Top 10 Things You Must Carry When Travelling Alone

Top 10 Things You Must Carry When Travelling Alone

Traveling to a different place, from the comforts of a place where one might be staying needs certain planning before hand. A person travels for different reasons, such as a business travel, pleasure and adventure, official, etc. So each is a different kind of travel and we might have to pack few things in our back pack to carry along with us. There are different modes of traveling as well, depending on the distance. Few might choose to travel by their own vehicle and few with other means of transport. Sometimes its fun to travel with family and friends, but sometimes it is fun to travel solo too. Meet new people along, visit new places, learn newer things. There are few things which one should consider to pack when you make travel plans. Some of such things to carry when traveling alone are,


10. Traveling and identification documents

So you are all set to go to your dream destination or if it is any kind of an official trip, but when you travel, you do use a mode of transportation. It could be by bus, train, airplane, ship or even by your own car. When one travels alone and use any kind of public transport, it is necessary for you to book the tickets for it and keep it ready for the day of your travel. So keep your document file ready with all the necessary documents such as your travel tickets, insurance documents if traveling by own vehicle, identification proofs, passport and visa if traveling out of the country and by airplane, prescription if you are using any certain medicines, etc. Keep all these ready, packed along with your things. Identification documents can be handy at many times when there are problems related to crime, the first thing any police official asks is about your ID. Hence do not forget any of the documents, even if you forget few clothes or any mundane items.

9. Safety measures for women travelers

Its an unsafe world be it a woman or a man, but for a woman to be alone in streets is something to be more cautious about. But it does not mean that woman should not travel alone. There are so many tips for a woman to take care while traveling alone, while we are concentrating on things to carry in this article, things which can help in your self defense and can protect you from harm and other things can come in handy if you pack them along with your traveling kit or better yet with your hand bag which stays with you all the time. Things like pepper spray, pen knives can help at odd times. I agree not all times you can use them and most of the time we forget about having them. Hence it always helps to have a crash course as how to use them and how to escape immediately after using them.

It will be reasonable also if you carry less jewelery while traveling solo and try to be in a crowded place and avoid going to secluded places.

8. Enough cash with credit cards

Now without money there is nothing you can do in this world. Before you pack and leave make sure about you have enough money in your savings account and you have international credit or debit cards which can be used in any part of the world or at least you can en-cash. Do carry less cash but a reasonable amount of it so that at places where you can use only cash and no card, one would probably might need those notes. For example, if traveling within India and you need a cup of coffee or a tea on the roadside of your journey, you certainly cannot say you want to swipe in your card. You need cash for such simple things sometimes, but do not carry more cash, have your cards safe where it cannot be lost or stolen. More cash with you can be an invitation for the burglaries and it easily gets noticed. Hence make sure you have enough cash with you and international credit cards.

7. Enough Fuel if in own vehicle

Carrying things in your pack is not the only things which matters while you are traveling alone, but also the other essential things which you do not make sure if you have enough of it, can also spoil your entire journey. Sure no one wants their car to breakdown without enough fuel in the middle of an highway road without a trace of any petrol pumps or a gas station or a trace of any much people around. Seems scary and crazy though, to have any such an experience. Hence it is always better to carry or fill in enough fuel when traveling from your own vehicles. Calculate the distance you need to cover, accordingly how much fuel you might need, and also plan for stops where you can stop by for refill.

6. Enough Food and drinks

One of the basic necessities of life is food and along with it is water. Though there are many food corners everywhere, it is always safe to carry our own food which we are comfortable, at least till where you can afford to carry food, because if you are traveling a long distance than the food packed can get spoiled. Hence plan your intake in proper intervals. Have side foods with you when you can eat at times you feel hungry, though its not your regular eating times. For some people traveling makes the digestion faster and makes you more hungrier than on a normal daily routine style, and for some it makes them throw up everything. Hence depending on your body, pack proper food and drinks which can help you stay with proper nutrition. Its better to avoid any kind of junk foods, oil foods, alcoholic drinks, and gastritis item. Have more liquids with protein and mineral rich. Do not carry any heavy foods. Sometimes chocolates can also make you feel better, of course nothing better than a good sleep when traveling makes you uneasy.

5. Carry less clothes and things

Let me tell you this is a problem with all, be it a woman or a man, when we start packing things, normally we over do it, by making more luggage to carry. When you make solo journey, it gets difficult to drag on all the luggage if you have too many of them. As less the bags to carry, it gets easier to carry yourself and the journey can be more pleasant and tireless. Hence before you start packing, sit with a paper and pen and note down what all the different occasions you will be having on your entire trip and what kind of clothes you would be in need of and how many of them you can repeat, or probably you might be thinking of buying something new, so plan to carry less. Once you are ready with the note, pack accordingly, and that note you can probably put it along with your documents file, which can be helpful to cross check with your things while packing on your return back. Believe me it is your attitude which dresses you more better and makes you look more prettier than your valuable clothes.

4. Books

Its true that books are our best friends. There is no one else who can keep you at a better company than a nice book. A book is interesting depending on one’s own interest. Be it a novel, philosophical, inspirational, spiritual or autobiographies. Every individual interest varies. So grab the next out coming edition of your favorite book which you wanted to read and never were able to make time and pack it along with your things. Reading books is the best way of making use of the traveling time, but do not overdo it. Relaxing is also as important.

3. Games

There is a purpose for everything, and probably the electronic games are invented for the sole purpose to kill boredom. Today’s technology is so vast that you can play your football, cricket, throw ball, hockey, golf and all kind of games, just by sitting in your own place and all you need is two hands and gaming devices. There are various kind of video games, While I suggest you to carry more of board games and games like UNO, and other card games, we are talking about you as a solo traveler. Pack a pack of card game, and who knows you might make a travel buddy with whom you can play the games, if not the video games are a better choice. Do be careful that you do not stress your eyes by playing more than the limit, as video games played for a longer time can be harmful.

2. Necessary medicines

Traveling to any place either for pleasure or on official business is no fun and can be stressful if your health takes an odd turn. Visit your regular health doctor before your journey and have a routine health check up. If you are a patient of any particular ailment such as diabetes, heart diseases, asthma, epilepsy etc make sure you carry all the necessary medicines for your entire trip. It is always safe to inform about your where about every now and than to your family and dear friends while you are on your trip. Keep all kind of common medicines which can be useful, like for headache, cold, fever, body pains or anything else. Carrying your regular medicines and using them in time of need can make your journey more pleasant. Also do not forget to carry your first aid kit along with it. If you are carrying any strong advised medicines it is safe to keep the doctors prescription slip along with you.

1. Additional things

Additional things can be anything depending on your trip. Necessary things on a trip like camera, mobile phone chargers, tablets or I-pads with its chargers, laptops if on an official trip, else I suggest you to try to forget your work a bit and enjoy your pleasurable trip. Sometimes you might also need other kind of clothing’s like sweaters, thermals, mufflers, caps, sunglasses, umbrella, and a load of toiletries, lotions etc. Hence before packing make a note of all these things which you might need depending on the climatic condition of your destination and pack accordingly.

Hope this article has covered most of things one need to carry while traveling solo, but still it is always an individual choice about what one need for their comforts on their travel. A clear planning before the dates of travel with a patience mind will always help you to pack better and have a good journey. Wish you a very happy, enjoyable, and a safe journey.

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