Top 10 Ways to Concentrate Harder on Studies

Studying for some students is hell of a task. Many people face problems in concentrating while they study. Here we have some tips that will help you to study and remain focused on your studies.


  10. Focus

This is the most important thing needed to be done while you study. Focus!!! That’s it… if you will focus on your study no one can stop you from studying. Make a target of how many lessons you can complete or which subject you have o study. If you will do so much of your time will be saved as you do not have to think about what to study and which subject you have to study. Remaining focused while you study is a very big challenge. There are hundreds of distractions around you that will compel you to leave your studies and do something else. You can focus better in a peaceful environment with no televisions. Try to meditate sometime in your day. Meditation helps to make you focused and you can stody properly in a better way. Set your priority and set your goals.

9. Study in a suitable environment

There is no way on earth that you can study in loud noise or you can study if the television or the music system in on. If you have a very noisy family it becomes very difficult to study. A suitable environment is a must to concentrate on your study and to study in a proper manner. To concentrate better on your studies say goodbye to your cell- phone for the time you are studying. If you really want to concentrate on your study the first step you must do is to find out what are the distractions you face while studying. When you have found out theses distractions eliminate them from your study environment. Get your distractions out of the picture of your studying environment. There is no way on this earth that you can study in a very distractive environment.

8. Be prepared while you sit for studying

If you are sitting unplanned for studying this is for sure that you will not study for very long. If you will not sit with the necessary things like marker, pen, notes and your revision material and you get up every time you need any of the above things then you will not be able to concentrate properly on your studies. You should keep the necessary items you will require during studying on your study table. When you get up to fetch the things you forgot to bring there are many chances that you will get distracted on the way back to your study room and you may end up sitting in front of the television or gossiping with someone. Always have things ready that you may require while you sit for studying. Keep some snacks and water with you so that you do not have to get up every time you feel hungry or thirsty.

7. Take breaks in between

Studying continuously for many hours can be boring. And after a particular point of time your brain stops grabbing as much as it was when you started studying. If you keep on studying for long hours without taking a small break you will not be able to understand and learn things. Relaxing and taking a break in the middle is very much important. Taking breaks helps to reduce stress. Not only has it reduced stress but it also gives you time to memorize what you have studied. It also helps to make your mind fresh so that you can study further and remain focused. While taking breaks do something which will make your mind still working.

6. Make a timetable

You should always make a timetable of what you want to study and at what time you study. There are many subjects that you may not like and you think you will complete them later. But this is wrong. You should first choose the least favorites subjects when you want to study. if you keep the least favorite subject for last you will never study them. After sometime you start getting bore and you lose your interest in studies. If at this time you will study your least favorite’s subject it will be not of any good studying it as you will not get anything in your brain. Rather keep the subjects that interests you for the last as even if you are tired of studying you will teach them as these subjects interests you a lot.

5. Have positive thoughts

Thinking negative and wrong about studies will never help you concentrate on your studies. Rather it will distract you from studies. If you will already think that you can’t study or some particular subject is hard then you will be unable to focus on studies. In every aspect of life we are taught to be positive same goes with studies. When you start studying keep all the negative thoughts and ideas outside the room and say them good bye. You should learn how to turn over your negative things into positive ones. Don’t ever say that you hate to study. If you will say that you will not be able to concentrate properly on studying. Negativity has never helped anyone and can never help anyone. Always maintain a positive attitude about studies. Always say you love studying and you are good at it. Surely you will become good if you keep this attitude in your mind.

4. Work out

Working out and doing a little exercise every morning you wake up will help you to concentrate better. Doing some particular yoga asana help you to increase your concentration power. If a person works out daily he remains active and more focused for the rest of the day. When you work out for some particular time every day your mind gets energized and gives its full potential throughout the day. In the beginning you might find it difficult to work out but after sometime you will yourself see the difference that how working out has made you sharper. If you cannot work out all the days in the week you can do some laundry or some other physical activity in the morning. This can be beneficial for the brain too.

3. Do a single thing at one time

Doing multiple things at the same time will not help you to concentrate on your studies. It rather will have the opposite effect. You should do one thing at one point of tome. Though you will think that people who do many things at a time are more skilled but during studies if you do many things at a time it will split up your attention and you will not be able to concentrate properly on your studies. If you are the one which has focusing problem and still you want to do many things at a time then this will add up your problem and not solve it out. When you are studying study one subject at a time. And while studying only focus on studies and keep all the work aside.

2. Say goodbye to the distractions

The main problem to maintain your concentration arises due to different kinds of distractions. With such advancement in study your phone has become the biggest distraction in your studies. Teenagers remain clinging to their phones, chatting and playing games that they forget that they have more important work to do i.e. study. It is advisable that you turn your phone off while you sit for study. Friends can be another big distraction in the studies. Try to study alone or with someone who is himself very much dedicated to studies and will not distract you in your studies.


1. Don’t give up

Learning anything specially learning how to focus on your studies will take some time. When you will follow the below mentioned steps there is no chance that you will learn to focus in a day. These new patterns and these new ideas will require some time to help your brain learn how to focus on the studies. If you are thinking of learning it in a day it is really not possible. And if you give up after not getting any result in a day will not help you to learn how to focus. Not only this you should not give up on the subjects and things you cannot understand and learn. There are many ways to learn things. You can ask any of your friend to help you out with the subject rather than keeping the problem in your mind and giving up on the subject.

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