Top 10 Things We Loved But No Longer Use

Top 10 Things We Loved But No Longer Use

Technology these days gets obsolete even before getting old. Take a look yourself at these wonders which were used just sometime back and are now replaced by more advanced versions.

Audio Cassettes

The cheap and portable audio cassettes were always taken for granted and their haywire magnetic spaghetti required so much restoration with a pencil. The audio cassettes were used for audio/sound recording and playback and could easily be copied or duplicated. Though they were never the thing of beauty like vinyl records and were soon replaced by modern versions.


Video Cassettes

Well, of course, now we have DVDs and digital camcorders, but a while ago images and videos were recorded in video cassettes or video tapes. They had a magnetic tape that recorded all the necessary moments and were played in VCRs and VTRs.

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Diskettes or floppy disks, as they were commonly known, have disappeared in the world of flash drives now. They were made for the purpose of mass storage, composed of a disk of thin and flexible magnetic storage enclosed in a plastic box lined with fiber to remove dust. They were read and written by a FDD. They were excessively used from 1970s to first decade of 21st century. Then they gave way to USB drives and memory cards.


Ink Pen

The fountain or ink pens were excessively used since 1953. They contain a reservoir of ink which flows down to the nib. Though they never disappeared, but became obsolete in the age of gel and ball pens. Yet they maintain their elegance and charm even now. The vintage pens are now a symbol of status.



In 1979, SONY came up with a revolution in music experience when it introduced the first portable audio player in the market. Before iPod and mp4 players became ubiquitous, walkman was the only hope for people as it changed the music scenario by rocking the recording industry.


Camera Rolls

Even before digital cameras made their way into the world, old camera rolls were used and were the first choice for snapshots in 1950s. The spool wound photographic film had to be protected from white light exposure. Interestingly, they were also referred to as cartridges because of their resemblance to cartridge.



You might be in the habit of printing on laser and inkjet printers but their ancestor was actually typewriter. An electromechanical device that was capable of printing characters on paper. It was excessively used for printing at offices and other corresponding tasks.


Old Telephones

You might be addicted to your smartphones which can easily slide down your pockets but they all originated from the bulky telephones which had rotatable numbers. You actually had to make full circle to press any one digit and repeat until the entire number was dialed.


Dial-up Internet

Just a few years ago, dial-up internet connection was used which allowed access to internet by connecting a telephone line to your modem.


Handwritten Letters

What an era was that when people actually sent love letters, and not some text message like today. In fact, texting has killed the romance out of love. And there was a time when people chatted through e-mails before chats and messengers came along and reduced e-mailing for business purposes only.


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