Top 10 Free Dictionary Software for your PC

Finding a perfect dictionary can be quite a task as most of them don’t have enough words. But take a look at our list of top 10 Free Dictionary Software for your PC. It might help.



1. Babylon

Babylon is the most used popular free dictionary software and can be downloaded on your system without spending a penny. This software has been downloaded over millions of times and has a loyal user base. This has been ranked as number one dictionary software and supports 75 languages. It has won many awards for its excellent translating skills and can translate any language with just one click.

2. Wordweb

This is a great software that is available free of cost. Its full version can be downloaded for free. This offline dictionary software has a huge database of over 150000 root words. This is a great software if you wish to translate a language without seeking online help.

3. iFinger Collins English Dictionary

The amazing software has a database of over 2.5 billion words which makes translation a child’s play. Though its full version is not free but you can always go for a trial version which is of course free.

4. Spoken English

This is another great software for conversion as well as learning English. Its trial version is available for free but for full version you might have o shell out a little. However, you must go for a full version as it’s a good way of learning English.

5. Talk a Lot Spoken English Course

Basically a PDF based software that helps you learn English. Though it’s not a dictionary but it does enhance your vocabulary and English skills.

6. English- Hindi Talking Dictionary

If you wish to learn Hindi or may be learn English, then this software is made for you. English- Hindi Talking Dictionary is one of the best English teaching dictionaries that will also converse with you. This is a great software to boost your vocabulary in both the languages.

7. Talking Dictionary

Sometimes just learning words isn’t enough, pronouncing them in a correct manner is also important. Hence come talking dictionary into picture. Although it’s a paid program but its trial version is available for free which is valid for a period of 14 days.

8. Free Medical Dictionary

Finally, something for the ‘mango people’ (common men). Don’t we all just stare blankly and nod when the doctors talk in their fluent medical languages. If you wish to change that, then download this Medical Dictionary. It might help you next time you talk to a doctor and he comes with a hardcore medical term, you’ll know what it means.

9. Big Grammar Book

This software can be downloaded free of cost and has a lot of practice material on basic grammar which will ultimately boost you language skills.

10. 1-Click Answers

This software is specially made to answer your queries related to language, internet or any other topic. Feel free to drop your question here. It can be downloaded for free.

Time to get a good grip on that language you wished you could speak!

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