Top 10 Coldest Countries in the World

Top 10 Coldest Countries in the World

There are some parts in the world that experiences very cold weather. The temperature in these countries goes below the freezing point. Some among these countries do not experience the summer season. Such places have climate, which is very harsh and is not suitable for living. People who live in these countries generally suffer from frostbites and other cold related diseases. Some of the countries with very cold and harsh weathers are mentioned below.


10. Estonia

If you happen to live in the other countries that are listed on the list then you will not find Estonia cold at all. However, for the people who cannot tolerate a little more coldly this place is not for them to live in. This country is also among the coldest countries in the world. The winters are colder than you can live comfortably. The monsoon season is not fixed and the rains in this country are very unpredictable. This makes the climate of the country cold and uncomfortable.


9. Finland

Again, you will not find Finland as cold as the other countries that are mentioned in the list but it is cold too. This country experiences a very cold winter season. In addition, in the winter season to the country is accumulated with snow for more than 4 months. The summers in this, country is warm and pleasant but the winters are harsh and intolerable. The temperature in the winter season can be as low as – 20 degree Celsius that can freeze anything. The coldest region in this country is Lapland. Lapland is the coldest part as this place is very windy and remains dry for most part of the year.


8. Mongolia

If you are not aware of Mongolia then this is a country situated in Central and East Asia. The country is near Russia. The temperature during the months from April to October is above 0 degree Celsius. However, the average temperature throughout the country generally remains below 0 degree Celsius. In January and February, the temperature goes as low as – 20 degree Celsius making the winter season too cold and harsh for the people living in the country.


7. Greenland

If you are not aware about this country the first scene taht must come to your mind when you hear its name must be beautiful spring season and land all covered with green grasses and plants. But this is just the opposite case in this country. Greenland is the smallest country in the world and among the coldest countries of the world. The maximum temperature recorded in this country during the summers is just 7 degree Celsius. The average temperature of the country throughout the year remains below 0 degree Celsius. This country is all covered with the huge ice sheet stopping the sunlight to enter in the country.

6. Iceland

The name of the country must have already made it clear to you that the weather of this country is very cold. Iceland as the name suggest is land of ice. In some places of this country, temperature above 0 degree has never been recorded. The lowest temperature that is recorded in this country is – 40 degree Celsius. This low temperature is not suitable for people to live there, making it a little less


5. Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan lies in close proximity of one of the coldest countries in the world i.e. Russia. Kazakhstan is also called as Republic of Kazakhstan. The country experiences good and warm summers but the winters are very chilling and it is almost impossible to tolerate the low weather of this country. Among the coldest cities in this country, Astana is the coldest one. Not only the winters are harsh in the country but the monsoon is too. Winters are so chilling here that if you spend some time out in the cold you can easily get frostbite.


4. Canada

Though the temperature throughout the country s not very cold however there are some places in the country which experiences a very cold weather. The country in general can be said to be among the coldest countries in the world. You must be aware that Canada is situated very near to United States and hence the temperature in Canada is very much similar to United States of America. Though Canada is a very awesome place to visit but the cold weather and the windy and dry climate make difficult for the people of the country to live comfortably there. Canada experiences warm and relieving summers but hte duration of the summer weather is very less.


3. United States of America

Maybe you are wondering the why is USA among the coldest countries in the world when you can see the sun shining brightly in the summer weather. However, how can you miss out Alaska when you are talking about the coldest places in the world? USA has not only cold cities but also very windy cities too. Chicago in USA is the windiest city in the world. Talking about the coldest city of USA, temperature in Alaska can be as low as – 60 degree Celsius. Winters in this city is experienced for long nine months with the relieving summers just for 3 months. This low temperature is not suitable for the people to live in such a place.



You must already know that Russia is the biggest country in the world, but you will be amazed to know that it is one of the coldest countries too. It is surrounded by countries like Latvia and Ukraine. The weather in Russia is very windy and most of the places in Russia see sunlight only for 2 months. The country experiences a very low temperature almost throughout the year. Not only the temperature here is very low but also it remains as such for a long period of the year. Summers are also not very relieving, as the temperature remains around -3 degree Celsius. The coldest temperature in Rusia goes around – 40 degrees, which can give you, chills down to the spine.


Antarctica is known as the coldest country on the entire planet earth. This country is known as the coldest dessert of the world. When we talk of dessert people usually think it to be all full of sand with scorching heat. However, here the case is just opposite. The chilling weather and the ice-covered land have made the survival of human life difficult on this planet. You might get amazed to know that almost the entire land of Antarctica is covered with ice. The weather here is very drastically cold with not only the spine chilling cold but also the winds makes you shiver down. Antarctica is also known to be the driest continent in the world. The coldest temperature ever recorded in this country is – 89 degree Celsius.

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