Top 10 Korean Movies In 2014

Top 10 Korean Movies In 2014

Korea is slowly rising in the movie industry, with tens of new and exciting movies being released on a yearly basis. These movies are intense and often have romantic themes, although Korean action movies have been very popular as well. That being said, here you will find a list of the top 10 Korean movies in 2014 along with a very brief description of each one of them:

10. The Berlin File

The Berlin File is an intensely debated Korean movie – this is an Action, a Drama and a Thriller all in one. Directed and written by the popular director Seung-Wan Ryoo, The Berlin File is a spy/espionage thriller that will certainly catch your attention and keep you engaged and interested in the plot of the story until the very end. As a matter of fact, every movie signed by this reputable director is almost guaranteed the success.

9. Man On The Edge

This is a delicious comedy movie that was directed by the well known Jo Jin Kyu, and it has been viewed by millions of people several days after it was released. Man On The Edge was even part of the popular International Film Festival that takes place in Shanghai, and it has become popular mainly because of the numerous world-renowned actors that play in it. Overall, it is a good comedy movie that is expected to be quite popular in 2014

8. The Attorney

The Attorney is a very intriguing and interesting movie about the first years of Roh Moo-Hyun, the former president, and it focuses mainly on his life back when he was an attorney. The movie is very realistic and very well-made overall, and it mainly emphasizes on the 1980s, a period of struggle in the history of Korea.

7. New World

New World is yet another crime and thriller movie – this is made by Hoon Jung Park, a brilliant director who initially started as a scriptwriter but gradually worked his way up in the movie industry, due to its unique writing and directing skills. New World is a movie about important people in the crime world and it features a plethora of exquisite office building, million-dollar cars and what not – in a nutshell, the movie tries to reproduce exactly the life of some of the world’s most notorious criminals.

6. Oldboy

Oldboy is by far the most popular Korean movie at the moment, and although the original movie was released around 10 years ago, the remake is very popular as well. This is actually a classic movie that was released in October 2013 and who gained notoriety very fast after its release, mainly because of the fact that the previous version was a very popular one in the first place, so the remake was expected to be of at least the same high quality.

5. Koala

Although Koala is not as popular as Oldboy or some of the other Korean movies mentioned above, it is still a great movie to watch especially since it had its debut at the well-known Seoul Independent Film Festival. Unfortunately, this is one of the most underrated Korean movies as it is brilliantly written and directed – it is a masterpiece from a cinema standpoint, and it basically represents the story of two young friends who start their very own business, hoping to make it big one day.

4. No Breathing

Directed by Jo Yong Sun and written by Yoo Young Ah and Jo Young Sun, No Breathing is a very popular Korean movie that runs for no less than 118 minutes. Simply put, this is a sports-related movie that focuses on the highly competitive world of swimming. This is a science fiction action film that is based on a French novel called Le Transperceneige, and it features some very popular Korean (and not only!) actors and actresses, like Jamie Bell, John Hurt, Octavia Spencer, Chris Evans or Song Kang-Ho. Most of the movie is shot in English as most of the actors are predominantly American.

3. Nobody’s Daughter Haewon

Nobody’s Daughter Haewon is a South Korean drama film that is directed and written by the well-known Hong Sang-Soo and it basically shows the life of a young, depressed woman whose mother left for Canada. It was screened at the Berlin International Film Festival and it was also selected for the Hong Kong International Film Festival as well.

2. Target

This is basically a remake of a very successful French thriller, as it is a known fact tha the Korean movie making industry is extremely good at making popular movie remakes. The french thriller Point Blank was released in 2010 and given its success, it was decided to be remastered and turned into another box office success. This remake is done for purely entertainment purposes and for gaining commercial notoriety and it will be released later this year in South Korea.

1. Tazza: The High Rollers 2

This is a sequel to the previous version of the movie and if you have watched the first part, then you already know what the movie is all about. Expected to be released in 2014 in South Korea, Tazza: The High Rollers 2 is about the world of con and gambling where people use other people to gain money and to reach their own goals. This is believed to be an extremely interesting and catchy thriller movie that will certainly draw the attention of the audience, especially of those who are interested in the gambling industry.

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