Top Budget Cars To Buy in 2013

Top Budget Cars To Buy in 2013
With permanently high fuel duty and rising insurance costs, drivers do not have it easy in the current economic climate. When making a decision to purchase a car, buyers are now focusing more than ever on running costs, reliability and price. However, the news isn’t all bleak – many manufacturers continue to make efficiencies in areas such as fuel consumption and servicing costs, whilst making great improvements to cars previously the sole preserve of the first time buyer. This article looks at five cars which are ideal for those buying on a budget.

1. Ford Fiesta

A perennial favourite in the UK market, the Ford Fiesta remains among the cheapest cars to buy and insure, but still provides a lot of fun. Models from 2003 onwards are highly reliable and fun to drive and can be picked up second hand at vastly reduced cost. With low insurance costs and cheap servicing, the Fiesta is a great low-cost option. Recent models also come with much greater refinement, a wide range of trim and options, increased fuel economy and a very sturdy build quality.

2. Vauxhall Corsa


Another long-term favourite among budget cars, the Corsa is a nippy little car which is perfect for getting about town or for regular short range trips. With frugal economy and low running costs, it’s great for a younger driver or those seeking a reliable runabout. As with the Fiesta, recent models are more refined and boast improved ride quality and sportier upgrades. Like the Fiesta, it’s also pretty cheap to insure, which is ideal when considering the spiralling cost of young drivers’ insurance.

3. Suzuki Swift

A much sportier car than many of its low-budget competitors, the Suzuki Swift is definite fun to drive! With nippy acceleration and a punchy 92 bhp engine, the Swift drives like a much more powerful car. With low insurance costs and decent fuel economy, this is a great option for those seeking reliability, sensible running costs, and fun in equal measures.

4. Toyota Yaris

A great example of Eastern refinement, the Yaris has been a popular cheap car in the UK for 15 years. Boasting a spacious interior cabin and impressive layout, the Yaris is fun and economical to drive, has high levels of safety equipment for its class, and is about as reliable a car as you can buy. Combined with group 1 insurance for its basic model and impressive fuel economy, this is a good car for those seeking a low cost option.

5. Kia Picanto

Initially regarded as a truly budget brand, Kia produces cars of great refinement and good equipment levels which retain a sensible pricing point. The Picanto is among the cheaper models to buy and run: the diesel models in particular offer tremendous fuel economy and also provide more style and comfort than many cars of this size. With Kia’s famed seven year warranty (which is transferable to second or third owners), the Picanto is a terrific choice for those seeking reliable, cheap and quality motoring.

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