What is Secret to Getting High Page Rank in Google in 2013

Search engine giant Google continuously imposing new challenges every year to new and seasoned SEO professionals by rolling out Page Rank Update. New search algorithm improves every time. Since people uses search engine to find relevant information, so it is responsibility of search engine to provide accurate and perfect result to its user. Look into internet and you will find that there are thousands pages written on a single topic. Technically it is called saturation. In the era of saturation, it is very important to provide fresh and unique contents. Here “Search Engine Updates” comes into roll. If Google doesn’t update its search Algo and stick with old rule, most blogger will be able to manipulate search result. User may get irrelevant result. Thus reputation and reliability will be at risk. Google search is big business for them and they want to remain at number one position. They provide quality and they also want quality. That’s why Google Penguin update released. According to this update, only secret for success is “Quality” .Be it quality of content or be it quality of Backlinks. “Quality” matters. Here are few points listed on what’s new in 2013:

1. Competition with old established domain:
Old domains on particular niche still dominate the search result. There is huge competition to rank on first page. New blogger find it very tough. But it is not very hard. It may take some time but you will definitely get fruitful results if you provide fresh and quality content. Remember that you should write for your blog reader and not for search engine. This is penguin update.

2. Quality Backlinks:
Links from topically relevant high Google PageRank sites can give a huge boost to your sites’ ranking. It must follow backlink graph to look like natural link building. Suppose you buy directly PR 8 link then result may be negative. Start from PR 2. It will look even more natural if your site has PR 0 and PR 1 back links. Gradually increase the level of back link each month. You may see ups and down in page rank but it will be stable at last.

3. Days are gone for link exchange, article and directory submission:
Yes friends! Old tactics to get high page rank will no longer work after in 2013.You must be natural. Do hard work to grow your audience. It doesn’t mean that you should stop practicing SEO. SEO practice is must but be a Good guy. Understand all suggestion properly told by Google and follow them. If 80-90 % of your inbound links are from directory submission sites, it will be consider that you are manufacturing link to get high rank because your blog doesn’t offer any quality material. So reduce all manual methods to get high rank.

4. Better to be Social:
Increase your web community by inviting people on social media like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Share your ideas and blog post on these social sites. Social community is considered as loyal reader. Your Authorship rank will be taken into account. Authorship rank depends on how much Google Plus followers are there in your circle. So be a Social media guy!

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