10 Funky Things to Do in 2013

10 Funky Things to Do in 2013

It’s 2013 and you must have taken a few resolutions. Smokers who thought they would finally give up smoking last year (but couldn’t) will have to put in stronger efforts, for sure. Well, if there is one thing to give up, there are 100 to start with! We let you know 10 funky things you ought to do in 2013!

1. Learn a Foreign Language

Learning a foreign language this year would equip you with something very unique. In addition to flaunting it in your friend group, you can always have chance of talking to the natives, depending upon the language you’ve learnt.

2. Take a Survival Course

You never know when you get caught in adverse situation. To get out safely, a survival course would prove to be extremely handy!

3. Make a YouTube Video

Make a video of yourself showcasing your skill to the world. Who knows you become the next “Justin Beiber”!

4. Take a Free Online Course

Depending on your interest, take a free online course. It will surely help you in future!

5. Cook

Cooking is definitely a thing you would love. In addition to being fun, it can help you in times when you are alone.

6. Disconnect

Take time out for yourself. Switch off your phone, laptop, and get close to nature. Enjoy yourself! Repeat.


7. Increase Your Vocabulary

Having a decent vocabulary is what is appreciated, everywhere. Go slow, learn a word per day. Make sure to use the words you learn.

8. Make a Blog

Make a blog for yourself! Put in your thoughts, experiences, and everything you want. You’ll feel good when go through your blog in future!

9. Go Abroad with Family

Go on a fun trip with your family and make the most of it. Do not forget to take your camera! Take as many photographs as possible.

10. Support Your Favorite Group

Support your favorite group in your own way. Whether it is about fighting for your rights or for any other cause, be there! Make your presence count.

This was the to-do list for 2013! Please feel to let us know if you have something to add to this 2013 to-do list!

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