Learn Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Series Part #2: Complete SEO Beginners Guide


Hi Guys! Hope you enjoyed the part 1 of SEO Beginners Guide. We used basic strategies. Those are must practice tricks. Even professional webmaster has to use the basic techniques. Now it’s high time to dive into intermediate level. This is sometime called Off Page Optimization because we have nothing to do with our blog. External factors are considered in determining rank of blog. Off Page SEO is also important. Even it is more significant than On Page SEO. Page Rank and traffic mostly depend on outside factor on which we have little control. It can’t be easily tweak and alter. That’s why Google emphasis more on off side factors. Important aspect of rank optimization is Link Building. We can achieve high back links in following ways:

  • 1. Commenting on similar/relevant blogs.
  • 2. Guest blogging
  • 3. Directory submission, Bookmarking and Social Media
  • 4. Sitemap

First three techniques are used for building quality backlink. Backlink is something like recommendation by a friend. If more links are backing you, more recommendation it will get in eyes of search engine and page rank will improve. Backlink also has some very important factors:

  • Dofollow and Nofollow attribute
  • Quality

In the early days of internet, page rank was determined by number of backlinks. Some webmaster misused this factor. They started using automated software to build a link. So “Dofollw and Nofollow” attributes were derived. If any link is “dofollow” , it is like “Highly Recommended” . We can assume “nofollow” links just like normal recommendation. In recent search algorithm update, Google now more focus on quality of back link. If a link is pointing to blog which comes from a trusted and relevant source, your blog will get high rank. So always practice fair method to get high quality “dofollow” backlink.
Let’s start describing SEO Beginners Guide  in details:


1. Commenting on blogs:

It is very useful techniques to win quality links as well as traffic. You can establish a good relationship with other blogger. Almost every blogger don’t provide direct “dofollow” backlink. It is up to you how you impress admin to get quality link. I am sure you will get some traffic if your comment is highly impressed. Avoid generalise term like thank you, nice, good etc. You should write in such a way that people visit your blog.

2. Guest Blogging / Guest Post

It is another way to get more traffic and quality links. Guest Posting is very effective because it give you an identity. Many blogger give “dofollow backlink” to guest author. Make a list of blogs which suits best to you. Then request their admin for guest post. Another way to offer yourself as guest author is Myblogguest.com where you can write article. If your post has some standard, people will request you to write for them.

3. Directory Submission, Bookmarking and Social Media

Though it sound like old fashioned but we should not leave a single opportunity to get traffic and links. Technorati, Dmoz and Yahoo are best example to submit our blog. You can use other bookmarking site Disqus , Dig.com and pinterest .We can’t forget social media. Making a strong social community will increase traffic and loyal supporters.

4. Sitemap :

Google and other search engine index limited pages of any blog. If page limit is exceeded, those pages will not index. Sitemap is a standard indexing method. A single sitemap page can index thousands of pages. There are many tools, Plugin and site which generate Google standard sitemap. After successful creation of sitemap, submit to Google webmaster tool or you can ping them manually. You can increase traffic in this way.
Finally, we have learnt better techniques to improve traffic. We also knew how to get quality backlinks. If you have some doubt or want to know more about SEO, drop a comment below.

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