Top 10 Ways to take care of your Eyes

Top 10 Ways to take care of your Eyes

Eyes are one of the most common medium to express how we feel knowingly or inadvertently in a way that is often more vigorous than spoken words. Imagine a day with no vision of your surroundings, no vision of this beautiful nature! Even with our ears and sense of touch world is incomplete without our eyes. Almost in all our activity whether it is reading, watching television, and many more are associative with our eyes. But what are we doing to protect them? Although eyes are so important, they often receive less attention from us. But one thing we can say that without proper care, our eyes can debilitate. So at any instant if you feel that there is some kind of problem related to your eyes, treat them immediately. For a fresh start it’s never too late. Here are some ideas to cultivate some good eye care ways and elevate your visual health today.


10. Regular Check-ups 

People who have heredity problem especially related to eyes should go eye-specialist for regular check-ups so that they could take proper precautions related to it. If you are a diabetic or high blood pressure patient than you must go for regular check-ups to experts because these patients are at higher risk of osteopathy which can lead to visual impairments. It happens very often that we feel that something is irritating in our eyes and we ignore it because we didn’t get it, but an eye-specialist can detect any problem in seconds. Our small negligence regarding any problem related to eyes can put us in big trouble that’s why we ought to go for check-ups regularly.

9. Keep your eyes clean 

It is necessary to keep your eyes clean. Water is the most common resource to clean your eyes. Fresh Milk is natural and also a good cleanser for eyes. Dip cotton into milk and use this to clean your eyes. Using milk also resolves the problem of dryness around eyes, giving them a refreshed look. If you want to bring about more glow and bump off dirt in your eyes, than a couple of rose water drops will also do the need. Constant consumption of a plenty amount of water can also be helpful in keeping our eyes fresh. If you possess more problem that could not be sorted through water, than you can also prefer medicated solution.

8. Avoid rubbing your eyes

Don’t rub your eyes even if something gets into your eyes. It is as usual as breathing that you are roaming and suddenly something fall into your eyes and you just start rubbing them. But if you consider for a while that whether your hands are clean or not, whether your rubbing can lead to any serious problem or not. So never rub them, instead splash some water to clean them up and if it is so necessary just use gentle hands to remove the dirt softly.

7. Cautions related to Computer and TV rays 

Now a days almost every-one spend a major portion of his/her free time using computer and televisions which can lead to eyestrain, dry eyes and blurred vision. To fight against these problems, do check your work stations that could be keeping your monitors, 5 to 9 inches below the eye level. This will help you in maintaining healthiest blink rate and also bring your lids down. Try to maintain a safe distance, also blink your eyes regularly while watching TV or playing video games. If you are a frequent computer user then you can also use anti-glare filter to cut down misdirected light.

6. Maintain Air quality

If in winter, temperature goes quite low and you are in habit to use some sort heating system in your home or at office than you must carry a portable humidifier because heating system produce dry air and these humidifier lets you prevent your eyes from any sort of irritation caused by dryness. If you are having a pet in your place than just don’t let him be over those places where you lie down, since pets along with shedding dander, bring lot of germs from outside that could lead to inflammation of eyes. There are some polluted indoor air areas; those can be avoided by regular maintenance of heating ventilation, air conditioning Systems.

5. Proper use of Contact lenses 

If you are using contact lenses, avoid going to dusty places or wear sunglasses while working in the environment that is dusty or humid, because if anything get into eyes at that moment, could cause irritation which could lead to reddishness in eyes. Also if you are working for more than 19 hours, than try to avoid wearing contact lenses since it can cause permanent sight damage or severe discomfort to your eyes. So even if using contacts adds an x factor to your looks, reduces your burden of carrying your specs but wearing them bring a good responsibility as well.

4. Developing Good Vision Customs 

Avoid working in insufficient light, because it will strain your eyes and make them tired. Use an adjustable lamp, so that you can focus light wherever it is needed. If you are habitual to use eye products like eyeliner, eyedropper etc. tries not to share it with anyone, because they might cause eye infection due to germs. Also if the products cross there expiry dates than, don’t use them anymore. Even sometimes when we use some shampoo and body wash, we feel irritation in our eyes, we ignore that but this could also lead to many problems, so switch to those shampoo and body wash which do not contain harsh chemicals.

3. Eyes Exercises 

Good Sleep and adequate rest is the basic step you can take but eyes also need regular exercises. These exercises are helpful in building up your ocular strength. If you want to relax your eye muscles, roll them, look from top to bottom and right to left, especially when you wake up early in the morning. If your eyes are getting heavy, than rub your palm for 30 seconds and then cover them over your eyes, there warmth will relax your strained eyes. While working on computer have a comfortable seat, and try to blink your eyes more and more to keep your eyes in good condition. Try to avoid applying any kind of pressure on your eyeballs while you are doing any exercises. If you are working in a dark environment than try to avoid entrance of any beam of light directly to your eyes, neither through gaps in your finger or any thin gap. One more way is, close your eyes with your palm, and take deep breaths slowly while cherishing your sweet moments, visualizing the distances or happy incidents. When you see only darkness, remove your palm from your eyes and repeat the same process for at least 3-4 minute. This could be another useful way to take care of your precious eyes.

2. Using Eye Gears 

If you are a sports person who loves squash, swimming, tennis, baseball etc. than you should use protective eye wears for your eyes safety. This is also helpful for those who work in dusty and rough environment to keep their eyes safe. In case of swimming, the chemical used to clean up water can cause eye irritation problems so it is recommended to wear eye gear especially designed for this purpose. All of us agree that sufficient dose of sunshine vitamins for healthy bones, but now days they cause number of eye disorders due to ultraviolet rays, so protect your eyes with UV blocking sunglasses.

1. Nutritious Eatable Consumption 

If you are suffering from week eye sight, then you should start using eatables with high Vitamin contents. Eat fresh fruits like cucumber, guava etc. which are rich source of Vitamin a, c & e. Cucumber is especially known for its smoothing property and can be a part of routine eye care. Green vegetables, eggs, peanuts, sunflower seeds and fish can be a part of diet, working out for good eye sight. Try to increase consumption of those fruits and vegetables that contains more beta carotene, which could be helpful in maintaining strong eyes. The reason for more consumption of beta carotene is that it reduces the risk of macular degeneration. Even you are having any heredity eye problem than, this nutritious diet can serve as good weapon to fight against them.These are the few ways to take care of eyes perfectly without any failure.

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