Top 10 Side Effects of Drugs

Top 10 Side Effects of Drugs

Drugs have been known to give a high. You feel like you’re flying, but in real it isn’t so. Here is a list of some dangerous things you might experience if you fall prey to these drugs.


10. Nausea and vomitinga

When you do drugs, after that, if you’re a beginner, you will experience nausea and vomiting. Nausea and vomiting, as soon as you drug yourself you feel like you are throwing up. In normal conditions you only tend to vomit when you have eaten and you have something inside your stomachs, but in this case you tend to feel your stomach is trying to expel out something even if there’s nothing in it. Thus it often leads to stomach aches as well. With time, your body adapts to it, and gets used to these things.

9. Headache

When you take drugs you feel as if your brain opened up to things around you, when you’re listening to music, you can distinguish between the beats, you can see the world in slow motion, your visual response slows down and hearing powers increase exorbitantly. Then after a while you experience a headache of sorts where you feel a thousand nails are being hammered in your head at once. It pains so much that you feel your brain will explode. Also, the front of your head feels as if it has gained weight so when you move your body, you feel like your head is stationary at one place while your whole body moves.

8. Mood swings

As long as you’re taking drugs you will behave in a very chivalrous and dearly manner with people, or on the contrary you’ll be too bad, or harsh or rude to people. When the effect of drug wears off, you get mood swings. At one point of time, you’re talking too sweetly to a person whom you think can provide you with drags, and the very next moment you might end up beating that very person out of no reason at all. You might be sitting close to a person for one second, and the next second you would want him to run away.

7. Tremors

Under the effect of the drugs, you feel like you’re experiencing tremors while sitting and as soon as you move, it all just vanishes; when you’re not under the effect of any drug, and while you work, any sort of work, you will experience shaky hands and body. Your gait becomes sagging; you fall while walking, like a drunkard does, not able to walk in a straight line. You are affected so much that you cannot even pin point your own nose with your index finger with open or closed eyes. You cannot stand properly, and you need a support. When you move and you stop you feel as if you’ll fall like you have no legs.

6. Withdrawal symptoms

Suppose you are taking drugs on a regular basis, but due to any reason or any sort of circumstances, you miss out one dose, and then you feel like your day has not completed. You don’t get sleep at night, you become an insomniac. You don’t even feel like eating, you feel as if there is a war going on between your brain and your body. There is something which your brain commands, but your body does not follow. You tend to behave all mad and insane, not able to concentrate on any of the work you’re trying to do. It even leads to crime, as it makes your violent, as if everybody around you is your enemy, even if they are your family. They tend to irk in your eye and you prefer staying alone in a closed room craving for the drug that you suppose can save your life.

5. Lung problems

When you are a drug addict that is when you take drugs regularly; your lungs are in the worst of their shape and functioning. What happens is when you take volatile drugs; they get accumulated in the tissues in your lungs, Alveoli, to be particular. Alveoli are like a sieve which is responsible for letting the oxygen inside the body and carbon dioxide out. But when the holes in this sieve get clogged there is a scanty gaseous exchange. If you don’t get enough of oxygen you become breathless and restless to extents. Your body fatigues out too quickly. Whenever you stand from a lying down position you experience fainting attacks. You seem to see black circles in your vision. Your body turns completely blue due to the lack of oxygen and it might lead to heart attacks, strokes, or gangrene.

4. Liver problems

Whenever you eat drugs, they go into your digestive system, get absorbed by the intestines, and go into your liver. This causes Liver cirrhosis, fibrosis of liver that is your liver breaking down into pieces and in some certain unlucky cases it leads to liver cancer. These drugs when they enter the liver, they affect the normal functioning of it. There is no purification of blood, no removal of toxic compounds, and impure blood circulates in your body damaging other organs as well. If this blood reaches your brain, which inevitably happens, leads to coma and the person is no better than a living corpse.

3. CNS disorders

Now when the drug is in your system, by inhaling or eating, injecting or whatever way, it circulates in your body. In this process it gets accumulated at different places in the body like bones, tissues, and the most dangerous place, the BRAIN. This drug gets accumulated in different parts of the brain like forebrain, midbrain, hindbrain, and causes defective functioning of these part which are responsible for integral overall functioning of the whole body. Affecting the forebrain it causes lack of concentration, inability to move or talk, inability to solve mathematical questions, difficulty in learning, and inability to distinguish between good and bad, or right and wrong. Affecting the midbrain it causes the failure of sensing any sort of stimulus, hearing problems, and difficulty in appreciating any kind of tastes. Affecting the hindbrain it causes respiratory problems, blood pressure problems.

2. Hallucinations

When you take hefty amounts of drugs you begin to hallucinate. You see things which are not there, you feel abnormal things. You experience things moving; feel like someone has an eye on you all the time but this is all vague. This occurs when the drug intensely affects your brain and you are forced to hallucinate.

1. Death

When you take excess amount of drugs like LSD, smack, rainbows, ecstasy or when you mix and match different types of drugs and then consume them, there are so many adverse effects in brain, heart, liver, kidneys that may cause death.

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