Top 10 Beautiful Celebrity Couples

Love is a thing that no human can stay without. Inorder to have a happy and meaningful life the existence of love is very important. Love makes us feel special and alive. Like every other human being similar is the case with our celebrities. Be it Hollywood or Bollywood there have always been couples that have earned name , fame and respect from their relationship status. These love stricken celebs not only are the best in terms of good looks but also have gained popularity because of their consistency and dedication towards their relation. These couples can be therefore be termed as the best in true sense. Be it the status or dazzling figures and persona these couples are unbeatable. Although the celebrity world is over flowing with these cupid hit people the following are the top 10 cutest couples of the celebriy world.


10. Jim -Jenny.
To begin the list we have with us none other than Jim carrey and Jenny Mc Carthy. Jim is one of the most popular actor in Hollywood. Coming to the limelight with the eternal character Mask Jim has a glorious career. His has been married twice before he started dating the beautiful actress and model Jenny Mc Carthy. The two publicized their relation in 2006. Although today they are not together but they sure were one of the hottest and amazing couple of Hollywood.

9. Gabriel -Halle.
The next to get attention with their steaming hot relationship are Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry. Halle Berry is our very own James bond babe who has dazzled Hollywood ever since. Halle also has been married twice before dating Gabriel. They had a daughter Nahla when they were in a relationship. After this the couple unfortunately could not last any longer. The media was filled with their sad break up and custody battle. But as long as they stayed they were one of the hottest around.

8. Ajay -Kajol.
When it comes to Bollywood the relationships have culminated in marriages and lasted forever. Kajol the super versatile and husky beauty of Bollywood got married to the action and comedy super star Ajay Devgan. Very little was heard about the love blooming between these two. They tied knots very soon and their love stories started making news after they became man and wife. It is indeed a couple that has fallen in love with their marraige. They proudly nurture two daughters along with successful careers.

7. Hrithik -Suzanne.
Hrithik Roshan is a super star with a blooming career in Bollywood. His love life like his movies is a perfect Bollywood mix. His love of life and wife is Suzanne Khan. He first saw her at a traffic signal when the two were waitng for the light ot go green. He fell in love with her instantly. The marriage between them took place according to both the rituals Hindu and Muslm. They now have completed 10 years of marriage and are proudly parenting sons. They make one of the best looking couples in Bollywood.

6. Justin – Jennifer.
Who around is not fond of this perfect women Jennifer Aniston. The super actress and beauty is remarkable with everything. She has got the perfect looks and style. She is the Ex wife of super star Brad Pitt. After the sour divorce she remained unattached for quite sometime. But not anymore. She has been proposed to marriage by old friend Justin Theroux who matches her charm quite well. The wax statue of Jennifer proudly shows her diamond engagement ring as well. We wish all the luck for her future life.

5. Ritesh – Genelia.
This is the newly wedded couple of Bollywood. Ritesh and Genelia made their debut together. Ritesh is the son of Ex Chief minister of the Maharashtra state. He recently got married to Genelia D’souza. She is one of the bubbly and hottest girls of the damsel town and dream girl for many. They make a perfect couple that is young , beautiful and energetic. We wish them a fruitful married life that stays forever.

4. Arbaaz – Malaika.
They surely make one of Bollywood’s most loveable couples. Arbaaz is the younger brother of the worldwide icon Salman Khan. Malaika Arora Khan remains till today as one of the most gorgeous woman of Bollywood. She has a perfect body and style mantra. The couple remains as one of the strongest going couples. There has never been a single rumour about the disturbances between them. They have a son from this marriage. Both still share the same enigmatic chemistry till date.

3. Saif – Kareena.
The latest love birds to be married are Saif Ali Khan and the hot beauty Kareena Kapoor. Their much awaited marriage took place recently and now they endorse a perfectly healthy well publicized relation. Saif is considered as Indian Tom Cruise. He has got the perfect looks and seems never to age. Kareena is around 15 to 20 years younger than Saif but the difference is nowhere to be seen. We wish them a very happy and healthy married life.

2. Brad – Angelina.
This is indeed one of the well known couples throughout the world. The perfect chemistry between these two is eveident from every appearence that they make. They have stayed in a relationship for more than 7 years and are soon going to get married. She recently gave birth to twins. This is indeed the best looking couple around. Angelina is termed as the hottest lady of Hollywood while Brad Pitt is the heart throbe for millions.

1. Shahrukh – Gauri.
The ultimate love story of the B town is narrated by the Badshah and his Begum. Shahrukh Khan and Gauri Khan is indeed the most romantic couple of the industry. They share a perfect love story. Shahrukh being a Muslim and Gauri being a Hindu faced opposition from their families. The couple fled from home and got married. It was after this that Sharukh entered industry and rose to stardum. Gauri has stayed with him through his ups and downs. She is glamourous and a powerful woman.

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