Top 10 Ways to Attract Men

Top 10 Ways to Attract Men

So, here’s something again! The two most found species on earth namely, man and woman. It’s true to some extent that a man is important for a woman and vice versa. It’s difficult to spend your life without an opposite sex partner. But that of course doesn’t mean any one of the other sex will do the job of staying with you. You need the best one. At least the best you deserve. You are no less than anyone so you would not settle for anyone less.

To get the best, you need to search for him, most probably you don’t need to, he will be in front of you any moment, you just need to keep your eyes close and your mind working ( along with your heart). But does opening your eyes will do the entire job? It wouldn’t do so. He also needs to open his eyes to notice you and the better in you. Maybe you have to work a little for it, yes, just a little, because being yourself is the thing you can do best, and he will like you for the same. But, on the other side grooming you a little would not do any harm, and if your get him, here’s the bonus. So, here we are with top then tips to attract men:

10. Don’t flirt with guys

This will get you someone who will flirt with you back, but you won’t ever get the right man like this. Men, when it comes to seriously date someone to be their life partner, never choose the flirty ones. The women who flirt around with men are not considered good be a wife or girlfriend, they are just good for a drink for the evening and that’s all. So, avoid doing this. This is not an appropriate act to attract men. There are many other ways, try them instead.

9. Playful

Be playful when you are around men (even when you are not). This not only attracts men towards you but make you feel much better about yourself. You are always busy in organizing yourself and the things around you. Don’t make your life dull by yourself. Have some fun in life, go out, and party around. This will automatically attract men towards you. Make sure you do not overdo in presence of men, you may spoil it then. Be playful for real; don’t act like you are playful.

8. Appreciate them

You had been getting ready for the evening since afternoon, so you do expect some appreciation or compliments from men. This goes on with men as well. They also like to be appreciated. It’s not women who should get the compliments always. Men also deserve and expect the same. So, next time you notice something nice about a man, do not hesitate to compliment him for the same. Though, it shouldn’t feel like you are trying to flirt, just be generous.

7. Teach them

This is the one method you can use to make them notice their moves, or to make them notice them from a close look. We will explain what we mean. Try teaching something to the man you like. If he’s in your office, you can offer them teaching any of the programmes he may not know, if he is in your college you can help him in his assignment, this way you can spend time with them and attract them towards you. Because it will be only you, he will be concentrating towards. You get the limelight you always waited for.

6. Smell Good

This is the one thing about women, men cannot ignore. When you ask any man, what he likes about women? “Women smell good” is the point rarely someone will forget to mention. Men like it when women smell good. They can’t help themselves notice you if you smell good. So, next time you go for a party which you know will be full of attractive gentlemen, make sure that those gentlemen notice you without using their eyes. Yes, you got the point.

5.  Be Independent

Men are attracted to those women who are their own masters. They like independent women. The woman who can stand for herself, and can take her own decisions, is admirable indeed. Unlike the old times, the thinking of people is getting space. They no more think of women as a mere domestic figure. Men now want women who are independent. Independent women earn their own respect.

4. Be yourself

As mentioned earlier, this is the thing you can do best. Men also like women who have their own identity and do not do something robotic-ally  Don’t try to be something you are not this can have the opposite impact in men. For example, you are not used to wearing heels, you just can’t carry them, but for attracting men at the party you put them on, can you imagine you will end up being laughed at if you fall by mistake. So it’s always better to choose something which goes on smartly with your flat sandals as well. We hope you got our example. This does not goes only for foot wears but everything including your internal qualities. “ Be the first rate version of yourself, rather than a second rate version of someone else!”

3. be interesting

You want a man who is humorous, smart and all the other things at the same time. The one who will make you feel good while he’s with you. Same goes with him also. Don’t be boring when you do not expect the same from him. He cannot go on with his interesting conversation until and unless you respond interestingly to him. You also need to be a little interesting to enjoy the company of an interesting person. Everyone likes these type of persons and men are no exception.

2. The bubbly girl

Guys also like bubbly girls who care less about the world. They are happy within themselves. Men often reject those ‘always serious’ women and choose the one who is easier to talk to. Be easy going and don’t get too much serious with men around, you will end up making the whole story go wrong. Instead of reducing the gap they will increase to stay away from your serious attitude.

1. The perfect figure

Ah! The main thing you notice about anyone who comes across you. Isn’t it so? A fat lady or a man walking in the road and you think in your mind “he/she must be a hundred pounds” same happens when you see someone with a adorable figure “I want the same body”. People are crazy for perfect body types now a day. So if you want some attractive men to notice you, you need to maintain yourself. So, say no to your weekend pastries and oily treats.

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