3 Awesome Social Share Plugins for WordPress


Social Media is an integrated part of blogging. Smart Blogging is incomplete without social sharing. Social media is now becoming most favoured destination for content marketing which lead to business success.
Social signals have impact on search ranking in Google. It is one of the page rank deciding factors. So we can understand how social sharing is important for any blog.
If you are not connected with top social sites, I recommend you to join right now. We can use sharing button for social activity. There are plenty of widgets available for both blogger and wordpress. A good number of plugins are also available for wordpress.
Today, I am sharing 3 awesome social share plugins. All these plugins have beautiful and attractive button design. So go ahead and connect woth social media.

This is list of Social share plugins with detailed description:


Flare is latest plugin for social sharing. This is awesome plugin. I am also using flare on my blog. There is an easy configuration. We require twitter id to enable twitter button.

We can add it dynamically on right or left side bar. Flare is very fast.

We can add sharing button above the post, below the post, on sidebar and also on pages. We can add almost every social site button available today from Facebook to Orkut.
To install this plugin, go to your wordpress dashboard and search for “flare” in plugin directory.


Shareholic is also a beautiful social share plugin with some attractive punch line like “Sharing is Caring” and “Share the Knowledge” etc. We can add share button above the post, below the post and in idle of post. I advise you to add at bottom of the page because it will look nice.
You can find this plugin in search directory. The name of this plugin is not Shareholic but “sexybookmarks” .So don’t get confused. Shareholic works smoothly with any type of responsive theme.


Sharedaddy has simple and elegant looks. You can add share button anywhere on post like other plugin. We can use it easily.
Sharedaddy is now owned by “Jetpack”. If you have subscribed for jetpack already then we can add share button directly from widget area.
Search for “sharedaddy” in directory to install the latest version.

Final Words:

I shared best social sharing widgets with you. I have used all these plugin on my blog. Currently i am using Flare. Although sharing is important but site speed is also important. So don’t install all these plugin at once. This will let your blog slow.
I recommend Ajax based plugin like “Flare” which is fast.

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