Top 10 Exotic Pets To Own

Top 10 Exotic Pets To Own

Owning an exotic pet certainly involves a great deal of responsibility, not to mention that many of them are illegal to own given the fact that they are in danger of extinction. However, if you have decided to get yourself a pet that stands our from the rest, then it is essential to make sure that it does not pose a threat neither to your family nor to your neighbors. Getting an exotic pet is a long-term commitment and this usually involves domesticating the animal, which is not easy. Many socialites have bought exotic pets, but don’t forget that it can cost you a lot of money to feed and take care of one in the long run! Having said that, here are the top 10 exotic pets to own:

10. The Sugar Glider


Just like the Wallaby, the Sugar Glider is also native to Australia and it has an adorable appearance that makes it the perfect exotic pet. It got its name because of its habit to glide between trees, and its appearance is very similar to the look of a squirrel, despite the fact that these animals are totally different species.

9. The Patagonian Cavy


Just like the name suggests, the Patagonian Cavy is an exotic pet that is indigenous to certain areas of Patagonia and Argentina. Its appearance is what makes it stand out from the crowd, as it looks very much like a hybrid between a rabbit and a dear. Did you know that this animal is monogamous for its entire life? This is one of the fascinating aspects about the Patagonian Cavy.

8. A Boa Constrictor


When it comes to exotic pets to own, no pet is more exquisite or more exotic than the well known boa constrictor. Although this snake is extremely intimidating in terms of size, it is not a venomous one. However, this does not mean that it is not dangerous: not once did it happen for a boa constrictor to strangle his owner to death – in the end, there is a reason why these exotic snakes are called constrictors! If you do not have a snake phobia and you want to shock your friends and relatives with a huge snake pet, then the boa constrictor is certainly a great choice, provided that you are fully aware of the risks you expose yourself at.

7. A Fennec Fox


The Fennec Fox is a small desert fox that is very popular as an exotic pet. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most easily domesticated pets, as it requires little attention and it can make a great house pet. Besides, you can easily train your Fennec Fox to use the little box, just like cats. Nonetheless, if you have decided to opt for this exotic animal you should know that it is a high-maintenance exotic pet that can become a hindrance from a financial point of view. They are highly energetic, harmless and very light. In other words, they are perfect if you own a large home with a big backyard where these foxes can thrive!

6. A Wallaby


Wallabies are absolutely beautiful, and they are native to certain parts of Australia. If you are fond of Australian pets yet you cannot afford to get a kangaroo, then a wallaby will certainly do the trick. Small, cute and fuzzy, wallabies are certainly not a threat to anybody. However, these are outdoor pets although they are very easy to domesticate, provided that you take proper care of them and you build them a safe and spacious shelter somewhere in your backyard.

5. Chimpanzees


Despite the fact that chimpanzees are not as easy to domesticate and take care of as the other pets mentioned above, they are still a very popular choice when it comes to exotic pets one can own. Unfortunately, just like the Hyacinth Macaw, chimpanzees are also in danger of extinction at the moment. Did you know what we share many physical and behavioral traits with chimpanzees? This is why we get along so well with these exotic animals. However, sometimes chimpanzees can be very problematic and difficult to train: don’t forget that these animals have a mind of their own and they are never afraid to use it, not to mention that they often exceed 100 pounds in weight!

4. The Hyacinth Macaw


The Hyacinth Macaw is an amazing bird, but unfortunately it is in danger of extinction. Big and bursting with gorgeous colors, the hyacinth macaw usually weighs around 4 pounds and it is considered to be one of the world’s largest species of parrots. Moreover, it is not uncommon for the Hyacinth Macaw to outlive their owners, given the fact that they have a very long lifespan.

3. The Squirrel Monkey


Monkeys are extremely intelligent, this is why they are the preferred pets of many celebrities. The Squirrel Monkey is a special breed that lives in the Central and South America and feeds on fruits, nuts and small insects. It is small and very light, as it rarely exceeds three pounds in weight. In other words, if you are fond of smart, affectionate animals that are very easy to train, then the Squirrel Monkey may be the best choice for you.

2. Kinkajou


The Kinkajou is certainly one of the most popular exotic pets amongst socialites nowadays: as a matter of fact, even Paris Hilton has one. This is basically a nocturnal rainforest mammal that is very friendly and affectionate, thus very easy to domesticate and to take care of. The Kinkajou is very fond of mangoes and bananas, therefore feeding it should not cost you too much. However, these adorable pets can bite very hard, so be careful!

1. The Bengal Cat


If you are a feline lover, then a Bengal cat would certainly be a great choice. This is basically a hybrid that is very mellow and cute, in spite of its fierce appearance. However, getting a genuine Bengal cat can cost you up to $40,000 or even more, especially if you opt for a pure-breed cat. The cat is very sensitive and it gets emotionally attached very quickly, therefore it is perfect for caring and loving owners. However, don’t forget that in the end it is still a cat and it can wreak havoc on your shoes and furniture!

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