now this is one reason which everyone regrets but at its height can not help it, and because it is so hard to overcome it, anger becomes a common reason for people to turn criminals.

In a fit of rage, people tend to forget themselves and quite often they regret their decisions made, while they were angry.  But regretting a wrong decision can not change it, and it becomes a thing of sorrow for individuals with high temper. It might happen that in extreme cases of anger you end up committing a crime which will leave you scarred all your life. Our advice to you would only be to keep control on your temper, for it might cost you a lot more than what you thought

5. Misogyny

Let me introduce the word in  a simple way –  An abnormal hatred for women, which might have been an effect of women rejecting a specific male and hence his hatred for the fairer sex!

Jokes apart, there are men who hate women and can not think about anything good in women, who for the ‘normal’ people signify all the good this world has to offer! Misogyny itself stresses the extremity of hatred towards the one half population of the world. Hence it would not come as  a surprise if we tell you that this hatred sometimes reaches to a level where even the presence of female can not be tolerated by a misogynist and if you hate something so much, you are prone to commit crime against them  and hence crime against women take place.

3. Social Misfit

Before you start wondering, allow me to explain folks!

A social misfit is essentially  a noble individual with high ideals but what ails them is the poor condition of society, which does not seem to change and here comes the heroes. These social misfits!

These people would take it upon themselves to absolve society of its vices, and such people wont think twice before taking the law in their own hands, and hence it so happens that the hero becomes the criminal no matter how noble his intentions were.

2. Aggression 

Some people just can not live without committing  a crime! For them it is a basic need.

Think for instance what does paid assassins do? They kill people on contracts. Now as far as  I know murder is  a heinous crime and is punishable under law irrespective of countries. What drives these people to become criminals for a living? Most of the time it stems from misanthropy, which is an aggressive hatred of mankind. Where people are so disgusted with human life that they consider it  a petty thing and hence it becomes easier for them to murder someone. Mostly serial killers come in this category, for they don’t have any reason for it save the sheer pleasure and their misanthropy.

1. Peer Pressure

This is a famous saying that ‘a man is known by the company he keeps’ and holds completely true here.

friends play a very important role in our life and one largely responsible in shaping up our personality for they are the major influences on us and hence it becomes extremely important to choose a friend circle wisely. For nobody wants to lost their friends and unfortunately if they turn out to be a bad company, it becomes very difficult to both resist their pressure to become like them or to break away with them.

Teenagers generally are introduced to the world of crime because of their friends only and this can reap disastrous consequences.

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