10 Reasons why Girl Education is Important

10 Reasons why Girl Education is Important

Girl education has become a critical essay on social norms and the lifestyle for women. A very important factor when it comes to the empowerment and development of women both emotionally as well as mentally, girl education gives women a sense of courage, determination and an opportunity to prove themselves in the society. The act of not sending girls to school still pertains in our society with a population of more than 50% women in this country not pursuing their senior secondary schooling, and in the worst cases at the primary schooling level. For the benefit of society as a whole and a healthier living atmosphere, it is important to distinguish an equality level between men and women in the society. To establish this level, here are some reasons as to why girl education has been enforced upon in many parts of the world.


10. More productivity at work and jobs

Educating women helps them seek out for better jobs and career growth, due to which they become very productive assets at work. Their productivity pays them higher salary, and due to which she is able to make a mark in the society. Her productivity helps her earn a living for her family back home, thus improving their standard of living and securing everyone with their basic needs. Therefore, once girl education is worked upon, women become more productive at work, making them excel in their career ambitions.

9. Generational Education

Due to the reason of women being illiterate and not been given even the primary schooling facilities tend to fail giving their children the same quality education which probably any literate and educated mother could. Due to this, the illiteracy rate passes on to generations, especially and majorly among women, leaves the mothers making their children incapable in future life and fail in enriching them in all walks of life.

8. Economic Benefit

Educating a woman means giving her an open hearted invitation to step her foot into a lot of our country’s financial, social, and corporate matters. In this way, they create new educational and financial segments in their communities, thus helping everyone grow through their resources they provide to the society. They also help in bringing up the literacy rate among women and help them make successful careers for themselves and help that quality pass on to generations, thus creating a sense of equality, peace and tolerance among everyone in the country.

7. Social Equality

Educating a woman at the same par as educating a man creates a very distinct level of social equality among the people of a society. Keeping men and women at par helps in achieving one of the most sociable strata in the country and that is of Social Equality, which is essentially important for the social development of the country as a whole.

6. Social Development

Due to women not being educated, they become prone to vulnerabilities such as sexual exploitation, molestation, rapes which make them prone to deadly diseases such as AIDS and HIV. Therefore, making education compulsory for women needs force because once they are educated, they will be able to make decision in their life for their own and be aware of non-tolerance issues such as sexual abuse and exploitation. Women, in this way also have the power to influence the other women of the society in a very similar way, through political means or socially. Thus, developing a healthy and socially developed community, women feel safe and secure.

5. Poverty Reduction

As you all know, malpractice in the Indian society such as female foeticide and female infanticide, illiteracy among women, unemployment  have been the major reasons which has developed to the generation named Poverty. Most of the below poverty line families still have their women and female child members at their homes uneducated, as compared to those families who have a boy in their home. Due to this, the poverty lines get wider and larger day by day, leading to a lot of social instability in the country.

4. Lowers child death rate

Once education is given to the women population of the country, it reduces the increasing crimes against women such as practice like female foeticide and infanticide. Therefore, it is highly necessary to make women aware of such issues persisting in the society, so that such crimes come down and women can stand up against killing of female girl child inside their womb itself. The death rate in the country has been increasing immensely due to practices such as female foeticide and infanticide in the society. Thus, educating women and making them aware of how to be cautious of such issues and problems in the society helps in maintaining a healthy maternal level and lowers down the child death rate in the country, thus helping in maintaining and securing a healthy population.

3. Gives rise to greater independence

Educating a woman gives rise to greater independence in a nation and in an economy as it will make women much stronger and reliable enough to stand on their own feet. They would not have to depend on their family members or children or even husband to help them lead a proper and a normal life. Once a woman is educated, she strives to be successful in her career and thus does not feel the need to be dependent on someone else in order to keep her life running in a a proper and happy way. It makes a woman more independent, thus giving rise to a stabilized and healthy population in the country.

2. Better awareness and understanding

Education provided to women helps the in understanding the different nurtures of life such as health, nutrition, sanitation and other family care issues. Once a woman is provided with that basic education required by her to be successful in her life, she then takes care of her family, her husband and her children by using this same awareness which has been created within her through basic quality education. Once a woman gets aware of the different things around her and opens herself up to the real world, she strives to enrich and nurture her children in the same way, thus establishing a distinct level of awareness and understanding in the society.

1. Healthier and balanced life

Once girl education starts spreading in the society, it helps in giving rise to a very healthy and balance sex ratio in the population of the society. Also, once women are educated, they help develop the society even more in the later stages of life. For example, when a woman is educated and made aware of different kinds of issues pertaining to the society, she tries to give back the same benefit to the society, thus economically stabilizing it and also wishes to have lesser children so that she takes care of all the issues at her level best when it comes to her family and society. Thus, a woman, with the help of their education and awareness spread a much happier and healthier lifestyle, and is always there to morally support her family’s well being and care about the condition of her family.

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