Top 10 Safest Countries In The World

Being in one of the safest countries in the world is the wish and dream of every single person living these days and people want to remain happy and enjoy a safe life in the era of restless wars going on almost everywhere. You must agree that you would love to live in a peaceful country where you get a peace of mind and enjoy safe life. Killings, massacres and robberies are crimes which have made this earth a hell place for people to live in. We must have observed that people are wishing to take their family and kids to any of the safest countries so as to get rid of negative impact of all these crimes in lives of people. But it is really strange that Mexico having the highest number of murder rates in the world is still the country with the highest number of tourists. Well Lets have a look at the Most Safest Countries in the world 2013.

10. Singapore

Singapore is 10th safest country and is a major hub for cargo ships and air passengers and it is considered to be one of the most cleanest place on the planet Being the most safest country in Asia it grabs the attention of millions of tourists all over the world. Some of the places worth watching in Singapore are Bird Park, Sentosa Island and Night Safari moments.

9. Finland

Finland is another safest country and is also one of the most stable countries in the world. Finland has a strong economy and the democracy in the country is well controlled. Finland is the only country with no special enemy in the world. The northern areas of Finland are nature friendly and are the safest ones. You can pay your visit during summer or can go there to live permanently there too as the country has much things to offer.

8. Canada

Even the Canada has sent its army as a part of NATO in different countries and they tend to poke in the problems of other countries but the risk of terrorism is comparitvely low and its another safest place to live in. Canada is most popular for its coasts and you would love the exceptional views of the beach in safest country.

7. Japan

Japan is highly traditional and cultured country and they have kept their culture live even with the induction of many outsiders in the country and the reason for so many people coming out from other countries is that it provides other the safest environment to live and enjoy. The violence rate is really low as it has very strict laws on crimes like this. You can enjoy the modern places with bright lights all night or also enjoy Volcanoes and natural places too all in one place.

6. Sweden

Sweden is a beautiful country which is a scenery rich place with full of lakes and pristine forests. It is a cool place with mountains all over and you can enjoy the ice skating even in mid of summer. The weather is moderate and the best part is you are safe while going through all the major cities like Stockholm and Gothen burg etc. It attracts lots of tourists because it is a safest and heaven place for people.

5. Austria

Austria is also one of most scenic countries in the world. You can enjoy ice skiing in the hilly areas of Austria in the winter season. You will get all the kits and desired items from ski sports available both for beginners and experts. It is famous for Sounds of Music too.

4. Iceland

Iceland is a country full of volcanoes and it is a place of continuous volcanoes eruptions so you wish to see volcanoes erupting this summer. Bag your packs and go to Iceland to enjoy peaceful ride. The beautiful glaciers and snow covered mountains presents a great cool view. Although Iceland economy went bankrupt in 2009, it has recovered since then and made themselves a safest country in the list.

3. Norway

A small island country Nordic (Norway) is by far the most safest and seure country of all of them. Norway is a prosperous nation and has a great ancient history. Loving cold, the temperature in Norway can reach up to -40F in winters. And the summer is moderate and lovely. Norway is also famous for its beaches.

2. Denmark

Denmark is a small country with low population profile. Denmark once faced the problem of crimes and terrorism in the country but they fought with it and again made their country one of the most safest place to live in the world. You can see a lot of traditional items even in the capital of Denmark.

1. New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the top ranked safest country in the world and it is the home to a lot of spectacular scenery. The cities of New Zealand are worth visiting and are cultural rich for people to study the traditional system of people of New Zealand. With a tough and strict criminal justice system the loss of lives in crimes is almost zero and the rate of crimes is also the least.

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