Top 10 Ways to Save Electricity

Save Electricity,Save Energy,Save Life……….
Still Thousands of Countries and Cities are suffering from the Electricity problems and it’s also necessary for the Environment to save the electricity as in most of the country about 70% of the electricity is produced using Coal which produces lots of Pollution and is an Non-renewable source of energy…Therefore it’s Important for us that we should use electricity and should save Electricity…which also saves our money…. So here we are sharing some of the common Daily based Tips to Save the electricity.


Top 10 Ways to Save Electricity

1.Replace Regular Bulbs with Compact Fluorescents.

2.Sleep your Computer when you are not using it.

3.Turn off your lights when you are not using it,even if it’s for minutes.

4.Provide task lighting over desks,tool benches.etc,So that the activities cab be carried on without illuminating entire room.

5.By switching off at the main power button,or even the socket,you could be saving both energy and money.

6.Turn off your television,radio and other entertainment device when they are not being used.

7.Put lamps in the corner of a room,so that the light can be reflected off to walls.

8.If possible Iron your all clothes at the same one time.

9.switch off the street lights,when they are not being used,you can ask the authorities.

10.Use Solar products,if you can Best way to save Money and electricity.

Plant more and more trees in your surrounding even you can plant trees in your yard if you have some space their….Plants in 100 square meter of area reduces the temperature of that area by 3 degree Celcius…that means Less use of Fans and Air conditioners and thus you will be saving electricity,and also remember always to use Energy Efficient products they can be some what costly to other products but they also save your Money by saving electricity.

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