Top 10 Exercises you can do During Pregnancy

Top 10 Exercises you can do During Pregnancy

It is a great feeling knowing that you are expecting and will soon be bringing a new life into this world. So, to keep you and your baby healthy remember to eat well and exercise. A healthy diet and proper exercise regimen does wonders during pregnancy. It boosts mood, improves sleep and also reduces pregnancy aches and pain. To clear the myth, it is completely safe to exercise provided you take caution and consult your doctor before sweating it out. Exercising prepares you for childbirth by strengthening muscles and enhancing endurance and it would be easier for you to get back in shape later.


Take a look at top 10 exercises during pregnancy:

10. Dancing

If you are not fond of exercising, then dance will come to your rescue. It’s a fun and fantastic exercise during pregnancy. You will not only groove to the beats of your choice but will also keep your muscles toned and keeping you flexible. You can also go for an aerobic workout class or stretch and maintain the muscle tone while holding ballet positions. Otherwise you can also dance in your living room. For maximum benefit, dance for at least twenty minutes three times a week. But, remember to stretch!

9. Tailor exercises

Tailor exercises are aimed at strengthening pelvic, hip and thigh muscles and also can help relieve lower back pain. These can be done in two manners.

Tailor sit- sit down on the floor with bent knees and crosses ankles. Now lean forwards slightly and keep your back straight but relaxed.

Tailor press- sit on the floor with bent knees and bottoms of the feet together. Hold the ankles and now pull feet towards the body while placing hands under the body. Now inhale. While you are pressing the knees down against your hands, also press your hands up against your knees. Hold for five seconds and repeat.

8. Pilates

Pilates is a form of exercise that adapts your body to better strength and flexibility. It involves a series of movements which increase your body’s strength. Deep breathing and relaxation also help in the process. The idea of Pilates during pregnancy is for you to develop a stable core and then build on strength through a row of controlled yet challenging movements. These exercises are carried out without putting your body under strain. The pattern of these movements is focused on your pelvic floor muscles also known as stable core or base. These muscles are the key to good posture, strength and balance.

7. Low impact aerobics

Aerobics is the way to go during pregnancy. Aerobic exercises have many health benefits on your heart and lungs as they induce fresh supply of oxygen. They also keep your muscles toned. Apart from that, they will keep you positive during pregnancy and all these factors when combined together, will help you during labor. However, go only for low impact exercise as these do not involve high kicks and leaps and since one of your feet is always on the ground, you will not stress your joints. If you wish, you can sign up for classes that are specially meant for pregnant women. This way you’ll get to interact with other moms-to-be and will have a trained instructor. Also remember not to do any sudden changes of direction or exercises that strain your pelvis. You can also monitor your heart rate as an added caution.

6. Jogging/ Running

This is one exercise which must be done with extreme caution. The thing with jogging/ running is that it is good for your joints and builds strength and stamina. However, running also places a lot of pressure on pelvic floor muscles hence pelvic floor exercises must be performed to firm them up. Even if you didn’t jog before pregnancy, now might be a good time to start up with this routine. However, you must take precautions such as remaining hydrated and not overexerting yourself. Also wear proper running shoes that are not only comfortable but also support your feet.

5. Swimming

Health experts throughout the globe swear by swimming calling it the best and safest exercise for pregnant women. It is a low- impact exercise yet it provides cardiovascular benefits and also makes expecting mothers feel weightless despite extra pounds due to pregnancy. It also poses a very low risk of injury. Since it is an aerobic exercise, it helps improve the blood circulation which is beneficial for both mother and the baby. It also increases muscle tone and strength and enhances endurance and stamina. Swimming reduces fatigue and aids in you dealing with physical and emotional challenges of the period. But remember not to overexert yourself and have a good stretch before and after the swim. Also remember to keep yourself hydrated which you may overlook as you are in water.

4. Weight Training

This is a great exercise for building up strength and stamina which is required during labor and delivery. You can always go for a set number of exercises using resistance training machines. However, free weights must be avoided as you might risk injury if you drop them. Always consult your doctor or midwife before starting with anew regimen. But if you are already in the habit of doing weight training, then bringing about a few changes in the routine might do the trick. Health trainers also suggest increasing the number of repetitions and decreasing the weight. Also use slow and controlled movements while exercising. After some period, you must avoid lifting weights while standing still as this increases you blood volume which collects in your legs making you feel dizzy and lightheaded. Always keep your weight towards your heels.

3. Stretching

This is another safe exercise to go for during pregnancy. Stretching has multiple benefits on body such as enhancing flexibility, preventing muscles from tightening and making you feel looser and relaxed. One thing that must be taken care of during stretching is breathing deeply. It is necessary to control your breath during the exercise. Stretching can be performed after a workout for cooling down or any time you need to relax. You can go for some common stretching exercises such as shoulder circles, chest stretch, waist twist and wall push ups  Shoulder circles open the chest which counteracts the rounded shoulders which most of the women face during pregnancy.

2. Yoga

During the period of pregnancy, just Yoga isn’t enough. What you need is prenatal Yoga. In fact, these classes are in vogue due to their health benefits. And, when combined with an activity like walking, it can do wonders for your shape and muscles during pregnancy.  The age old method of exercise is tried and tested and all the more popular owing to its health benefits such as toning you muscles, keeping you limber and improving blood circulation which is very important for your baby. The first thing you learn in a yoga class is how to breathe fully which comes in handy when you go through labor which is very physically demanding and forthcoming motherhood. However, you must skip asanas that require you to strain the abdominal muscles or deep forward and backward bends. Also steer clear of hot yoga.

1. Walking

If you are not a gym rat and can’t do yoga either, then try the simple yet effective and evergreen exercise i.e. walking. It’s suited for everyone even if you haven’t been exercising previously. Walking is not only safe but will also keep you active without jarring your ankles and knees. If you have been walking previously, then keep it up. You don’t have to stop just because you are pregnant. But make sure you have a go- ahead from your doctor. Apart from that you’ll need good and comfortable walking shoes that don’t sprain your ankles. Always remember to keep water handy to avoid dehydration and never ever walk to the point of exhaustion as it cuts down the supply of oxygen.

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