Top 10 Best Television Series of all Time

Top 10 Best Television Series of all Time

What makes a good television series? Its the ability to pin you to the couch and make you bite your finger nails till the end of the episode and anxiously wait through out the week for yet another nail-biting episode. A high rating depends upon the strength of the mere drama to become a vital part of your life, arousing sentiments in accordance with those of the fictional characters within the series. Some play with emotions, others inject laughter into our daily routine and relieve us of our tensed situations for a little while. No matter the genre, the ability of the writers, the message they convey, the  ability of the actors and the characters they portray all contribute to the success of the television industry worldwide. According to ratings these are the all-time ten most popular television series :


10. Seinfeld (1989-1998)

Created by Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld, this sitcom has known to be the number 1 reason why the 90′s ruled. What sets it apart from others of its kind was its focus on the characters’ stories rather than a particular plot and many of the characters were based on David and Seinfeld’s real life friends and family. It’s uniqueness lies in the fact that it was the first series to  ”think ahead” and to be labelled as post-modern since the show stimulated humor of a different kind and was often called a show about “nothing” by critics but therein lay its popularity. The series has left quite an impact upon the television industries and deserves a place in the top ten. The series had managed to maintain its position as among the top two every year from 1994-1998. In 2002 T.V Guide declared it to be the greatest television show of all time. When the announcement was made for the finale of the series like any television series having a strong impact this one too made the front page of major New York newspapers including the New York Times and along with a featured article of Jerry Seinfeld in “the Times” magazine. Old is gold and this one proves it!

9. The Sopranos

The series began with its first episode on the 10th of January 1999  and came to an end on 10th of January 2007. It was premiered on HBO as the first ever art drama instead of the usual art movies. It was created by David Chase and was one of a kind at the time of its premier. The series though not so recent remains popular till this date as it was not only unique but it also paved the way for many art dramas of the same kind instead of the cliche art movies. The story is about a middle class business man who lives in a small family with his wife and son and a mistress combined(who of course doesn’t live in the same house) plus a mentally ill uncle and the entire plot is about how he copes with all the situations in life associated with him and family. The drama’s popularity was at its peak in 2000 and was called the most influential drama of the 21st century.

8. The Simpsons

An addiction for adults and children alike, this animated sitcom was created by Matt Groening. This show is a parody of the American lifestyle within families and elsewhere. Ever since its first episode on December 17 1989 the Simpsons has completed 522 episodes and the 24 rth season was aired on 30th September 2012. It illustrates the life with all its ups and downs and what they mean in the life of a middle class individual in a comic way. Mr. Simpson along with his three kids and wife are always ready to extract the laughter within us. The Simpsons long life that is its everlasting popularity speaks for itself about the worth of this animated series.

7. Parks and Recreation.

This is an American comedy television series starring Amy Poehler as Leslie Knope. This series was premiered on the NBC television network and is created by Greg Daniel. Its plot and characterization have earned it the number 1 position in the top 10 of Times magazine list of 2012 television series. It address’s issues in a comical way which sets it apart. The theme is evident from the name and the story is about Leslie Knope who is a bureaucrat and the deputy director of the parks and recreations department in Pawnee. His aim is to transform a particular pit into a park instead of letting it go to waste but he has to do so either without the director’s consent or win the director’s approval.

6. Louie

Real life experiences illustrated in a light humor that’s what this series is all about. When a famous stand-up comedian such as Louis C.K performs a comic role it is bound to be a hit since that is after all his area of expertise. The series features Louis as a made-up version of himself and the basic plot or the main story includes a father who is Louis along with his two daughters and who is also a divorcee which is Louis’s real life story. However unlike real life where every day depends on the other, the series consist’s of unconnected episodes. Its rising popularity can be traced to the fact that Louis  has received several Prime time Emmy Award nominations for his acting, writing and direction and has managed to win for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series for the 64th Prime time Emmy Awards.

5. Homeland

Even though the series has premiered just recently, it has established itself as a big hit among many others of its kind and the concept is out-class but seeing is believing as they say. A nail biting suspense and thriller with outstanding characterization complimented by an amazing cast its what “homeland” offers and its worth every second of your time. Starring, Claire Danes as Carrie Mathison a Central Agency Officer and Damian Lewis as Nicholas Brody, a U.S Marine Homeland is an American television series was broadcast on star world. It is created by Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa the story centers around the two main characters Mathison and Brody. The man story is about these two preceding characters where Mathison turns against Brody since it is his belief that the Al-Qaida have sent Brody as a secret agent and he is now a threat to the U.S. The pursuit for truth and suspense that is associated with it makes the series worth a watch.

4. Breaking Bad

This is the story of Walter White who is a chemistry teacher with a low-income and on top of that an inoperable lung cancer which he discovers later on in the series and this compels him to turn to crime since he has nothing but books to be left behind for his family after he dies.  It can’t happen without cause that an angel starts following the ways of the devil in this case a good man turns bad due to his fear of what might happen to his family if he dies. His fear stimulates him to turn to crime to save enough money to last his family a lifetime even though he might not have much life left. A hit is usually ensured when the plot reveals the deep, not so secretive but cameoflauged secrets of the world particularly those associated with the “good turns bad” theory. Thus the cleverly patterned story-line of this particular show takes credit for the rising popularity.

3. Girls

An American comedy-drama which was premiered on HBO on April 2012. It is created by Lena Dunham with events based on the creator’s real life experiences. the story begins with the main character Hannah recieving a shock when her parents refuse to supposrt her financially and she has to depend on her circle of friends who make mistakes as most girls do in their twenties, directing their life in what way they think is best experimenting with life’s choices and decisions. It is included in the list of best top ten t.v series in 2012 in Time Magazine. Now many might link this particular series with “Sex and the City” however the picture is quite distinct since here we have some girls who are young and ready to make mistakes rather than grownup mature women who know what they are doing and that makes it thrilling to watch, for the teens atleast which are ever so large in population…how could it not gain the popularity it has?

2. Game of Thrones

This is one of the best television series which have been premiered this year and the preceding one. David Benioff and D.B Weiss have been credited for the creation of this dynamic series based on the novels written by George R.R Martin whose series of novels titled The Song of Ice and Fire are quite popular. The first of these novels is which gave the series its name “Game of Thrones” . As evident by the title, the plot is basically a fight for power that is the old policy of succession and the dual that follows among the contenders for the throne of power. The series though recent has already established itself has number 2 in our ratings and has been nominated twice for Prime time Emmy awards and Global awards for best drama.

1. Parenthood

The name is tempting in itself to parents first and foremost and so is the plot. The series is created by none other than Jason Katims and is a sequel of the original series which was started in 1989 and had ended temporarily. The system of a joint family and a closely associated family is not common in European countries and perhaps it is an attempt to revive the concept of family. The story is about the Braverman family which has grown as far as three generations and revolves around all the conflicts that are likely to take place within a family consisting of a patriarch and matriarch int he same house.  ”Parenthood” was not an instant classic very much similar to the new series “packed to the rafters” on star world but also much in acquaintance with the series “parenthood” tends to penetrate through the heart since viewers can relate to one life experience or another. “the ability of the plot, evident by the name has earned it the position that it holds. About “Parenthood” Entertainment Weekly wrote “it isn’t better than “modern family” but its a creation of its own thanks to the deft touch and careful characterization developed by executive producer Jason Katims and his writers”.

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