Top 10 things Men hate about Women

Top 10 things Men hate about Women

The relationship between a man and a woman is quite delicate and when not handled with care it can even shatter it. There are many things, which men take care of while having a relationship, but on the other side there are also something, which are to be taken care of by women. So here, we have the list of top 10 things which men hate about women and so women needs to take care about it.


10. Expectation

Expectation is not a word it’s a world. Women always have high expectations from men and when the level of expectation saturates then the men gets over-burdened. Women expect men to understand every problem of her by his own and when men fail to understand they get disappointed. Apart from this, women also want men to do many things for her but because of the busy schedule they are unable to do anything and all these expectations create a burden on a man. That is why man hate this habit of women.

9.    Interruptions

Men always hate it when anyone tends to interrupt in his work. On the other hand women love to interrupt. Men love their work to be done in a way which is appropriate for them. But when women is around them it becomes difficult for men to do their work without any interruption. Women not just interrupt in work but also want respect for their interruption. They want their suggestions to be placed in the work being done. So if you don’t want your men to get irritated by you then try not to interrupt much in his work.


8.    Loud reactions

This is another very common trait of women which irritates men at a great level. Women tend to give loud reactions at such things which seem to be quite obvious. The loud reaction can be a part of their personality or they can be to attract people. Women do not even bother about the place or people before giving any kind of loud reactions. This habit of women is not just irritating but is also embarrassing for the people who accompany them.


7.    Excess shopping

Anything can end in this world but the shopping craze of women has no end. Women just love shopping. They can shop anything, from anywhere and at any time. The shopping list of women is endless. They must be spending whole of their day in shopping but in the end when they come home, they still have something, which they has not shopped and is to be shopped. Men hate shopping because they are quite aware about the importance of money and when that important money is being wasted out they get exasperated. They think that women really don’t care about money because they don’t need to earn. Also according to men women shop unnecessarily, in spite of having so many shoes and a ton of clothes they still want more.

6.    Clothing

This has always been a trend that women are crazy about the clothes they wear. They have a vast collection of clothes and every time they go out they want to wear something new, something different and something more charming which will make you look good. Since they always want, be the centre of attraction of the place where they go so they always remain confused about what they should wear. Moreover, because of this confusion they hunt men to tell them. They not just ask them what to wear but also irritate them by trying each and every beautiful dress.


5.    Interrogation

This is again a very common habit of women, which is exasperating. Interrogation of women is not a normal interrogation. Their interrogation is equivalent to the interrogation of crime branch investigation. The favourite terms of women are when, why, what? This habit of women creates restrictions for the people who are living with them. You cannot do anything without informing them and if you tend to do it then my dear friend; you are showered with thousand of questions. You cannot leave home without telling them. Apart from asking question they are very demanding in this field, they want every answer to their question to be perfect and relevant


4.    Do not change their opinion

Women keep their own opinion intact. They have an intense habit of blabbering. They ask every second person for an advice. They tell them their problems and ask for advices but at the end, they prefer to follow what their opinion says. They never change their opinion for the sake of anyone. They will waste the time of everyone by asking for their advices but will never follow the advices which other give. They have a habit of disregarding the opinion which others have. For example, women repeatedly asked her boyfriend about his opinion for what she should do further in her life, the boyfriend suggested many things to her but she did the thing, which was already in her mind.

3.    Curiosity

It has always been a fact that women are more curious when compared to men. Women love to be curious, they just want to know everything and this habit of women becomes a culprit for men. There are many cases where a man when reaches home after his hectic work schedule has to spit out each and everything that has happened to him to his wife in his whole day. Some women even want the calculation of each minute of their men. They not just have the habit of keeping the record of their husbands schedule but they also want their husbands to learn their schedules as well.

2.    Plans without even consulting

Another most irritating habit of women, which men hate, is their unpredictable planning. As we, all know that women are pretty good at planning. Usually it has been seen that men are quite afraid of women’s planning. They plan everything according to them without even consulting the one who is also involved in the planning. There are many cases where, a man who works 6 days in a week wants to rest on the 7th day of the week but because of the unpredictable planning of his girlfriend or wife his desire for rest goes into vain. The men unfortunately are compelled to execute the unpredictable plan and that is why this habit of women is not expectable by men.


1.    Impulsiveness

It has been scientifically proven that women take more impulsive decisions when compared to men. Women do not really bother to understand the whole thing about any issue, they just take any sort of impulsive decisions with incomplete or wrong information they get. According to men, women hardly bother about the accompanied conditions of of any related issue. They just directly jump to the most appropriate conclusion. They hardly listen to anyone if they have already made up their mind for something. If a women has reached to a conclusion then it becomes very hard for men to change their mind and opinion.

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