Top 10 Cool Logos and Their Hidden Meanings

Top 10 Cool Logos and Their Hidden Meanings

The logos that we come across in our daily life aren’t work of a single hour or day. There have been some genius designers behind all the logos that we see, especially the famous ones. A logo is the company’s face, identity, and showcases a lot more than we can understand.

Well, if one sees deeply, there is a story in every logo. Today, we bring to you top 10 logos that have some great hidden meanings and symbols inside them. Let’s find out what lies hidden in these cool logos.

Hanuet Wine

The logo for Hanuet Wine has been designed by Euan MacKenzie. We are sure, if you see closer, you’ll be able to see two wine glasses in the logo, with one over another.


Families, the Reader’s Digest Publication, got this timeless logo designed by Herb Lubalin in 1980. We don’t think we need to mention the hidden meaning of this logo. Do we?

Portrait Photos

Atakan Seçkin designed this innovative logo for a portrait photography studio. Watch for the person/portrait hidden in the camera!


This cool logo was designed for a clothing brand dealing in rock climbing. Watch as Ms in the logo portray as a person holding others on both sides!

City Direct

This logo was designed for City Direct, an airline company, by Mike Erickson. We are sure you can see the plane inside the logo; can you also see the “C” and “D”, standing for City and Direct, respectively!

Formula 1

A lot of people know this, we guess, there are some who do not! Watch for the negative space in middle that creates the shape like “1”!


You must have enjoyed this chocolate, but have you ever seen the hidden bear in its logo? Watch for the bear hidden inside Matterhorn mountains; it is the place where this chocolate was first created!


At number 8 is the logo of Eight. Each and every part of this logo has been created by digit 8. See closely!


The arrow-shaped smile in the logo stretches from A to Z, symbolizing that the seller has goal to sell everything from A to Z!


This one is most interesting, great, and we are sure you’ll like it (if you don’t know it already). Watch for the negative space created between letters E and X; it creates a forward-moving arrow, symbolizing company’s goal to move ahead, always!

There are many other logos that have hidden meanings and symbols inside them. We’ll soon be back with more interesting logos with their hidden meanings. Meanwhile, feel free to share your information on the same!

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