Top 10 Most Cute Animals

We have tried to list some of the cutest Animals of the earth from 10 to 1,some of them are common and almost even a child knows about them.

10.Meerkat-Meerkat also known as suricate and are found in southern parts of Africa,While thinking to have a Meerkat as a Pet can be dangerous as they are aggressive towards guests and may bite them.

9.Fennec Fox-Fennec Fox are found in the Northern parts of Africa and they can be kept as pet after breeding.

8.Rabbit-Common specs and can be kept as Pet.

7.Koala-Koala are found in the eastern Australia and can not be kept as pet in Australia and other countries.

6.Harp Seal-Harp seals are found in Atlantic ocean and in some parts of arctic ocean and they are hunted commercially in Canada,Norway,Greenland and russia.


5.Sea Otter-Sea Otter are found in north Pacific ocean and are one of the Endangered specs of the earth and lots of steps are being taken for their conservation.

4.Giant Panda-Panda is found in some Parts of China and is one of the endangered specs of animals on this earth.

3.Penguin-Penguins are mostly found in the southern hemisphere and they have no fear of humans however as their existence is only possible in too cold atmosphere you can’t think about keeping them as a pet and the second problem is that Dogs tend to hunt them that’s why Dogs are banned from Antartica.

2.Swan-They look too beautiful in the water and you must have seen them in lakes.

1.Cat-The Most loved creature and one of the most popular animals of the Internet and a common pet.



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