Top 5 Superpowers You Wish You Had

Top 5 Superpowers You Wish You Had

We all know that no genie is going to come and load you with wishes and/or superpowers. We can only dream and wish that we had some superpowers. Here is a list of 5 superpowers that most of people wish they had. Let us check out the list. Which one do you wish to have?

1. Invisibility

When asked for a superpower, most people wish they could be invisible. Now, it is purely on the intention of that person that what he/she does after becoming invisible. We wonder what all will people be able to do after going invisible.

2. Time Travel

Time travel is what many people wish, when it comes to superpowers. Surely, anyone would like to travel through the past and to the future to know what has been the story and what is stored in future.

3. Omnilingualism

While not many people would like to have this superpower, some think it would be great if they were able to communicate with each and every person. By the way, omnilingualism is the ability to understand any and every form of language.

4. Immortality

A lot of people wish to be immortal. This is one superpower that will make you witness a lot over a period of time. Who knows you become the wisest ever person living!

5. Flying

Many people wish they could fly. They want to see the world from a high-above-the-head angle and fly with birds and planes.

We hope you like this list of superpower wishes. Do let us know if you wish to have some kind of superpower; we would love to mention it here. Keep wishing…!!!

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