Top 10 Common Reasons for Depression in Children

Top 10 Common Reasons for Depression in Children

There are two kinds of diseases; one kind is the physical and the other is mental. The physical diseases are those which can be cured through medicines and treatments because there are the diseases which we can see and feel. On contrary to this are the mental diseases, when you become a victim of such debility, it is not in the power any doctor to cure your soul. These are the diseases that lead to Depression which can some time’s be actually acute and very serious in case found in Children.
Among these spiritual diseases, depression is the center point of this complex geometrical figure. Depression is the starting and the end point of destruction; depression is like venom, a slow poison, when it enters your body it slowly penetrates through every vein and gradually reaches you heart and then finally captures the brain into its embrace. When a person suffers from depression not his mind but also his health suffers from it, some common symptoms that show depression are that the one gets physically weak due insomnia and lack of appetite. He ceases to take interest in his surrounding and creates a web of complication, tactics and problems around him.

Depression develops in a person when he get dissatisfied with his life, in the early years this life looks very appealing but as the years pass we then recognizable the ugly truth of life and we start to hate this world. Depression is normally found among the people who have passed a certain era of their life but the abominable fact is that now days the children too are suffering from depression. There are many reasons due to which a child gets depressed, the top 10 reasons are:


Video games is what a child wants, nothing absolutely nothing can be more important than video games. It doesn’t matter if the video games are expensive, if they produce business or they are fun; what matters the most is that it is fake. There is no real life in video games, it’s just a character who happens to be a cop, or a shooter or a bad guy and the child who plays the game acts as the character, he starts thinking of himself as a cop or a bad guy. He then starts confusing himself with a grownup run away, no need to mention all the violence in the games. This thing ruins the innocence of the childhood, believe it or not but video games are a source of producing depression among children and not just a source but an essential and vital source.


In childhood you go through a lot of process, some kids are fat, some wear big round glasses, some wear braces but this too is a charm of childhood. The children buy the idea that they are ugly; they shut themselves in their rooms and do not go out. You must make sure that you child understands these phases are temporary and when you grow up you will be as beautiful as Cinderella or prince charming.

When a plant is nailed into the ground, it needs proper feeding, cutting, sunlight and care so it can one day turn into a huge and massive tree but if the plant is left untamed and uncared it will still grow up into tree but its foundations will be weak and shakable. The case with a child is completely same, it needs proper feeding, and not the physical feeding but you need to provide the child with love, care and attention. Make him feel that he is now a part of family and there are people who love and care for him. When a child is in the growing age, whatever he watches, receives , learns and witnesses become the foundation of his life therefore It is must that you give your child proper attention. Watch him, appreciate him and take a part in his every activity.


A child is very energetic, he has a lot of energy in himself and he must utilize this energy because this energy can cause some destructive effect if it is not utilized properly. Sitting in front of the television or playing a video game won’t do. A child must indulge in certain activities which involves the physical demonstration. Badminton, cricket, tennis, swimming etc, there are dozens for activities.


For a good life, you must eat healthy food. Children are very fond of junk food and the parents keep on feeding them junk food in order to keep their child happy. This unhealthy food is a major cause of depression. The childhood is an age when the foundation of the whole life is laid, because of this unhealthy food the foundation gets polluted and weak. The quality of food is also very low and it is also not cooked properly, these are the minor details which we ignore and these minor things do a very massive reaction with your body, the blood gets polluted which alloys and tempers the mind. The aftermath of all these reaction is the depression.


Although God created every human being equally, yet all are not same. Every human has his own desires and wishes. Everyone wants to conquer a world which is entirely their own. For that you need you space to understand yourself first and them to understand the world. Having your pace is very necessary. It is the nature of the humans that they get upset when things go against his wishes, similarly he child gets disturbed when someone puts barrier in front of him. A child needs space so that he may discover his inner self.

Face book is famous all over the world; there are other social networking websites but face book offers a lot more than networking. Facebook has a variety of games, yoville, Farmville, petville, It girl and many others. The children play these games with so much devotion and dedication that they put these games above their personal life. People who play these games do not have a real life; their whole world revolves around these games. They have a created a life, a lie and they live in a lie.


Have you ever wondered that the cure of cancer was not discovered earlier, because it was not required? Why would anyone find the cure of cancer when cancer itself was not fully discovered. This is the nature of God, the rules created by God. There is always a time for everything and having the knowledge of something before the proper time violates the rules. There are certain things that a child should not know until or unless the time has come. But these days everything is provided on internet and movies, by knowing these things the child loses the pureness of heart and makes them feel older than their age. They encounter depression long before they should.


It is said that there are more chickens on this earth than the humans, it takes 9 months for a fetus to transform into a baby and it takes a 2 decades for a baby to turn into a grown up. Now if we consider an egg, that particular egg may take a couple of weeks to hatch and give a chick and that chick too will take several months to turn into a chicken. Majority of the people prefer to eat chicken, especially children and with the increasing demand of the chicken it is not possible for the providers to meet the deadlines. Therefore they however keep the egg under the bulb who provide very high rays instead of keeping the egg under a chicken, these high energy bulbs cause the eggs to hatch much earlier than the natural rate, after that the chicks are injected so they may grow at a much faster rate. When you eat that particular chicken, all the high power rays from high voltage bulbs and the all the serums which were injected into the chick goes inside you, these substances however reacts with your body and excessive heat subjects to the depression.


Arguments between husband and wife are a natural thing but do not forget that for your child it is not natural. He thinks that his parents love each other and he must think like this if he wants to grow completely. When an arguments heats up between husband and wife, it has a very negative effect on the children. Furthermore the divorces also play a vital role in indulging a child into depression, a child takes it to his heart when his family breaks. He needs a family, a mother as well as a father. Only then he will be able to nourish.

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