Top 10 News Apps for iPad you Cannot Miss

The best part about iPad is that you can convert ii into any gadget of your choice which includes a newspaper+ TV. Check out the best news app for your iPad.


1. Flipboard

It’s an app provided by Flipboard Inc and a killer app too. It has been especially been crafted for iPad it appears. You take any website, news feed or social network and this app will automatically convert into a magazine. You can add Facebook, Twitter and Google + to your sources.

2. Scorecentre

It’s an app by ESPN and so no prize for guessing its genre of news. Its best feature is its direct delivery of news and its full customization to follow your league of choice of your favorite team. You can also keep a tab on scores from the sidebar on left which is just a finger touch away. You tap a game and you will be filled with its recap, box store, videos and match ups.

3. Fox Business

An app by Fox news digital, its custom-made for business. Its main screen displays stock market visually along with main stories and recent videos. Its bottom tabs have one hell of features such as video access to recent videos, news on latest markets, and finance matters, my money gives and watch on stock market. Channel finder lets you find all the station in your area where you can watch fox news.

4. Pulse

It’s a fun app by Alphonso Labs Inc which makes reading news a fun activity. You can add your favorite sites to it or can access the already present sites in it. All its sources and articles are arranged in an interactive mosaic manner which makes reading a very clean and simple task. You can also sync reading material with iPhone or save articles for later with instapaper or simply share them on your social circles.

5. News.Me

This is an app by by the same name. This app not only lets you know about global happenings but also gives a chance to connect with your friends on twitter and know what they are reading. In case you are running short of time, you can always save the article you want to read on instapaper and read it later.

6. CNN

The good old reliable CNN news is always available thanks to CNN Interactive group for introducing us to this app. This app fills your screen with a grid of photos along with featured headlines. Just choose and tap and read. Apart from that you can post comments and share this on Facebook in addition to watching live CNN TV.

7. BBC

An app provided by BBC Worldwide, this gives news from around the world specifically from Latin America, Asia, Middle East and Africa. You can many categories of news itself and can choose to read them in many languages available on this app. You can also listen to live radio stream from BBC.

8. Washington Post

Another commonly read newspaper’s online version can be accessed by this app by Washington Post. You can read the publication’s content on politics, business, lifestyle etc on your iPad screen. This is a free app but you’ll need a free account to access this app.

9. Huffington Post

This is an app by and gives you the entire coverage of paperback edition. You have access to all the contents and categories of news from local to international.

10. NY Times

This news app is by New York Times Company and like other paperback editions; you’ll have entire coverage of its news contents. It’s free to download and you’ll have access to top news section. But for further usage, you need a subscription.

With these news apps, you’ll never miss out on global happenings.

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