Top 10 Things you Should Never Waste

Top 10 Things you Should Never Waste

When you clean the house, you pack all the garbage and throw into the dustbin; your job is finished here. Have you ever though what happens to that garbage? Well all the rubbish and the garbage are then taken into a factory where it is recycled and then some low quality papers or shopping bags are created as the after math of that recycling. Then some day you will go into the market to buy some papers and without even knowing it you will buy the paper that has been created out of the stuff you threw out of your house. Everyone is familiar with the cycle of rain, the water from the rivers and the oceans evaporate in the form of vapors, the vapors form clouds, the clouds shower the water back to the earth where it is again evaporate in the form of vapors. When you enjoy the rain, have you ever considered it that maybe it’s these are the same drops of water which you wasted.

We humans have very abominable habits, the worst of them is that whatever we have in life is never enough, our lust and thirst for material things never comes to an end, and we keep on asking for more and more. When we desire something, we do everything in our power to achieve it and then when we have it, we lose its value. A man who has nothing in life longs for the basic needs such as food and shelter, when he achieves it, his demands start to increase, he no longer cares for the basic and treat what he has as a piece of dung.

Humans run after the lust of this world, in this quest they fail to notice the blessings of God, and without even noticing they dilapidate the benediction, in simple words either they do not put them into proper use, consideration and appreciation or they waste them. Wasting god’s gifts is a sin and it upsets God, we must be very careful when we discard something. There are plenty of things that we waste, which should in no way be wasted.  The top things that you should not waste are:

10. WATER:

You want to take a bath, you need water; you feel thirst, you need water; you want to cook, you need water. If you keep on wasting water then one day all the water will be finished and from that day the destruction of this world will begun. So kindly save water.

9. FOOD:

According to the scientific research, a man can leave without food only for 7 days, not more than that. Destiny is cruel and we are victims, it takes a second for the tables to turn, maybe in the beginning of game you are on the superior side but in the ending there are 100% chances that you can be on the inferior side. If you have good food to eat, appreciate it; you complain that it is not your favorite dish but there are people who have nothing to eat and they do not even complain.


Do you know why you sleep on a comfortable bed and they sleep on the footpath? Do you know why they starve and you enjoy enticing buffets? Because you have money and they don’t have. You have money, you are somebody, you have no money, and you are nobody. If you have this blessing then use it with stability, do not waste it. God doesn’t like people who spent money without a proper reason, he is the one who gives and he is the one who can take it back.


Young people are very animated and energetic; they have the power to startle the foundations of this world. We all know who the makers of the history were but youth is the maker of the future.  They are dynamic, sturdy, spirited, demoniac and breezy. The only problem with the youth is that they are dimensionless, they lack concentration. They have everything which is required to change the direction of storms but they do not know where they have to divert the storm, they are toying with their energies and are wasting it in other things like social networking website, movies, games etc. they should do something constructive they themselves, not only the youth but people belong to all generations.


No one is useless; everyone is talented in their own special. The only obstacle is that they have yet not discovered their talents and those who have disclosed their abilities do not know what to do with it. They should try to give their talents a professional face; they should show their creativity to the world rather than just keeping their talent locked up in the wardrobe


Dreaming is free of cost but it should not be; only those people are supposed to dream who have the gallantry to turn their dreams into reality. Most of the people who dream, they suffer very badly when their dreams shatter, and when the dream shatters their entire existence is broken into pieces. Do not waste your dreams, if you want to do something, do it, if you do not succeed then try again but do not give up.


You will always have two options in your life; one will be easy other will be right. There are two ways to conquer this world, either do it with your wisdom or do it with a sword, conquering the world with a sword is easy and conquering the world with your wisdom is the right option. There are so many people who have extraordinary intelligence but however they do not use it, their knowledge is being wasted which is not good. If you have knowledge, then use it, spread it and share it.


Human is statue of mud who is bestowed with feelings, we love, we hate, we care, we get angry & sad, we cry and then we laugh, we become happy. These feelings lay down the foundations of relationships but when we fail to express these feelings, relationships end. If you love someone, tell them; if you care then express. Feelings are to be expressed not to be wasted.

2. TIME:

Time is the most selfish thing in the world as it never stops or cares for anyone. Time is the most persistence thing in world as it never gives second chances. Time is the most enduring thing in world as it never delicates itself, if someone is dying then let him die, if someone is suffering then let him suffer, if someone is in trouble then it is his problem, time doesn’t bother. Time doesn’t slow its pace; we have to increase our speed so that we can keep up with it. You waste time, it’s no harm to time, and you are the one who gets wasted as a result.

1. LIFE:

Life happens only once, it should not be wasted. You are sad and you are weeping, no one cares; you are angry, no one cares; you are upset, your problem not anyone else’s.  Life is a never ending journey, it depends on you if either you make it pleasant or you waste it by hankering over nothing.

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