Two Step Authentication for Greater WordPress Security

Two Step Authentication for Greater WordPress Security :

When you start writing a site, there are more important things than just picking the right  premium WordPress templates or deciding what to blog about.  When a person puts their name on a WordPress blog, it is a reflection on that person and they are then responsible for it. If malicious code suddenly appears on the website or if offensive posts appear, it will be an extremely poor reflection on you.  If friends or family follow your blog, it can be extremely embarrassing; if you are someone who makes money off your blog, this can severely cut into your revenue stream. Therefore, it is important to keep hackers out or prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to it. Two step authentication allows for just such extra security.

Two Step Authentication is Best Security Method

Smart Phone Synchronization

As you may guess, two-step authentication requires a user to do two things in order to gain access to a given website or account.  In the past, a user was required to just type in a password to get into a website.  This is still the most common method for logging in and one that most people use to get into a given account.  Adding an extra step will ensure that no one but you can get in.  When logging in, a user can add a phone number associated with the account.  When a user goes to log in, they will receive a text message with a unique code.  A person will then enter the code to get into the account.  And if someone is trying to log in unauthorized, the owner of the blog will know immediately because they will get a text message.

Backup Codes

But what happens if a phone is lost?  This would mean that a person would suddenly not have access to their WordPress site.  To prevent being locked out of a given account, WordPress allows you to generate unique backup codes that you can save in case this happens.  Should a phone go missing, the user could then enter in this backup code in addition to their password to get into the account.  You will want to keep these backup codes in a very safe place, because allowing someone else to find these will defeat the entire purpose of the two-step authentication.  Therefore, you should keep these codes in your wallet or in a place where only you have access to it.

Application Specific Passwords

Some people have third party apps that they choose to use to blog with WordPress.  Many of these sites don’t require two-step authentication.  Therefore, in order to increase security for a third party app on a phone or tablet, WordPress can generate unique, original passwords for every platform (including a separate password on a phone and a tablet, for instance).  If a phone or tablet is ever lost or stolen, the user can log in to their account and disable the password with one click.  This way, a person can be completely certain that no matter what happens to their phone, their information and blog will be safe.


Web experts agree that two-step authentication can greatly reduce the incidences of identity theft and unwanted access to accounts.  Some experts claim that two-step authentication could reduce identity theft by up to 90%.  Because of this extra layer of security and because it is practically impenetrable, it is highly recommended that if your blog contains sensitive data or personal information, you enable two-step authentication.  This will give you the peace of mind to blog freely on your WordPress site without worrying about hackers.


We should use two step authentication for betterment of security. Now G mail, Facebook, WordPress and many other important services and featured sites support two step authentication. Make sure you have enabled it.

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