Top 10 Best Ways to Apologize

Top 10 Best Ways to Apologize

In today’s scenario, a huge mass thinks apology means to agree that you are wrong. It is not as correct as it seems to be. Apology is something which is very important to save some relations and very rare at the same time. For some of you ‘sorry’ may be a very heavy and difficult word. If it is so, you must keep in mind that it is powerful too, it can mend many breaking relations. It acts as a magic wand when nothing else works. Apology can do wonders. It does not make you small in front of anyone. It helps you build stronger relations with people and make them realize how important they are in your life.

So, you have made up your mind to apologize for your mistake? You must hurry up because the person must be waiting for it eagerly. Don’t wait. Apologize before it gets too late to do so. Even an apology won’t work when it’s too late. Oh wait! You are clueless on how to apologize? Well we have something to help you out. Here we are listing the top ten ways to apologize to your dear ones:

10. Gestures
Make gestures. Sometimes it may sound silly but it really works. Make a cake for them and write sorry on it. You can also try holding their hands or hugging them and say that you will stuck like this until they forgive you. They will have no option other than forgiving you. No one can say no to such sweet gestures. Or hold your ears and do sit and stand, count your sit and stand, and tell them you won’t stop before they come and hug you. Or do something they like very much. These sweet gestures will melt their heart for sure.

9. Make them feel important
To gain their trust again, do something to let them know how much their trust means to you. Prepare lunch or dinner for them. You can quietly put a lunch box prepared by you in their bag and message them at the lunch time to check their bag. Tell them that you are sorry. Repeat is often if they refuse to listen. In short, make them feel important.

8. Ask for punishment
“What can I do to mend all this?” Ask them for punishment for what you did. Tell them that you are sorry and that you can do anything for their forgiveness. Prepare a list of punishments and ask them to choose one of them for you. If they refuse, ask them to punish you according to their will. It will surely melt down you dear one’s heart and they will surely forgive you.

7. Accept and promise not to repeat it
Accept your mistake. Remember that you don’t put the blame on them while sorting out. It can lead to the worsening of the situation. Make up your mind to apologize, and don’t blame them for anything when you know that it was your mistake. Don’t play the blame game to be brief. Quietly accept that you have realised your mistake and you are sorry for the same. Promise them not to repeat the same mistake ever.
6. Letter/Note
Write a letter or note with all your feelings in it. The letter should be showing that you are sorry and can’t afford to stay away from them. Tell them that you love them and you are embarrassed for whatever you did. Include your promise to not repeat it in future. You can leave small notes saying ‘I am sorry’ at various places like their cupboard, on the fridge, on their pillow, in their bag, write it on the mirror with a lipstick or anywhere you are sure they will check. This actually works. Your efforts will count for sure.

5. Prepare a card
If you want to show a person how much you want them and their forgiveness, you need to put some efforts. Nothing is for free. You have to work a little harder. You made a mistake now apologize in a nice way. Prepare a card for them to say that you are sorry for what you did.

4. Plan a day out
This works well. Or you can say that it works when he/she is ready to go out with you even after your mistake. If she/he is not at all ready to go out with you, ask her friends to take her out with some excuse and show up at some decided place. She/he will definitely note down your efforts. Plan a day out and include his/her favourite places in the list. Plan a lunch out at his/her favourite eating joint or restaurant. Make sure to get some time in between to say that you are sorry for your mistakes. Make him/her feel special that day. Do not fight at any cost. It’s your mistake and they can get hyper at times, make sure you don’t, you can afford to be sober for a day.

3. Gifts
Ah! Gifts are a way out in every situation. If someone is angry with you, gifts always work. May be box of chocolates to melt you dear one’s heart? If you are extreme late for a meeting with someone, get a minute or two more to pick a box of chocolate or a bunch of flowers to save yourself. And if you have done something really bad, plan for a better gift. Tell them through your gifts how much they mean to you. To add to the value of the gift, don’t buy them from a gift gallery, prepare it yourself. A little effort is always appreciated. You can also prepare a video or collage highlighting your happy moments.

2. Sincerely utter the word
Sincerity in your apology is must. If you are sincere with your word, it will be a quick forgiveness. Tell them with sincerity that you are sorry. If the person gets to know that you are really sorry for what you did there are better chances of getting rid of the charges against you. ‘Sorry’ is the word which can end many problems. So, don’t hesitate much to say it. It won’t bring down your status; we can assure you of that at least.

1. Mend it
First of all make sure that you mended what wrong you have caused. Apology is wasted if the mistake is not corrected. If it is still possible to mend your mistake then you must do it first because nothing else will work if you fail to do so. The one affected must be waiting for this. So, as soon as you get to know that you are wrong, mend your mistake before it gets too late. Once the situation is in control, they will forgive you happily.

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