How to Make Apple Votive Candles

How to Make Apple Votive Candles

Whether you’re looking for a fall-like, vibrant centerpiece or you’d like to see a different way to light the night, creating votive candles from the center of an apple is a unique and creative way to make a statement.

Method 1 of 3: Preparing the Apples

1. Remove each apple’s stem. Simply hold the apple by the stem and either pull to remove or slice with the craft knife.


2. Create the votive holder shape in the top middle of the apple. Place the votive on top of the apple and trace around the bottom with a pen or pencil.


3. Cut out the traced hole using the craft knife. Plunge the craft knife into the guide and cut a hole by following the tracing mark. Cut as deeply as possible to create a hole large enough to hold the candle.


4. Cut two “X” shapes in the middle of the circle with the craft knife. Cutting the X shapes will make it easier to remove the middle of the apple.


5. Scoop center area. The pre-cut X shapes should lift easily. Then continue to hollow out the apple with your spoon.


  • Scrap around the sides of the pre-cut hole to create a smooth center and base to hold your votive.



Method 2 of 3: Adding the Votive

1. Drop the votive candle into the hole. Light the candle after adding it; if using battery operated candles though, be sure to turn on the candle before dropping into the votive hole.



Method 3 of 3: Determine a Theme and Grab Supplies

1. Decide how you will use the apple votive candles.

  • For a fall theme, you could fill a large tub with water and fill it with lit floating apples.
  • Or a large, Golden Delicious perched upon a small saucer with a single votive candle in the middle on each table might be a great way to celebrate your child’s teacher at the next teacher luncheon.


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